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In your own impulse,
Open the bottle.
Put his breath inside,
Close it.
Put the bottle on your chest,
and sleep...
just sleep & think how warm he is…
 Oct 2015 Danielle Favorite
Come put your lips
near my lips.

We don't need the
Candy-Sweet-Candlelight, the
Special-Slinky-Things, the
Smooth Hum of Midnight Jazz.

**** it.

We'll make-out to the sound
of a blender or a lawnmower,
Or a pack of feral cats.
Wearing what
we wore to work
And smelling of nothing more than mediocrity.
Just come put your lips near my lips.

It will be perfect.
Bring to me infinity
From where it dwells in lore
Or return with empty, wounded hands
And speak of it no more.
For if we are eternity
As one, when brought together
Why then do our faulty lips
Find pause upon "forever?"
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Morpheus has never been kind to me
His somniferous ways leave me wanting
Grasping at the cusp of a reality
As evanescent as the morning mist
That greets this reluctant gaze.

He exists to these sheathed
Bourbon eyes
Within the veiled carapace
Of the only form I've ever wanted more
Than necessity and air.
His torment lies
In false reunions, in joining and parting lips
In forest eyes that linger behind in my thoughts
Like the echo of a cannon
Long after it's wrought its own havoc.

Yes, that twisted Lothario
That Grecian sandman
Exists to overcharge the soul with
Hope so poisonous
Bodies and minds are wracked with it
Inspired by it
Haunted on into the waking world
Where he waits on the periphery
Eyes narrowed in the light
Of the waking world that renders him useless.
*Morpheus is the god of dreams in Greek Mythology.
And the Refugees of Atlantis scattered and became
Gypsies on the Sea..

They would, ironically, be portrayed as “Pyrates” by the new Kleptocracy.
Fall 2014
San Marcos, CA
your mouth is on fire, i am
between it. the smoke
which we are forever in need of
swims like salmon in between brain and skull

scared (rinse and repeat this part)
i beat into you, desperately
carving the cold flesh twitching
as though recalling a bad dream

but you cave into yourself. a sand castle
shifting and dripping with sea
eyes cast off like anchors
i want, w-want, sorry (in a whisper)

stuttering and shaking and trying,
forever trying, to save
something, anything
of this moonlight which wakes me

i break open my chest, unzip the seams
of my lungs and invite you inside
offering a home,
how selfish. how heavy,

and you crumble into dirt and ash,
prayers answer, destiny
met. left behind, i am buried under you.
asleep. unseeing.
 Sep 2015 Danielle Favorite
I saw you in winter,
and thought of tree branches feathered by starlight in poorly lit neighborhoods. A hearth where the more honest parts of myself, I am bared fetal, warmed upon, welcomed.

I saw you in spring,
and thought of long drives in the countryside in the rain. Ice cream melting from our chins dancing petrichor upon our toes, kissing by the sea shore.

I saw you in summer,
and thought of sleepy boathouses, uncovering ancient childhood treasures in the woods. A secret lake somewhere, the sky's reflection in promise. Windy hilltops upon which to blame each other for the sunrise.

I saw you in autumn,
and thought of scarfs and cafes, city streets and sunsets where we watched each others breath escape. Apartment staircases where windchill hibernates, the world slowing down around us from your window.

The first time I saw You, I thought to myself, "I could live there."
Many soulful nights
I wandered upon
solemn lonely paths

And I wondered why
I see your face
among beauties
of ancient stars

Intuitive crystal
spheres envisioned
the subtle lines
drawn all over
your gentle hands

Wishing you could caress me
Wishing I'd cherished you long

Carried away, blown by
Maestrals and Zephirs
We bump at each other
Occasionally. Hypnotised.
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic Love
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