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Daniel K Jan 2018
I'm falling apart romantically brash
Kerry you are all that I want and need
I see you by the leafy green mountain grass
And the sapphire south western ocean, freed
Can it ever really be the way it was?
Can we just rewrite the book again anew?
Or are we hindered by the lives we lost
Weighed down like stones in pockets and at a loss

I remember you upon the sandy shore
In baby blue dungarees and snow white converse
I needed every second with you and wanted more
My love balloon big and fit to burst
I could waste a lifetime on the edge of nowhere with you in my arms
But it seems the more we force to heal the more it harms
Daniel K Dec 2017
It seems that everyone is afraid to be alone
It chills the toughest people to the bone

Yet I have found wonder in the solitude
A dazzling concoction rarely brewed

People just expect something more
Reality, the now has left them sore

Life does not need to be spent, propped up by another
Support yourself and find your path, the present as your lover
Daniel K Dec 2017
Sitting in the back room
Of my parent's family home
The stove's heat tickles my back
Dog at my feet, I'm not alone

The sound from the living room
Television cuts the air
I hear the chuckle of my sister
My brothers bellow laid out bare

This moment brings me back
To when I once lived here
This house is steeped in memory
I'll forever hold it dear

It seems that one must lose or leave
To truly know what they once had
A father, mother, sister, brother
For family I'm truly glad
Daniel K Nov 2017
As I step out of the darkness
Into the light
The knots in my mind, untangle
Sometimes we just try so hard
We simply lose ourselves
Overwhelmed, we can't see
Ahead, or even what is all around
At one point I was naive,
I thought I could do it alone
But now I realise
I don't need anyone, I need everyone,
We lean upon each other
There is an empathy in eye contact
And hearing about her day
There is compassion in the laughs we share
In every normal way
I believe I can make a difference
I believe I can break the mould
I believe I can find wonder
In every sod of dirt I hold
There is magic in the way we move
And every person on the street
Has a story
And I'm just beginning to write mine
Daniel K Sep 2017
Grace is wonderful
Grace is kind
Grace lights up the darkness in my mind

Grace has character
Grace has wit
Grace is everything, every little bit

Grace has been there forever
Grace is my best friend
Grace will be with me always 'til the end
Daniel K Sep 2017
I guess I try not to think about it
My London bubble's overwhelming
It's bursting,thirsting, overflowing
and I can't seem to get the balance right

My happy's back and it is showing
But I still can't see quite where I'm going
The road is hazy, my instinct lazy
I need someone to come and save me

Is it here or is it far
Is it back where I came from
The morning's here but you have left my bed
and there's still cobwebs in my head

If you're the one can you please show me
The only one to ever know me
Too much choice ruins great plans
Can you please come and take my hand
Daniel K May 2017
Lately I've been falling apart
I feel I couldn't feel any less
I've been taking my drinking too far
I'm a self deprecating, self medicating mess

Lately I've been feeling alone
All I do is work and sleep
Maybe I should pick up the phone
It seems the hole I've dug I dug too deep

Lately I can't find joy in anything
I can hardly ever sleep
I dread what tomorrow could bring
My mind and life's up in a heap

How can lately be for forever
Work and sleep and work and die
Old bonds with age grow weak and sever
The bird has been caged but wants to fly
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