I don't have the profile
Of an artist.
I don't have the look
Of an artist.
I appear to be
100% Nerd.
It isn't easy
For me to get accepted
Into artists' circles.
I prefer to wander the Urban Wasteland
Searching for a mailbox
To mail a letter
To a woman
Who hasn't shown any direct interest
In me.
I don't look for that "Supportive Community".
I look for a STIMULATING Community.
But I know I'm keeping it real
Without actually trying to
My message
Is not something
I control.
I've  really been acting crazier lately,
But why should I care?
This country has become a lot crazier than I am.
It's just
Bringing out the worst in me.
I accompanied my new girlfriend,
Up my ex’s staircase
In the Gotham City Condominium
On Grant Street.
Who is Mexican
Really needed an older friend like Terri,
Who is from the Philippines.
They had both experienced
A similar type
Of Hell.
This poem was written, using the Writerscreed Challenge on Tumblr. It might be selfish of me to want the women I love to come together, but, maybe, I've been carrying too heavy a burden for too long?
I don't mean to be judgmental,
But some of us
Are just losers.
We build too many walls around ourselves
To be winners.
If you love someone,
You want him or her
To relax with people a little bit.
You can't trust anyone 100%.
I don't even trust MY OWN Judgement.
One can learn from anyone,
When one stops learning,
One starts to
Grow old.
The world is small
even the heaven isn't big.
But an uncreated Word is,
an expression of love and promise!
The tale of the beginning
the tale of the end without the ending.
Soon God said it 'Qun' be
Bang it couldn't be bigger indeed.
Everything small and big the complete
creations panache came to be so big!
Body is small the soul came in the front.
Every soul banged explored at once.
All heard the same Word it was only one
that sets the tone for the first to the last.
So sweet it took everyone’s heart!

The death wouldn’t touch the soul
that already died but couldn’t die.
Revived there and then instantly,
hearing the 'Qun' the uncreated melody!
Crooned up even through the dead end
surged up to the other side of the black hole.
Like a waxing Moon passed crossing
over the asleep body yet in the making!

Adam was yet to be in the body.
It wasn’t in the physical element
that by no means could hear it!
Unlike the abyss soul there
the sea can take a dip.
The cloud spills and rains
but only to revert back to the sea
showering the shallow body.

Unable to resist it, the first big bang
didn’t take place in a physical body!
Not in the star, milky way or in the galaxy
nor an orb is as scientific as the human body!

He said ‘Qun’ again and the first big bang
on the matter takes place in Fathima’s joint
interlacing her live soul and pre-design body!
It cut through the irrational black hole in between
the soul and body now gel in golden ratio melody!
So that the grand material manifestation in bloom
shall continue to resonate perpetuating the body!

Far from a pair but love is above reason thus yet to be
nature gets destined for a mirror in its entirety!
It will bang big hearing the echoes of the mighty ‘Qun’
It will be and shall perish only to be an eternal body!
You're causing me
To lose my mind.
I feel as I'm gonna' have to leave everything I've known
Completely behind.
You're disrupting my equilibrium.
You're incinerating my cool.
I wish you'd stop it.
You're making me feel
Like a Fool.
This poem is influenced by the Beyonce/Jay-Z song, "Crazy in Love"
Listen here, Jewboy.
I don't like some of the mischief you've been up to lately.
In attempting to seduce this Mexican gal,
You're really
Upsetting the apple cart.
You're getting a lot of these White Ladies
Really upset.
They just want you to take her,
But you're acting as if you're a Homeless person.
Oh, man, Jewboy.
You're mischievous!
Hitler should have finished the job!
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