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Daniel Tabone Apr 2016
Why do we do what we do?
Is someone forcing us?
Is it by nature that human beings strive for a reason of existence?

Are we the dominant species of the planet?
Or are a select few who dominate us?
The ones in power, the ones up there.

Why are the rules set?
Who set those rules in the first place?
As a kid – go to school.
As an adult - go to work.

Why do we limit ourselves like this?

Will I ever rebel?
Probably not.
I enjoy living by these rules,
I like these rules,
They make me feel safe.
Daniel Tabone Apr 2016
The day is over,
The sweat is dry,
Eyelids won’t open,
I cannot try;

My back is aching,
And my feet burn,
Driving back home,
Look what I earn;

The day is over,
The air is cool,
And I remember,
I still have school;

Daniel Tabone Jun 2015
Looking into the mirror,
But I can't see myself,
All I can see is horror;

My face is ******,
And full of bruises,
But I feel no pain,
Not physical at least;

I see a tear,
rolling down my face,
It is not sorrow,
But it's relief;
Daniel Tabone Jun 2015
We all go around the day,
We are all on our way,
Some are to work,
Some are to school,
We are all part of a bigger picture;

I’m just a fragment,
And you are so too,
Our lives are together,
A part of the matter;

We have been taught,
Alone we are worthless,
We have been moulded,
To fit into the system,
But this is no way,
To reach our full potential;

This is a prison,
Guarded by bureaucracy,
And funded by those in power,
We gave up our freedom,
For a little bit of money;
Daniel Tabone Jun 2015
Whenever I’m lost,
Whenever I fall,
I look for you,
My lighthouse in night;

You shine brighter,
When it is dark,
Always there,
To guide me to safety;

Whenever I’m alone,
And nowhere to go,
I look for you,
And run into your arms;

You are my anchor,
My point of reference,
Never waiver,
Always guiding;
Daniel Tabone May 2015
Everything has a cycle,
Everything has an end,
But where did it start,
And where will it end;

Flowers bloom,
Then they dry up,
They produce seeds,
And so it proceeds;

No way to know,
How it all started,
Nowhere to find,
The answers we seek;

We might ask god,
We might ask science,
But so far,
We have no answers;

We dig deeper into the seed,
We find it to be interesting,
And get some answers,
But along with that,
We get more questions;

We see the cells,
Moving around,
They all have a purpose,
To keep life abound;

We dig and dig,
The more answers – the more questions,
When will it end?
When will we know all?
  May 2015 Daniel Tabone
we're so far away
you're just a speck of light
the distance is so big
but I found you

I didn't even know
I should search for you
but I looked in a telescope
and there you were

So far away
but sparkling
ready to brighten up my day
any day

You're my secret
too far away to talk about
but you're the strongest light
inside my universe

A ball of love
around my sun
You orbit my heart
where ever you go
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