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 Apr 2018 Danielle S
I saw you in winter,
and thought of tree branches feathered by starlight in poorly lit neighborhoods. A hearth where the more honest parts of myself, I am bared fetal, warmed upon, welcomed.

I saw you in spring,
and thought of long drives in the countryside in the rain. Ice cream melting from our chins dancing petrichor upon our toes, kissing by the sea shore.

I saw you in summer,
and thought of sleepy boathouses, uncovering ancient childhood treasures in the woods. A secret lake somewhere, the sky's reflection in promise. Windy hilltops upon which to blame each other for the sunrise.

I saw you in autumn,
and thought of scarfs and cafes, city streets and sunsets where we watched each others breath escape. Apartment staircases where windchill hibernates, the world slowing down around us from your window.

The first time I saw You, I thought to myself, "I could live there."
I see that spark in your eye
That sets fire to my heart
Rib Cage spread, kindling to start
The world is not set ablaze
Just slightly warmed
as is my...Liver?
Ah, Good night.
I'm not a huge fan o fake romantic poems. Most the time when we try we fall flat on our face. No Editors or post-production here
I press flowers because I like it.
The thrill of thievery, of plucking irreplaceable beauty from those who can't see it anyway,
wild eyes daring passing cars to not slow down
for the girl holding flowers between her teeth.
And I ran and I thieved for a love of my own,
a secret I shared only with passing cars and the once perfect gardens.

But I began to press the life out of beauty, to preserve it for you,
and my past theft seemed selfish, childish, and frankly, insane.
I still ran and I thieved for a love, just not my own;
Countless cherished petals fluttered to the paper as I smiled,
eyes glossing over each work of precious taxidermy.
Every page of crushed life spelled out anything for you
and my wide loving eyes could see nothing wrong.

As I ran, my long hair no longer flew in the wind,
the few remaining strands stuck limply to my wrinkled skin.
I grew weak, stems slipped through my desperate fingers,
so much beauty was too much for shaking skeleton hands.
My eyes barely opened and were coated in haze.
I searched for flowers but then found winter instead.
I heard August bees, but they buzzed around twigs,
couples exchanged bouquets of sticks and dried leaves.
My sight faded more, and I welcomed it, beaming.
Shrinking to the ground, all I saw were gray clouds:
the very clouds I used to not notice,
the same grayness someone taught me to love.

What can fool someone so far to think the sun has gone cold?
Was it August's pollen showers? Could they really be mistaken for snow?
Are sun scorched sidewalks so white-hot that they numb barefoot toes?
How can something pave the world in grayness and shadow even beauty that was preserved?
Can something so simple make gray clouds greater than gold?
But then why is it so terrible to see beauty in the dull?
It is love that can make gray clouds greater than gold,
but it is also love that can dim the rest of the world.

I still run and I thieve, but not for a love of my own.
I plant beauty on every empty doorstep,
for the love of others,/for others to find their love even if it is unknown.
Because I shook my bones until only pennies fell out,
but pennies are just pocketed rust to those who are afraid to love/ to those who have no time to love
I gave you everything, everything,
And you said everything, and you meant nothing.
 Apr 2018 Danielle S
Willobi Kome
Beclouded by your thoughts
I'm sitted in the darkness of love
Should I go
Or should I not ?

This state of discombobulation
Keeps me wandering with no destination
I try to obliviate
But my heart still aches

It bleeds like an uncontrollable river flow that has no terminus
Now its just "us"
The truth of our love is now false

I'm lost
Trying to find my way out of depression
I scream for help
No one hears

Its just the voices in my head
But none seems to be yours
Now buried and gone is my trust

When you were needed, you never showed up
Well ,I guess your time is up
And my love is finally lost .
 Apr 2018 Danielle S
Melody W
Lyrical gesticulations and frenzied noise
accompany sombre hues of sunsets past
to accentuate a silence so profound that
only the lonely are called to bear witness 

I still search for you, you know
in the faces of the unfamiliar, clinging to
a faint promise of sad-sweet home 
and a dream uncompromised 

Kronos’ unwilling accomplice -
I’ve stripped away the infuriating title;
I cannot bear any weight at all, so I’ve relinquished
my only glimpse of how kind time will be to you

And when you least expect, you’ll find the most peculiar answers 
in riverbeds still echoing Virginia’s name 
in the never-ending dream of Sara’s sweetest slumber -
in my own silence as I rest in the eye of this dazed labyrinth
 Apr 2018 Danielle S
Melody W
 Apr 2018 Danielle S
Melody W
Day and night, your mother labored
And expelled, (regrettably not
a swallow of a man)

your shivering feathers
tainted with tar and desire
already plotting my demise

without light, you grew
as the leech in my garden
fattened by my lifeblood

and robin unrelenting
hearts of their joy
cradles so innocent

yet, heron out
I’ll drown your toxicity
with torrents of forgiveness
©MW, lulz

— The End —