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Daniel K Jan 2018
I've been wandering London
I am walking asleep
There are tears on my eyelids
My life's in a heap
I can't breathe when I see you
You just make my lungs burst
I freeze up when you whisper
My body is cursed
Won't you tell me you love me
Even just for a day
You shall have me forever
In my mind anyway
There's a light on in Douglas
and it's guiding my way
I am ****** in the pantry
with too much to say
Daniel K Nov 2014
I used to write poetry because I felt lonely
I felt I was inadequate
And this world was not enough
Poison thoughts and shattered mirrors
Hours spent within my bed
School planted a resentment seed
And it just grew and grew
Until I felt that it would burst
And tear me apart.

Poetry was a way out
A way to make me feel alive
A way to let go of the anger and hurt
There is nothing more satisfying
Than draining a frustration swelling
Splattering blood upon the page
They could make me feel like hell inside
Push me down, pull me apart
But the paper put me back together again.

In recent months my writing
Has started to dry up
My teenage angst and misery
Is slowly dying out
But most importantly
I have become happy
With who I am
And with my own skin
I am far from perfect
No one really is
But now I feel I am not vermin
A lousy rat that no-one likes
I am a human being
And I am ok with that.
Daniel K Oct 2013
Drunken raging, anger fuelled,
Some youths fight in the night.
Scattered brains and dimming sense,
They are long lost since the light.

Pent up hate they keep inside
Bundles out after a drink or eight

Crimson red, one hits his head,
He clatters to the floor.
The stars within his eyes, once shone like the skies,
But they don't shine there any-more.
Daniel K Oct 2013
I'm so sick of working
It's melting what little brain is left between my ears
From the sheer monotony of lifeless work for 8 hours a day
To being looked cruelly down upon by managers
Who quite frankly have nothing to show that makes them any superior to you
It is quite frankly a gruelling and repetitive task
It really is like a slow hanging
It makes me wonder is it really worth it
The minimum wage I make is surely taxed with my sanity
I'm literally trading my marbles for money
By grinding my will in to the ground
This hell for leather lifestyle is compounded by the simple fact that to make it anywhere
In any aspect of life
Never mind just irksome jobs
Is not by being any good at what you do
No, that is simply half it
You must know the correct words to say
The right way to rub up your superiors
So they feel the need to elevate you a little higher
Off the rock bottom stone cold concrete floor
Of the career ladder you find yourself on
When you embark in to the world of work
My problem is I say No !
No Way in fact !
I will not pretend to like someone
I really am completely indifferent to
In order to make it anywhere
I swear it's just so fake
People should be judged on their ability
In that field of work
And their ability to contribute to productivity
Not judged on how much *** they can kiss
Not by who their father is
Not because they can **** talk
All of this nonsense in the workplace
Being crushed by fake people who think they are powerful
Because they have got to where they are by schmoozing
Has lead me to a complete sense of disillusionment
With the human race
I will not become another rat
Being trampled to death in a never ending race
Where your only respite is your death
Never ! I say Never !
I Refuse oh I Refuse !
Daniel K Apr 2014
I am sitting in my back room
Looking out the big bay window
I am meant to be studying
But all I can think is how much I would rather be out there living
Than sat in here dying
When realistically I know if i was not meant to be studying
I would be doing some other needless task
That would probably serve me a lot less in the future than my current one
I would probably be listening to music
Or talking to my friends
Or eating just for eatings sake
Or planning to do something constructive
But really only killing time
I am too much of a daydreamer
From the webs inside my head
I need to be set loose
Maybe I should just get on with this study
Rather than rambling out a poem
For poems sake
Daniel K Dec 2014
Sometimes when I am having a really awful day
And I can't bare the thought of being where I am
Or doing what I am doing
I imagine I am not me
But just looking down upon me
Like an angel from above
The pity of the creature that lies before me
Can not affect me
Because it is not me
It is someone else
And this helps me through
I can not get upset
Because I am not there right now
I am up in the air
Above the clouds
Looking down.
Sometimes I like to detach
I can not bare my life
It is good to get away.
Daniel K Oct 2013
can you see it now old man
all that you have done
and all that you have become
you have placed yourself upon the pyre
and willingly been set alight
and oh how you now burn
burn like your lust did burn when you looked upon another
was your heart set alight like your marriage has been
I bet it's now stone cold, your heart and your marriage,
and the trust she placed upon you.
The trust they all placed upon you
was seemingly was not enough to contain
your aching, sweating, heaving heart,
you have sold your life out
for simply seconds pleasure,
your lungs will fill and then deflate
but you are not alive any more,
you are but a zombie
mere flesh and guts and rotting luck,
she deserved a lot more
and you now deserve no less.
Daniel K Dec 2017
It seems that everyone is afraid to be alone
It chills the toughest people to the bone

Yet I have found wonder in the solitude
A dazzling concoction rarely brewed

People just expect something more
Reality, the now has left them sore

Life does not need to be spent, propped up by another
Support yourself and find your path, the present as your lover
Daniel K Jul 2018
Funny and fierce, her words cut to the bone
Her smile sits just beautifully, naturally there
When I dream, I dream of us sharing a home
An atheist longing, whispering a prayer
It's been years since I've felt what I feel for her
I think about her all the time
The bullet has hit soon as it's left the chamber
Every emotion's a song and I'm singing in ryhme
I'm so relieved to be able to feel once again
I honestly feared that it had all gone
Exhausted in youth on alcohol and women
But thankfully though it appears I was wrong
  For now when I lie and I think through the night
  My thoughts are an orchestra of Aisling in white
Daniel K Mar 2014
She is just so mysterious
Her world seems so far away from mine
Drop in for a night or two
Than fly away for life
She has got a city twang
One that sparks my ears
And sets a fire in my heart raging
Burning through the night
She can take me home any night
Without a thought she drags me in
She tells me that it's over
She just can't take anymore
She cries her eyes out
Inhales a lot of wine
Then we **** on the kitchen floor
The life she leads is like a movie
Except she want's to die inside
California heat can't stop
The beat inside her soul
And running across the atlantic it seems
Has not given her anymore
She has got me hooked
I swear i'm so intrigued
It seems all we both want is to get out
Another way across the pond
Is everything to me
Leave behind this aching town
While she just wants to get out of her mind
If only we could share
Her city and my sanity
We would then both be complete
But for now we're just empty shells
Trying to fill each other
I have never met another
Like an american girl
Daniel K Nov 2014
Everyday I leave my home and venture out
Into a gloomy lifeless concrete shell
Similar to my body and mind
The darkened tarmac complements
My troubled gaze
This town is full of losers
And I work all day
To sleep on a Friday
To drink on a Saturday
To die on a Sunday
And then just repeat
An American girl once said my city was quirky
And she had fallen in love
But I feel she had fallen in love more with me than the city
And in the same way the city broke my heart
I broke hers
I'm just waiting on a way out
20 years too late
But maybe once I go and find
The place where I belong
Then maybe I can begin to be happy
And leave somebody in to my life

I am just a ghost trailing around
This carnival town
Where the girls are all above it
And I am just too lonely
The city is a pedestal that some
Can make their own
But I curl up on the floor
And dream of those up high
The streets run narrow
And pretty if you did not know them
But they do not run far enough
And you will soon find
Your heart on your sleeve
Then the floor
And there is no place to escape to
Just bottleneck humiliation
And the feeling that every corner you turn
You will happen upon someone you know
Which suits some people
But for me quite frankly
Sounds like hell
I wish to be anonymous
I wish to start again
I wish to be a unique possibility
In the eyes of the beholder
Not used to my type
Around here I am a nobody
Who simply blends in with dull streets
And faceless buildings
Abroad I can be mysterious
I can be whoever I want to be
This is a town full of losers
And I'm breaking free
Daniel K Mar 2014
This is another life calling
It's breathing through the air
Running down your spine
Sprinkling through your mind
Old friends they pass
But they don't know you anymore
So you both just pretend the other does not exist
And old friendships become but memories
Locked deep within your head
It's almost like we lived a different time
The days spent when we were young
And everybody's grown and changed
And rather than acknowledge we were once something
We are not now
We ignore it and pretend it didn't happen
We don't need the awkwardness
We have too much else to worry about
But all these things they bind together
They add and multiply
And the times and the friendships
Become the cornerstones
The foundations of our lives
What we have become and what we will be
And even though we will never be what we were
It's nice to take a deep breath
And save a thought for the times that have come to pass
Whenever a ghost from a life past
Comes rolling along the breeze
Daniel K Jan 2014
I am alone but I am lonely no longer

I guess it's over for the last time
I have been beaten, shackled and drawn,
Burnt, blistered, torn and hung,
For far far too long

It seems it has gone too far this time
And like the blackened creep inside my soul,
You have left my life for good,
But finally I feel whole

I will put our memories
In a box inside my heart
A place where only old ghosts meet
Old people from who I am apart

Even though I loved you so
I just couldn't hold any longer
And it ended just the way we were
Explosive aching terror

I am alone, but I am lonely no longer
Daniel K Apr 2013
My main problem with a lot of writers and poets
Is that they are just so full of crap
I mean seriously
Just tell it
Exactly how you feel it
Exactly how it is
No big words, no gimmicks,
No phony hidden meanings,
Just exactly how it burned
Just bleed it from your heart
That's the kind of writing
That I love
The kind that will stand the test of time
Not because anyone else will appreciate it
Or even care for that matter
But because it summed exactly how you felt
At that very moment
It's like a photo of your mind,
Of your emotion,
Of your pain,
Of your love,
Or any one other of the thousands of feelings,
Smouldering inside You
And You will cherish it
And even if nobody ever sees it
You know it means the world to You
Daniel K Apr 2013
I felt everything and nothing in the week that has gone by
And I have already proven I cant live behind a lie
You have cut me deeper than anyone before
As I let myself down on this breezy wheezy shore
And I want to look at you but you wont let yourself look me back
Behind a steely hard face there is a gaping crack
And I want to tell you that I love you but I don't think you care
So I must let my guard down
Leave me naked open bare

Tonight, I will run to you in the rain
I want to hold you in my arms for we will never feel the same
And everything is falling, and I cant tell you why
But I will not stop bleeding like the early morning sky

And if I could only sleep then maybe I would start thinking straight
I just can't leave things go, you know I have no time or faith
If I have let you down then only I can pick you up
But in my head all I hear is you saying you have had enough
I must start being honest, wear emotion on my sleeve
Then maybe love will be the only thing that we will bleed

So tonight, I will run to you in the rain
I want to hold you in my arms for we will never feel the same
And everything is falling, and I cant tell you why
But I will not stop bleeding like the early morning sky
Daniel K Nov 2013
My glory days were when I was in primary school,
Oh yes,
I was a very large fish in a languished pond.
I really was too big for my own boots,
oozing confidence, borderline arrogant,
occasionally over-stepping that line,
I was usually number one or close enough,
when it came to studies and sports.

But then I grew too big for that teeny weeny pond,
I embarked to unknown territory,
and the terrors of secondary school,
which as it turned out,
was in fact not a pond,
but a very large ocean,
and I soon drowned,
with the faint realisation,
that I was far out of my depth.
Oh yes,
no longer was I mister number one,
at sports or studies,
I was left under no illusion as to how average I was,
and I came to envy and resent those who were no doubt better than I,
but arrogantly forthcoming about the whole affair,
just as irritating as I suspect I was,
when I was the king fish of the pond.

It just goes to show,
life comes in swings and roundabouts,
its up and down and spun all over,
wear modesty like a badge of honour,
you achieved while in duty in a very ****** war,
for modesty will set you apart,
modesty will make you human,
and you never know when you will slip,
from a king on a throne,
to a dog on the stone cold floor.
Daniel K Sep 2017
I guess I try not to think about it
My London bubble's overwhelming
It's bursting,thirsting, overflowing
and I can't seem to get the balance right

My happy's back and it is showing
But I still can't see quite where I'm going
The road is hazy, my instinct lazy
I need someone to come and save me

Is it here or is it far
Is it back where I came from
The morning's here but you have left my bed
and there's still cobwebs in my head

If you're the one can you please show me
The only one to ever know me
Too much choice ruins great plans
Can you please come and take my hand
Daniel K Dec 2017
Sitting in the back room
Of my parent's family home
The stove's heat tickles my back
Dog at my feet, I'm not alone

The sound from the living room
Television cuts the air
I hear the chuckle of my sister
My brothers bellow laid out bare

This moment brings me back
To when I once lived here
This house is steeped in memory
I'll forever hold it dear

It seems that one must lose or leave
To truly know what they once had
A father, mother, sister, brother
For family I'm truly glad
Daniel K Oct 2013
You sit grey like an owl
But not near as majestic
Skin white like chalk
But eyes blacker than coal
I want to look away but I can not
Time paints a different picture
And fades throughout each day
The shawl you wear is ripped and torn
This room is dark
The air feels heavy like a funeral
As if a sound is struggling
Yearning to break out
But it can not
So it hangs in lonely disregard
Haunting the room
Engulfing who we are
I look at you
But I do not think you see
It is dark
The moth riddled curtain has not been pulled back in awhile
Are you lost?
In desolate dreams of better times
The clock ticks in a desperate attempt
To break the isolation
But I feel its growing louder by the hour
Looming inevitably
A battle cry
The end is surely nigh
The stomp of the gulf we all know is coming
Yet choose to ignore until the very moment it creeps up on us
And then it is too late
Look at me woman
What have you become?
Each breath is heavy like a smokers cough
This isn't everything you are
You lived and loved one day
I should know
I knew him well
It cuts deep but deeper still for you
Unbearably deep
Like the final fatal turn of the knife
I wish you cried.

If only tears could wash away the years that stain
the blanket of our being.
Daniel K Mar 2014
Today I woke from my slumber
And trod down the stairs
To find the dog had eaten the contents of the compost bin
Every rotten squirmy stinking piece of mulch
I felt I should lay down a marker
Maybe shout, get angry
Let him know this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated
But if I'm truly honest
It seems he's punished himself enough
His stomach is so like a balloon
I will probably need a string to tie to him
Which I can hold when I bring him outside
So he won't float away
I mean really, how much enjoyment was there in decaying muck
He looks like a fat black slug
Squirming across the floor
Best throw him out quick
Before the leftover debris is not the only thing I must clean up
Silly dog must have a pea for a brain
He's lucky he's my best friend
I will look after him for the day
Daniel K Apr 2013
I don't really like birthdays
I guess I just don't like the falseness
Like don't get me wrong
Having people you care about
Show they care about you is nice
But it's this Facebook crap I really can't  stand
Like, I get hundreds of happy birthdays
From people I don't even know
From people who don't even know me
But even worse
From people who actually don't like me
They feel the need to put on this face
To pretend they care when they don't
I don't mean to be cynical
It's just my real friends will most likely call me
Or ad least text me personally
No, I have no time for the Facebook brigade
Jumping on a bandwagon
Just because you feel you will be frowned upon if you don't
From now on I'm boycotting birthdays
And removing my date of birth from these sites
Social media has ruined the thrill
Of getting a happy birthday
Off someone you never knew cared enough to remember
Daniel K Oct 2013
I am a blood donor
It is the least that I can do
The thought that something as easy
As lending my arm
For 10 minutes of my time
Could save somebody's life
Is nothing short of a miracle
It makes me feel warm inside
I'd bleed myself dry if I thought
I could give another life a go

They say blood is thicker than water
And I believe blood is the one thing that connects us all
In a world full of hatred and sorrow
It is the one that holds true
We all bleed the same
Red rivers that link us together
That bind and tie
And hold forever and a day

It is comforting to think
The blood I hold within me
Runs through someone else
Ignites them
The same way it ignites me
It sparks beneath their bones
I am not alone

We all bleed the same
Regardless of race *** or age
It does not matter who we are
We must carry each other
If we don't who will
Daniel K Nov 2015
I have had bouts of blue
For as long as I can remember
Crying in my room
Because I couldn't get the toy that I wanted
Teenage acne scars
And girls that always said no
The world was never enough
There was always something more out there
That I didn't have and I needed
There are copy books of poems upstairs
Words scrawled in desperation
Plans to end it all
And funerals inside my head
Bells beating as I walk towards the shore
And submerge
I have a beaten desk in my bedroom
Where I used to sit and scratch my favourite quotes
Desperate cries from crumbling clay angels
Who were able to express exactly how I felt
In barely any words at all
Angels I have never met and never will
I have always dreamt of something better
I have always wanted more
And I have always felt driven to achieve it
It will be better once I have that toy
It will be better once my acne clears up
It will be better when I lose my braces
It will be better when I get a girlfriend
It will be better when I leave school
It will be better when I stop drinking
It will be better when I start exercising
It will be better when I start eating healthy
It will be better when I get a job
It will be better when I leave University
It will be better when I make some money
These things are what got me through
I always dreamed of these things and fought to achieve them
But now it seems I have done them all I am lost
I have never felt so alone
There is absolutely no reason for me to feel this low
I have it all but I do
I have never felt this down in my life
I feel I have ran out of options
And have nowhere to run to
I need to pick myself up
I need to snap out of this mess
I need to start living again
I know nobody can be constantly happy
But I would love to feel worthwhile
I want my motivation back
I need some vitality
I need winter to end
It is 4pm and it's dark outside
I need to get out of my head
Daniel K Sep 2014
I have so much to do the world is catching up with me
Every day there is some new pressure
And nobody is beside me
My future lies within the balance
A ticking clock that sways
Which road will I take
Will I fall or fly
There is a woman in my dreams
She is keeping me alive
If I could only just hold her
Maybe then I can survive
Im struggling with some demons
I think they will eventually smother me
So I plan to work 14 hours a day
Keep myself so busy
My mind will be too tired to move
To think
To let them creep inside
I guess I am always running
Running away from what they want from me
Running away from what I want myself
Running aimlessly, blind
I am running not because I feel this is the correct way to run
It is just every other direction feels too hard
I am sick of being a joke
I want to be taken seriously
I wish to be a man
I need to take the lead
Daniel K Oct 2013
Ashes to ash
We burn the day
The two of us
We run away

Along the ledge
Over the sea
Away away
You and me

Over the land
They will chase
Like ticking sand
We will waste

Under the sun
We cast away
A bleeding run
The clocks they prey

Millions of people in our way
Millions of people every day
We lose ourselves
And run away

I put our thumping hearts away
In a bullet box
They will stay

And there they sit
Pumping together
Side by side
In a metal sweater

Until the day
That we return
I'l place your heart
Back in its urn

And we will stay
As meant to be
Pierced cracks remain
But we are free

Repression breeds resistance
An imperfect insistence
We run away
And on the day that we come back
We'll show the world this aching crack
We run away
Daniel K Apr 2013
My main problem with living these days
Is its literally just always raining
Its like we're being drowned in our own misery
I mean come on
Its not like there is anything to do anyway
But with this weather we can't even rot in the sun
Instead we must rot inside rooms
Really it's hell for the soul
And that is just one of the reasons
That I really just wish I could run
And I know that the grass is always greener
On the other side and all that
And realistically everywhere else is probably just as boring and tedious
Yet I am oh so hopeful it's not
I just want to live like I dream
And I am far from living at the moment
I feel that I am manning a sinking ship
And there are holes being made by the day
Hope seems to get me through
Hope that some place far away is much better
That in time I will find myself happy and there
And even if this is just fantasy
I really do like the thought
Daniel K Oct 2013
There are many people in this world
Who fall victim to their own weakness
It cuts them in the night
A curse that comes from blood
It simply must be within their upbringing
It must be within their nature
For just as their father and his father seemed to crumble and fall
They go and fall the same

Now they condone the actions
They know it is not right
But still when times are at their hardest
And there is nothing to show
But rotten core
Genes they come to light
Just like animals in the wild
When your back's against the wall
It is instinct that takes over

I do feel however
There must be a choice
If you see wrong
And you know wrong
Then you must choose not to act
Upon whatever urge is in your blood
Otherwise you are none better
Then fathers before
You swore to hell

I know many men
Myself included
Who fall victim to the sickness
Placed within their head
From years and years
Of habit
That generations took to brew

I have sworn I will never
Be the way it was
Be the way they say I am
I will be my own man
But still within my head I know their are some knots
You simply can not cut
Some locks
You simply can not burst
And they sit and they wait within you
And just as a dog Is loyal
From years and years of breeding
They will come to the fore
Daniel K Feb 2014
Honey I met you
In an old darkened dive bar
The light it was bending
Folding over your jar
From the dinge of the city
In to a candles frontier
And words meaning nothing
Rushed from your lips into my ear

Rather than describing a feeling
Tell it's story to me
You want to be at the finish
But the journey matters to me
Slip it loose from its noose
And watch it run off your soul
Let the feeling bleed
Until you can't feel it no more

Your hands they were shaking
As they knotted through mine
Burnt out excuses
And all this lost time
For now were together
But soon I'll fall from the sky
Fumbling heart strings
As I trail the storms eye
Daniel K Nov 2013
Broken and Unbroken people
should never be together
for the unbroken person
should not waste their time
trying to fix
the broken person
when really they should be looking for
someone who isn't broken at all.
Daniel K Oct 2013
I do not really see the point in voting
They are really all the same either way
No matter who we put in
Same outcome
In this country anyway
I can't really speak for others
Like today you know
There is a budget
And the schmoozers in charge
They have been talking their usual **** in the build-up
Like how it is necessary to keep going
And it is for the good of the country
And it really is the peoples moral obligation to take these cuts
In order to get our country out of debt
Now that is all well and good
But these bandits are on hundred thousand salaries
I mean seriously
Its just so arrogant and demeaning
And its not like these people deserve their power
They only get where they are from licking ***
Or having a powerful father
Now that hardly equips you well enough
To lead a ****** country
They are all hypocrites
With nothing in mind except their own personal gain
One of our previous governments had a leader
Who claimed to be an accountant
But yet turned out to have no qualifications
And succeeded in bankrupting our country
We have had multiple forty stone health ministers
And in opposition we have a murderer
In fact a whole party
With links to the provisional IRA
And all this is going on and I'm just sat here thinking
Why would anyone even be bothered
I'd rather register to vote
Just so I could spoil my vote
By drawing a **** on it or something
Rather then give any ****** party the satisfaction
Of a vote in their favour
Daniel K May 2013
I'v a sick stomach
Aching through my lungs
There's pain burning within me
I'm always feeling down
Why can't I just feel up
I mean just this once
You are weighing down on me
Tonnes of you are keeping me awake
Your smothering me
A wet blanket in my sleep
You toil deep within me
And I am nothing to you
Only a drop in a sea
You don't even care
Your just in your mind
You just hurtle around me
You just hurt me
Sink within
Slip around
Leave it be
I'm coming apart
Oh god I think I'v lost my mind
One more time
This page is therapy
I'm going to rant it until my fingers fall from me
But the pain just will not leave me
I'm falling apart
I'm losing my mind
I am angry but I just can't channel it
Break me down
I am broken finally
Daniel K Jan 2015
I can't sleep at all
There's weight upon my mind
You're a black hawk
Sweeping through the sky
The door won't open
I'm trapped within these walls
You are floating
The motor sticks and stalls
Cut me open
Bleed me dry
Winter wounds pumping
Even the snowmen cry

Are you sleeping?
You should be in my bed
The window's open
Moonlight dances around my head
Have you been thinking
About me
Or are you certain
It isn't meant to be

There is a black hound
Creeping on the street
Panting is it's only sound
Along with heavy feet
My heart is speaking
It's screaming at your gall
Have you no feeling
Or have I given you my all

Chandeliers in my head
Chandeliers crash and hit the floor
Chandeliers that
Have never smashed before
Chandeliers in my head
Chandeliers crashing more and more
Chandeliers smash
Scattering glass across the floor.
Daniel K May 2013
If a father hits a brother
Who are we to blame
And if a father hits a daughter
Then surely we should feel some shame
And if a kid is brought up
Not knowing right from wrong
Then who are we to judge
When the kid doesn't last too long

Now I don't know a thing
But I know this much is true
How can you expect someone
To make something of themselves
When all they have ever known
Is hell and leathered skin

I guess I count myself lucky
My childhood has been near perfect
But as I watch another man
I once knew as a boy
Slip and tumble down
That slippery slide to nothing
I must say it really gets me
Genuinely it angers me
Repulses and revolts me
We must help the kids when they are young
We must offer them another road
To the one a messed up up-bringing has led them
Daniel K Jan 2014
she's playing hard to get
it's crawling through my mind
I'm climbing up the walls
why won't you call me back

I know you like me
I'm sure you do
you made no secret
we had a night or two

I'm so anxious
your aching through my skull
I'm so impatient
I just need you here

another day goes
I must ask you
another day goes
before I'v left it too long
Daniel K Jan 2018
As I've made my wretched bed,
I should surely sleep within it.
Yet not let false ego go to my head,
Or chew the fallacy to the bit.
All I've found within the fold,
Is a wicked width of cold.

As I burn the candle at both ends,
I walk a harried tightrope.
Soon it will split in many bends,
The route I choose with hope
Will lead me to the promised land,
The correct companion hand in hand.
Daniel K Jan 2015
I am too young to be in a relationship with someone
Significant others hold you back
From achieving the greatness your sack of flesh
Can of course achieve
People can be extraordinary
But they must do it alone
And that there is the great question of life
Will I go it alone and be great?
Or will I tie myself to some other empty vessel
And simply float
I think the problem lies in the fact
That people are essentially selfish
And no good deed is done
Without some thoughts of self preservation
Significant others make you compromise
Make you stay at home
Make you meet them half way
Make you put your career on hold
For them and a family
And for your relationship to last
And if you truly love them
You will always put them first
And so your own needs and goals
Will always place second
Now this is not necessarily a bad thing
It is just I am hitting a point in my life
Where I must choose
Do I wish to be great
And alone
Or do I wish to love
And give my life to another
I have spent my whole life caring
What other people thought
How do I make everyone else happy
Its time I got over that
It's time I started concentrating on making myself happy
Not everybody else
Now which road will I choose
Greatness, success I know I can achieve
And be selfish, and only put myself first
Or will I put her first.
A life in love is mundane
But I think I care about her more
Than I care about myself.
Daniel K May 2013
I know
It doesn't mean a thing to you
But I
Guess I miss you sometimes
Hanging around with me
Like I hang in my mind
And I know its been awhile
But I still remember

Your sash it hangs
All white and blue
On the back of my door
And you know
It brings up old memories
Of when we used to dream
In this room

And we used to drive
Teenage hearts racing
Like the car on the black
But I know
We will never race again

I just want to say
It was nice while it lasted
We were young
I will not forgot you
Daniel K Feb 2014
It's weird to think that we would have nothing to do
Its a wet wednesday and its nearly noon
Of course i'm still stuck to the bed
When hangovers take over
My heads in the bends
But what do you expect
When you drink three nights a week
And 70 cl only goes so far
As a drink between two
Now I know it's our fault
But we've got nothing to do
Forced into college
Can't add two and two
Or more can not be bothered even trying
Whats the point if we'l get there anyway
To be fair they practically hand out degrees
For frees these days
Like condoms or an apple
On induction day
In terms of motivation
How could we give a hell
A 6 hour week leaves nothing to tell
We'll worry about the rest
When this four year party is over
For now it's drink and drugs
And any girl you can get under
Skinny jeans and converse
Buttoned shirts with rolled up sleeves
Naggins in our pockets
And all those drunken dreams
9 to 5's for someone
Who is digging their own grave
For now let's do as we always do
Drinking until three
And not waking up 'til two
Daniel K Oct 2013
Governments dumb down the nation
By educating in the wrong ways
Occupying our brain so we can not focus on what's actually happening
Where is the insubordination

Universities today
Are the graveyards of the future
For many with a degree that can not guarantee employment
They are a stun grenade to fresh faced passion

They have succeeded in forcing our eyes on the future
So we are blind to the present
A propaganda / distraction method
So they can go about their business

It is a brainwashing technique
They have nearly perfected
While our eyes were on another ball
They stole the one that matters

Future plans all sound quite good
But what about the now?
We could be dead tomorrow
Never mind in ten years time
While the dogs in charge
Are shafting us
And we are simply oblivious

Everyone is too comfortable
Relying on time to make a change
Rather than people
Today's minds are like a sieve
It may be just me but I can't spend
My life waiting to live
Daniel K Feb 2014
At risk of sounding boring mellow
That girl quite frankly is too yellow
Or maybe lets off orangeish hue
It seems i'v bitten more than I can chew

She may have swooned me with her shape
But there simply is no denying date
And if investigated further
The only way out must be ******

She's thrice the age of me and you
To do it frankly was the fool
But at the time it seemed such fun
To chance my arm with one older than most nuns

Now all of this is most exaggerated
But this situation must be deflated
This woman's years begin with four
And suddenly she's wanting more

An older woman seemed alluring
But now my interest is pooring
It seems I must run for the hills
For soon she will be living off just pills
Daniel K Feb 2013
Dusk dawn on me, so cold so cold,
a light sliver from the night I see, unfold,
and the coldest wind it blows on me,
as the sky seeps into black,
and the nervous sick inside of me,
holding itself back,
and I cant see in front of me,
and I cant see behind,
and I don't know where I'm going,
or the things that I will find.

Now let my ceiling turn to sky,
and let it darkened be,
and let the air run through my throat,
and rise me up to sea,
and everything is falling,
and I am losing time,
but the air is holding me,
and keeping me alive,
and as I rise I feel the stars,
start to swallow me,
and in the dark I felt my heart,
struggling to break free.
Daniel K Sep 2014
There is no such thing as girl problems
There is only girl problem and the problem is drink
Drink the saviour of our souls and the cause of our dementia
The liquid life that keeps our minds away from the inadequacy we feel
In a world that does nothing but point out how inexcusably inadequate we are.
The only fight I ever have with a woman is when I am intoxicated
Poison fury lets the truth run free when our mind has let its guard down
Hailing honesty and fiery eyes
If I ever meet a woman I love enough to marry
The first thing I will give up is the blasted drink
But for now it gets me through
A wicked brew of escapism
The devils spit served in a fiery goblet
A sinful way to just let go
To just not feel, to be free
Besides to be sober is just boring
And I have nothing to lose at the moment but pride.
Daniel K Apr 2013
So you landed in Thailand a few days ago
It was Thai new year so you were greeted with a water and clay fight
A few days later you went to Cambodia
And saw loads of temples and monks
You told me you had fallen in love with the markets
And its a completely different world where you are

You asked me what have I done
With the last week that you've been away
Well I said I have been to a funeral
The sun shined so I got all my drying done
I spent a few hours trying to study
Some things I could not care less about

You said you were happy to hear it was dry
But now you must head away
Your going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow
And you could really do with the rest

Jesus I thought to myself
What am I doing with my life
Then I sat on my ***
Cracked open a can
And that was the end of that
Daniel K Oct 2015
Distance is a hurtful thing
Like the distance between your city and mine
Like the time difference between my message and your reply
Like the distance between us in your bed
Like the amount of anxiety in my head
Am I crazy?
Or are you actually losing interest
You do not act the way you did before
Have we become too comfortable
Too stable
Too boring
Are you finding it hard to bare?
I'm not sleeping
I really think I am falling apart
You are all that I am thinking
I can not do any other thing
I've been reading
Anything and everything
Relationship anxiety
Our attachment styles
My upbringing
Why I feel this way
Should I tell you?
I guess I should
For if we're meant to be
You will understand and help me through
But what if I push you
Farther away
By making things too hard
Making mountains out of molehills
Creating problems out of fear not reality
I have no one else to turn to
You're meant to be my best friend
But I am afraid that I can't tell you
I really need you on my side.
Daniel K Feb 2013
Blood Red Diamond
Blood Red Sky,
Blood To The Head
Blood You Can't Tell Why.

Blood In The Morning
Makes The Shepard Cry,
Blood In My Heart
And You Can Bleed Me Dry.
Daniel K Feb 2014
Now I can tell you she's the good girl
You know the one that you have been dreaming over
The one that shot you in the leg
And pulled your world asunder
But if I'm truly honest I would have it no other way
The cradle cracked, the bow it snapped
But ad-least you pulled the trigger
Lived in the moment of the day
My one regret is this
I did drunk what I would not sober
And this just pounds around my head
Even though it all is over.

Now you wouldn't drive a car drunk would you?
Wouldn't take a test
Wouldn't do a job interview
You couldn't do your best
You wouldn't shoot an apple
Off a baby's head
So why the hell would you court her?
When you wouldn't do the rest.

So let this be a lesson
To future me and you
Never ever dare
To do an act that sparks your care
When your babbling like a baboon
And drunker than a fool.
Daniel K Feb 2014
How have we come this far
There are guns behind our back
And how can we stay happy
Within us there is a lack

In some an illness spawns
It takes our breaths away
An instant rot, a cancerous spot
And we all just fall down

How can we crumble
These walls are not made to fall
The sun stays in the sky
We were made to die
So why can't we all carry on

There's a jump in the clock
Our rhythms hit a rock
We have nothing but time to ****
But as days carry on
We count nothing but wrong
And the world only seems to just crack
It is so hard to find our way back

In the first world we are living
We have nothing but power
Money and food
But some still feel lower
Its a flaw in our system
A break in our bones
A sickness of the mind
And it's ruining homes

Some people are drowning
They can barely breath
Some people are drowning
Even though there is no mouths to feed
Daniel K Dec 2014
the real problem with extending the library opening hours is this
just who is going to pay for it all?
as if us students weren't already leech-like enough
we are literally ******* away to the bone
the librarians will have to be paid
to work the extra hours
to facilitate such an operation
and thats not even taking into account
the cost of electricity and everything else that goes with it
and its all because some over privileged pupils
who are twenty something years of age and have never worked a day of their life
can study the night before their finals in a supervised room
heres an idea for you
how about you study at home
or god forbid you studied well in advance so you would not be in the position
of having an aneurysm hours before a big exam
because they are shutting the library at 9.15
as opposed to 11 o clock
and lets face it, that arts degree your doing,
or that law degree your sweating over,
it really doesn't mean a whole pile
your probably going to be the one serving me chips
at the end of the night
because no employer cares that you have a 3 year degree
in English and History
our primary school classes are overfilled
with 30 or 40 pupils
and they won't hire anymore teachers
because the government just does not have the resources
how about we give that library money to the kids
good lord they deserve it more
than the thousand who shuffle to college everyday
because their mother told them to
and they don't know what else to do
a University degree used to mean something before
in modern Ireland it seems it is worth no more
than the paper you will use to wrap the chips
in the job you now work
or the paper you use to wipe your ***
Daniel K Sep 2014
I had a list of things to do today but then I got depressed
My mind fumed up and misty fog blacked out all the rest
I wrote a bullet point page of every conversation, every task
But still it lies untouched, unspoilt, quivering on my bed
The ceiling lurks and sways and swims, murky water above my head
It's like I am within a bubble, a tank, a rainy pond of wounds
It came all of a sudden, it snuck up on me
My last few weeks were fine, but yet it always comes to be
I spent the day curled in my bed sweating my life away
All I can see is inadequacy, my fragile failings come to life
Every thing I could and should do better
Every person I have not been enough for
I think I am going crazy, its been on my mind all day
And she has been on it forever.
Daniel K May 2013
I have a lot of friends these days
so fed up with life
so ill at the very thought
that they must fit in with everything around
so angered that they strike out
in just about every wrong way
I would like to tell them this is not the answer
there is of course another way
they are so ****** about how
the world has run them in to the ground
when realistically they should count themselves lucky
at all the blessings that they have
this is the first world for Christ's sake
do we really have that many problems?

They think the whole world is out to get them
they are blue with paranoia
they feel that everyone is watching
everyone is judging
and most importantly absolutely everybody
is trying to drag them down
I think they are fools
to be quite honest nobody really gives a ****
how their lives end up
everyone else is too wrapped up in themselves
to really care about anyone else's

And these people that I talk of
they hit out
and they take out
upon the ones they love
and why?
who knows
they put on a merry face
for the outside world
a show
an absolute fraud that only their nearest and dearest can see
its pitiful
its sad

To be honest these people are losers
complete and utter dregs
from the gutter that is this life
teenage angst is one thing
but complete involvement in this grief is too much
can they not see how they are wasting their time?
that if they spent even a tenth of the minutes they spend moping
actually doing something some what constructive
they would feel a whole lot better
a whole lot more accomplished
and they would not end up hating everyone around
and more importantly hating themselves
as a lot of them end up doing

I guess these are first world problems
inflicted on our youth
infected from having too much time on their hands
from having so much given
for never having to work
it really is a pain
these god forsaken creatures
who expect fame and fortune
money and power
the whole wide world
the universe
and everything in between
to be tossed in to their hands
for no other reason
then they feel they are entitled to it

I feel sorry for these people
I swear I really do
For they will never feel content
They will never feel complete
And I worry that their lives will dwindle
that they will waste their youth in fiery rage
consumed within their mind
until nothing but ash remain

Every now and then I feel
I myself am going that way
and when I do feel like this
I sit
and I write
and I take the anger away
I will not let myself become these people
There is too much to have and to hold and to love
I will not waste my days
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