As I navigated the erotic contours
Of your flesh with my tongue,
I because aware that your sensual geography
Differed sharply
From  what I had experienced
In the past.
On my way downstream
From the mounds of your breast
Into you Salton Sea,
I became aware
That my life was now taking on
A whole new direction.
I once desired
Acceptance in the White  faces of the North,
But I now realized
That the lure of the Black South
Was an indication
Of a need
For Nurturance.

This poem was inspired by this erotic photo by Noir Nus Photography in South Africa on 500px.

Why doesn't the world conform
With the way I want it to be?
Why don't people go along
With MY expectations?
Why don't people worship the god
That I worship?
I wish I could
Kill 'em all!

My ex-wife comes by
And gives me a hug,
But she immediately heads out
To have coffee with a friend
Living in the Building
Who is "much more important"
Than I am.
So, the relationship is polite.
On the the surface,
There is no bitterness.
But  my Divorce was a massive waste of money.
For a  status conscious women,
Throwing money down the toilet
Is much cheaper
Than Vulnerability.
She never finishes a conversation.

Fires burn in California
Fires of Rage
Burn in the Middle East.
Hot Temperatures
Hot Tempers
This is the New Normal of Global Warming
We have created
With our dependency on Fossil Fuels.

Don’t get blinded by my cheerful facade!
For I am an altruistic soul,
Walking around spreading love and happiness.
But some call me a: stingy little midget,
For I am not willing to share my sorrow and times of torment with anyone.
Why aren’t people seeing the bright side of my selfish attitude?

She posed naked online just to spite them.
It didn't really turn HER on that much.
She wasn't really that interested in turning GUYS on
She just wanted to do something
Which she knew
Would piss them off.

I don't really give a fuck
About much of anything
Any more,
If you were the source of my misery,
I'm just glad
That you're

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