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 Jan 2018 Daniel K
Imran Islam
Nature is beautiful
I am not
this day is wonderful
but so hot.

This morning is bright
but I am old
this night is so quiet
but so cold.

The sun and the moon are true,
but I'm a false poet
the wind is fresh and pure
I'm just dreaming a lot.
 Jan 2018 Daniel K
Melissa S
When the last person living
Takes their last breath
Stares down the darkness
and meets their hour of death
Birds will not cease singing
The trees will still grow
The tide will still pull
and the wind will still blow
The sun will still come out
As will the moon
The leaves will still sprout
and the flowers still bloom
It is only our arrogance
Which makes us think we
are at the axis of all
That we touch and see
Life will go on without us
Year after year
We will just become the people
That once lived here
 Feb 2017 Daniel K
Satin runs from dried stains
in torn reminders of convenience
Morning tastes of stale sweat and disappointment... again

Displaced retribution is a punishable offense
sentenced in hangover flashbacks fusing pain in lust heavy deviance
coddling complacency, impaling the nuisance of a persistent past

That serrated double edge glistens with humility and humiliation
licked clean by ravenous canine
flinging leftover apathy on unwitting pawns

Feeding on the deceptively needy
blinded by intoxicated cliches
mistaking release for emotion

Condemnation bartered in stolen commodities
Toilet water hydration reconstitutes enough to bleed
behind neuropathic armor and addiction to the nether
 Feb 2017 Daniel K
Joshua Haines
I go back to Hampshire
to pretend I have old friends.
I drive around the mountains
to look for an end
to the violence
that's been breeding inside.
I've been a god ******,
god ******, god ******.

There's a dying wild
surrounding this town;
a girl limping with her mother,
holding ****** hounds.

You can consume it,
the blurred out dreams,
that these rubber-lovers
hung in Christmas trees.

There's a sense regret
amongst the ****** chic;
a romantic degeneracy
not lost on the teens.
Push in the fate,
to let something out.
I'm such a god ******,
god ******, god ******.

And I blot the ******
remnants of the past,
fire a cheap cigarette
and cut myself on the glass
of the car I drove into
the bank of your dreams.

To get out, to get out,
I've become such a ******* fool.
To get out, to get out,
I've hurt everyone that thought I was cool.
 Oct 2015 Daniel K
Niki Elizabeth
They say that suicide is just exhaustion
from trying to be strong,
or brave,
or happy.
From trying to have hope
when everything seems hopeless
and everything is falling apart.

Every night I'm exhausted
from this part I play
day in and day out ––
from hopelessly trying
to make anything work out
when everything I touch falls to pieces.

They say you need something to hold onto,
but the only thing keeping me going
is this playlist sent to me
by a guy who doesn't even care anymore ––
maybe he never did ––
because you don't leave someone hanging
when you know they're hanging by a thread.

Every night I pray
to fall deep asleep
and never have to face another day.
Or to wake up and drive
to a place brand new
where no one can touch me ––
not even you.
 Oct 2015 Daniel K
Niki Elizabeth
maybe i wanted you to leave
maybe i wanted you to go
maybe it's true i pushed you away,
it's only because i know,
no one ever stays

maybe i liked you a lot
maybe i could have learned to love
maybe your smile filled my world
and the sound of your voice
it made my toes curl

maybe you are just really busy
maybe you're just a little distant
maybe i wish that you knew
about all the things i thought
and i felt for you.
 Oct 2015 Daniel K
Niki Elizabeth
not a single look,
not a single word,
not a single glance
did you give me.
if I were not here,
if I had died,
would you notice
would you even care?
not a single smile,
not a single kiss,
not a single hug
will I give you.
not a single tear,
not a single thought,
not a single one
do you deserve.
 Oct 2015 Daniel K
Niki Elizabeth
Do you ever feel so cold,
almost burning yourself to get warm
yet never succeeding, never feeling soothed
only to realize it all came from within.
I hover above as
you write and ponder.
Visit your buffaloes
and assorted natural wonders.
Array of rocks 'n shells
Feathers, Eagle, Hawk.
Turkey and Peacock.
Your collection of critters,
they all welcome me.
Savion is busy and so, not
bothered in the least by my presence, 
though it would be such a lovely
moment to meet her...
My memories gleefully
take a hitch on the back of yours.
I playfully wonder if I shall be noticed..
as you are yet unaware of my decision,
upon invitation, to join you.

I love to travel...any way I can.
Today, this is the trip for me!
Memory at will. To visit with a
color, a scent, a touch, a hurt, a joy.
To explore a
memory yet unopened.

Woodlands, Wetlands and Deserts
Descending deep into the
Canyons, down to the river.
While here, venture the rapids.
Then, on to the Dead Sea and the Rose
colored Himalayan Salt Caves.
Dolphins to visit and sing
in chorus, beneath the ocean waters.
Oh, how I have missed them.

As is the luxury of Memory travel,
We are weightless and soundless. 
Have no odor, can swim and fly.
We are able at will, to tap into
Ancient Knowledge. The memories
that have come before us,
our gift as a shared consciousness.

We visit our happiest of times.
A delight to have and to hold.
Often, we become immersed in the
our most troubled experiances.
Reliving them over and over.
We are able to reroute a memory
at will,for our pleasure or to
indulge in pain, or a blame.

Our minds are a rich labyrinth of
hopes, dreams and remembrances.
Join in the fun. You can at will.
Thanks for taking this
little trip with me.

Posting of 'Memory' by W L Winter.
It is  posted below "Hitchin' a Ride"
Or find with link
Or just take a visit on over to
W.L.Winter's site
and luxuriate in the
Bountiful Beauty of his Poetry.
My response to W L Winter's Poem 'Memory'
♡ An invitation worth taking ♡
Felt my heart tonight...
Been trying to tuck it away.
Not the part that loves others,
but the part that desires be loved.

Heard my heart tonight...
It called out for your tenderness.
Not the part that hurts and aches,
but the part that wants to
feel your embrace.

Held my heart tonight...
Held it firm within my
expanding and contracting chest.
Till there was calm and I felt safe
in my own loving arms

Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
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