Spread the White Man's Gospel
All over Planet Earth!
Tell them to "be fruitful and multiply"
So they can become
Your slaves!
If they become terrorists rather than slaves
All the better!
How else will Defense Contractors
Increase their profits
Without an enemy
To fight?
Unwanted girls
Are good candidates for Prostitution?
How else will American Men maintain their Reputation
As "Moral, Upright Christians",
Without the presence
Of cheap, open and available vaginas

This is my own take on Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden" Donald Trump/2017 style

Julie was at home with her Father,
On a Saturday.
Julie scanned her messages on her cell phone
While Winston listened to the Stereo
And read the New York Times.
"What music are you listening to, Daddy?" Julie asked her Father.
"Oh, that's just 'Sophisticated Bitch' by Public Enemy, Julie," her Father replied.
"That's not a very nice name for a song," Julie stated.
"I know," Winston replied.
"But I've always liked Public Enemy."
"I can't help it."
"Daddy?" Julie asked.
"Yes, dear." Winston replied.
"Can you please play that 'Sophisticated Bitch' song again?"
"I think I like it too."

My fellow poets
On Hello Poetry|
Seem to want
To here the Truth
Even if the Truth
Is very strange and irreverent.
How else could a poem
About divorce and masturbation
End up being
The most popular poem
I've ever written?

In a much-anticipated announcement,
President Donald Trump appointed the Marquis de Sade
To lead the Office of Global Women's Affairs
At the U.S. Department of State.
Defending his appointment,
President Trump stated
That the Marquis de Sade knows more about women
Than anyone else.
He's an honorable Christian.
However, in a rebuttal,
Congresswoman Dianna Degette of Colorado
Accused President Donald Trump of Trying to undermine the agency.
"I think that this is another attempt by President Donald Trump"
"To undermine the mission of a critical Federal Agency."
Rachel Maddow of MSNBC News
Attempted  to reach the Marquis for  an interview
But he was busy locking up his women in dungeons,
While  preparing them for his  sexually sadistic rituals.
In a prepared statement to MSNBC,
The Marquis De Sade assured the Network
That his philosophy was consistent
With his appointment to the Office of Global Women's Affairs
And that he would be proud to serve his country.

Be at ease
Don’t try to force anything in life
There will always be Those who build bridges
As well as Those
Who build Walls.

Truth be told,
Most nude photos exhibited online
Are lousy
Because they are being used to subjugate women
Rather than demonstrating
A genuine appreciation
Of the beauty of the model.
In the same vein,
The politics of the United States is lousy
Because it is indicative  of a power struggle between  the genders
Rather than appreciation of the fact
That we're all human beings.

It don't make no difference what she says
'Cause you're DIVORCED!
It don't make no difference
What she thinks about what you're doing
'Cause you aren't investing anything
In a common future
Any more.
You don't have to tell her
That jacking off
Can be more pleasurable
Than sex with her ever was,
If you ain't even sentimental
About getting laid,
And you don't feel she transmitted
Any wisdom,
How much is your relationship worth?

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