When, I learned of the death of the last Northern White Rhino,
In Kenya,
I experienced some grief.
As the Economy and Human Population continues to grow,
Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity is shrinking.
The money keeps flowing,
But Humanity
Is losing its  Collective Wealth
As Spring arrives in Colorado,
I must focus on renewal,
Crocus, Tulips and Daffodils arising from the Earth
And blooming.
Young women show off their hot legs
By choosing to wear micro miniskirts
And short shorts.
You might say all the beauty I speak of is ephemeral.
The rewards of Admiring the Beauty
Of Flowers or Women
Can't really compensate
For the Loss of Species,
But I've studied the Buddha Dharma,
And I know that All is Ephemeral,
It's important to appreciate everything we can
While it's here
No matter how much we love It,
It will all be gone.
Capturing a beautiful photo
Of a flower in bloom
Is easy!
If your timing is right,
People think you're an artistic genius!
I don't think capturing a photo
Of a woman in bloom
Is so easy.
There are a lot of lousy photos
Of beautiful women out there.
Especially when it comes to nude photography,
The lighting,
And location
Are critical.
Each person
Has his or her own Dope.
Some Dope
Is more destructive to the individual
And to society
Than other forms of dope.
Some types of dope
Like Kava Kava,
Don't really produce
Such a pleasant high,
But they are of therapeutic value
In the long run.
Of course,
Intoxication with power
Or addiction to praise
Can be a kind of dope.
I believe that the President of the United States,
Donald Trump,
Has this malady.
I would suggest
That Humility
And Constructive Criticism
Are excellent remedies for these addictions.
They can involve swallowing
"A Bitter Pill".
Many people
Revere money,
But there is money to be made
From unscrupulous things.
President Donald Trump
Publicly promoted
His big weapons deal
With Saudi Arabia.
This weapons will be used
In Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen,
From an ethical standpoint,
Is no better than the war in Syria
Being led by Russia and the Bachar al-Assad regime.
Both wars have created
Similar refugee crises
As well.
In contrast,
Spiritual empowerment and engagement
Is more about a SENSE OF BELONGING.
For example,
Regularly participate
In the Colorado Committee for Africa and the Caribbean
Here in Denver
Our leader is a senior citizen,
Annette Walker
And our turnout usually isn't too large.
It's not the optimal scene
For me to hook up with a single woman
Or check out hot babes!
Like the Bob Marley song,
The Films we see,
The Lectures we listen to,
And the Discussions we have
"Stir me Up"
And keep me motivated to keep living
Much more than any benefits I might,
Unintentionally accrue
From a Booming,
Deregulated Stock Market
Under the Leadership of
President Donald Trump
X-treem card?
(Beep!) World Poker Tour card?
Credit card?
Debit card?
(BEEP!) Insert card now.
No, not that way, stupid!
Turn it around!
Would you like a receipt?
Why not?
What is your weight?
What is your (beep!) fate?
Would you like a free car wash?
Don’t talk to me like that –
I’m going to make you push some more buttons.
Push the “enter” button
which is cleverly (beep!) hidden
in a thicket of other buttons.
Oh, dear, you couldn’t find
The “enter” button in time!
Start over (Beep!) hahahahahahaha.
Gas went up ten cents a qallon since you got here.
There’s a motorcycle gang waiting behind you.
You want air? (Beep!) Drive around back
And have your credit card ready.
Do you want water for your radiator?  Yes?
Arctic Mountain Springs?
Montana (Beep!) Mountain Springs?
Sierra Mountain Springs?
All-Natural Mountain Springs?
City water??????
Would you like to come inside
and buy (Beep!) cigarettes from a hefty country girl
with a mouth full of chewing tobacco?
Lift handle and select…
Please start over.
I guess I'm too intense.
I guess that I'm too nice.
People are so on guard these days
they return it in kind
with ice.

People have become so afraid
of other people.
I can't say I blame them at all.
But it's not just others they are afraid of ...
They are afraid of dropping the ball.

Everyone is so judgmental.
Everyone out for themselves.
What does it say about us as a race
when we put others lives on shelves?

We seek "followers" and "likes"
just as if they were gold.
What happened to the friendship, kindness and generosity
we once shared in days of old?

"Look at my dress!"

"Look at my dinner!"

"You're such a loser ...
And I'm such a winner!"

"I heard that his Dad don't have a job!"

"I heard she's too poor to come on spring break!"

Is this really who we have become?

We bask in bragging and showing off,
but to empathy we have become numb.

Why should I care about somebody dying
or relationships ending?
It's not my problem ...
"Oh look, I'm trending!"

Everyone is playing
one big video game.
It is destroying who we are
and nothing is quite the same.

And it's not just that this problem
is addiction systemic.
This nightmare of our age
has become epidemic!

We seek approval from those
who could actually care less.
We scold and scorn upon any perceived weakness
and only praise on success.

It's bullying enablement
brings children to kill
or to kill themselves
in a hopeless loss of will.

We outlaw drugs
when for fun we all use.
The same must be done
for this scourge and its societal abuse.

Glory and popularity have taken a whole new meaning
where, to have them we'll take things all too far.
We've lost sight of the forest because of the trees
and lost faith in just who we are.

Letting someone help you or you helping them
brings questions of motive and suspicion.
If we won't trust our friends and our family
how will higher consciousness ever come to fruition?

We upload and post our lives
into a new consciousness they call the "stream".
I know that pride cometh before a fall ...
But what happens when we cease to dream?

I have never engaged in these practices.
I am way to private for that.
See, the friends that I have, have been there for decades
and they always have my back.

These little flat screens have become our alters
where we willingly offer our souls.
All in search of feeling better ...
turning blind eyes to all of its brutal controls.

Smash them I say!

Ground them right under your feet!

I don't mean your phone ... I'm using a metaphor ...
for these soul-crushing apps that you must delete!

We must escape this death
driven by vanity.
Rise out of it all
and lose the insanity.

There's a great big world out there ...

Go out in the sun!

Snap out of this hypnosis ...

And go have some fun!

Stop staring at a screen

And KNOW that you LIVE!

Their judgments mean NOTHING!

You've PLENTY to give!

Leave that laptop behind

Get out of the house.

You just may find a real friend or even a spouse!

Talk with them ... using your voice.
Listen to them ... using your ears.
You just might find a kinship in a soul
that actually lasts through all of your years.

But above all else ... feel this person
Relish in all the moments that you've seen.
Laugh with them, cry with them and always remember ...
You will never get a hug from a screen.
Kinda speaks for itself. I have a "MySpace" page ... somewhere. Haven't been there in years. I NEVER did FB or ANY of the others. And now ... watching it's destruction of our social structure, I am glad I listened to my intuition.

All of the goings on (suicide induced by bullying, SHOOTING rampages in Schools, etc.) have somehow inspired me to coin the phrase "(Anti)Social Media". Feel free to use it and maybe it will open some eyes.

I hope the world wakes up.

See also:

It's easy
To be critical of one's parents,
As one ages,
And one has difficulty adjusting to change,
One can't really blame one's parents
For one's problems.
Though the Buddha
Spoke of impermanence
He wouldn't be able to deal with
The rapid pace of change in this world either!
One just has to ask for help,
Many people will refuse to help you.
I think this is why a lot of poeple
Turn to drugs.
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