Don’t try to fix  the dam
Once it has burst.
The stream that flows past the wreckage
Might be toxic and putrid,
But it can’t be restrained any more.
Attempts to repair this dam
Are just an exercise in futility
It is a structure
That was not meant to last forever.
When it was built,
It prevented the flow of life
From reaching all the living beings
That needed it.
The frogs could no longer  lay tadpoles
And breed in the shallows.
The fish could no longer swim freely
To complete their life cycle
Now, we humans
Insist that the collapse of this dam
Is “tragic”.
Who was there to advocate for the deer
That once drank from the pure stream
And the bear
Who once hunted the fish in its waters?
If orange water flows into Town,
Clouded by fertilizer residue
And petrochemicals
Is it really such a sudden
This is all just the shit
That we’ve been bottling up
For so long

They conceptualized Humanity dualistically
Through conflicting  concepts.
They formulated a myth
About an Immaculate Conception
To make human beings
Feel guilt and shame
For all their sexual urges and desires.
They once people felt ashamed
Of their inherent natures,
It was easy to dominate and exploit them.
This is the Formula for Success
For the White Master Race.

nothing  turns me on
lost interest in the world
dreams are ominous
American nightmares unfold
continue to persevere

If you need to kill someone,
In order to assert
You own "sense of identity",
I don't think you really have any idea
Who the fuck you are!

If your Love was real,
You would not be comforted so much
By your addictions.
Ten years of marriage
Resulted in you
Becoming less socially confident
And less comfortable with people in general.
Don't plunge deeply into any relationships
Unless you can reach a CONSENSUS
On the most critical aspects of life
Yes, your FRIENDS
Must be your ALLIES!
CONSENSUS sounds like a political term
But it is actually a description
Of how one becomes intimate with anyone,
Whether it be a  a male friend
Or a girlfriend.
Sexual Intimacy
Is more like carpentry.....
Banging a hammer
Or turning a screw.
ANYONE can do it,
But genuine intimacy is difficult
It is dependent on authentic communication.
Let this be
The lessons you learn.

So, when people like Bernie Sanders
Advocate "Socialism",
They think that the problem with Society
Is that it's UNFAIR.
If young people study hard and work hard,
It DOESN'T mean that they'll get a good job
And have a decent standard of living.
If you "play by the rules",
It doesn't mean that you'll be
So, a Socialist might RESTRICT
The Economic Privileges of the Wealthy
But, from a more CONSERVATIVE perspective
Socialism  encourages young people to PLAY BY THE RULES.
Work hard,
Study hard,
Be a Good Citizen
And you might not get rich,
But you'll have a decent life.
So, though I find President Donald Trump repugnant,
I CAN'T BLAME HIM for undermining Bernie's campaign.
This was the doings of the Democratic Party Elites
Including our former President, Barack Obama
Figured out a way
To publicly compare Senator Bernie Sanders
To Former President, George W. Bush.

I've always loved apples.
The thrill of a fresh one
Tickling my taste buds
Waking me up
Making me moan.

But I've always been weak
Falling for temptation
and whispers of proposals;
maybe you should try that one

Foolish like women of ivory skin
And ebony hair
My red lips touch the flesh  
Fueling my body with it's poison
Turning everything dark.

I awoke today
Turned around
And faced the pip of forbidden fruit
The snakes are laughing
And I'm waiting to be locked out of Paradise.

I've always loved apples.

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