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Daniella Jul 2017
touching your face, I
can see the years waltzing in-
your love is my light
I wrote this while you were gone
Daniella Mar 2017
To be quite honest, finding the right words to encapsulate my thoughts about you is intimidating. But you take my mind higher than the clouds and shine brighter than any star could try to achieve.

So it's more than worth it.

In this world where chaos and stress are the norms, having this source of happiness means absolutely everything.

You are my everything.

Those brown eyes holding me tender as we dance through these days in laughter and love. God, I can rest easy in your arms forever. Slowly but surely, seeds of you have been planted in me, and my garden grows with love blooming from my veins and your words becoming my roots. Through the weeds your smile manages to light up the sky with more colors than any sunset painted. You've sent me flying over those bright nights, over the moon and beyond, leaving me with no intention of coming back down. You've left me awestruck and numb in the most beautiful way possible, and never cease to leave me staring at the sun wondering how life managed to align the stars as perfectly as it did.

Still at a loss of words, with a whole lot of love to give, my heart is full and I'll continue to pour out my appreciation.

Thank you, with all my love.
To my everything; I love you. You mean more than the world to me.
Daniella Nov 2016
I follow the motions of the daily commute,
and let myself submerge hopes in the deep waters of stress,


and confusion.

I feel pretty hopeless, but
I also feel the movement,
the heat,
of bodies everywhere.

Makes me think.

Bodies that hold minds,

and souls

more capable than the credit given.

But there are also bodies that are not occupied with the heart desperately needed to love all.

Learn that love will conquer all.

Bodies that are not full of life,
and compassion.

Learn that we are all one.

There's a lack of longing to coexist peacefully
and support each other in times that are brutally violent,
and feel near the end.

Everyone's just a lone individual,

minding their own,

not living cohesively in this world big enough for two that we're supposed to be sharing.

We're supposed to be sharing dreams,

sharing goals,

sharing stars;

Assets to reach our personal universes and discover our own space full of different planets waiting for our exploration.

We're supposed to be pushing each other up.

Maybe that's why we have so many problems:

we're all so alone

and we don't


realize it.
Daniella Nov 2016
So here you go:

A worthless tribute to your way with words.

Your light guides me towards the waves,
the deep oceans with social currents;
You are as easily capable of pulling me towards the dangers that unfortunately I do not recognize as anything but normal
in life.

I didn't recognize the lasting effect your touch would have on me,
the way that your words would fill my lungs up with more water than any current could ever drown me in.

I don't need that.

I can feel the blood rushing to my head at the sound



You're a special drug,
though I'm beyond addicted.

Invincible mindsets clash with all the other slight feelings of what is right,
and what is wrong.
Through all the chaos, I chose to disregard your heat.

You are so


You are

n o n

e x i s t e n t.

You're the chemical that poisons me



Stricken numb,
I've opened up to my real self-
It's confusing,
But I like it like that.
I hate it like that.

I guess in this case it's better off to be incomplete,
and find myself driving on perfectly imperfect roads.

And guess what.

I'm cruising through it.

I no longer feel drowned in the



and confusion that my life with you has generously brought.

You've taught me how to swim.


I appreciate you showing me how to survive in a pathetic world,

your pathetic world,

of mindless actions.

It has come in handy.


you're not the only one.

Don't flatter yourself.
Daniella Nov 2016
It's this realization of separation that plants a seed of you in me.
This garden is growing;
My light is blooming;
Love, shining.
Your ways becoming my roots.
Roots, often mistaken as weeds
to others that just don't understand.
The confusion is beautiful though,
and losing myself in the embrace of the wind brings back the logic.
The reason.
And I wouldn't have wanted any other gust to sweep my soul the way yours did.
Another version of Untitled.
Daniella Nov 2016
It’s all automation.
The usual, what we are accustomed to.

To take part in the emptiness of this world,
Seems to be the norm.

How pathetic.

Shapeless space.

How unfortunate.

The lights shining out of each individual's smile
are constantly swallowed up and CRUSHED by the bleakness of this sad, colorless world.



We complain,

about everything.

No one’s forcing you to strip yourself of the things that make up who you are.
It’s just a twisted game our minds like to tease us with.

Daniella Nov 2016
Your mind's colors drip the most fluorescent hues

I need a stroke from your brush,
A touch of your brilliance

Your eyes,
Nothing less than the most iridescent lights,
Have a magic to them that is as unfathomable as
The night’s stars.

Just give me a slice of your detail

A look into your fantasy

To make my water colored mess
The most beautiful marbled design.
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