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Sep 2017 · 654
Tell me Tomorrow
Daniel Gambill Sep 2017
I'm too drunk today, so don't tell me it's over.
Maybe you can tell me tomorrow when I'm sober.
Or, don't tell me at all, because its too painful to hear.
Everything I tried to do to convince you its real,
Just fell to the wayside so you can be you.
Maybe no amount of words I say could change that too,
But, there's a part of me that wishes things could be different,
That a relationship could exist even with the distance.
I know what I want, and I know what I found
And my feelings won't change even when you're not around.
So you go do you, because I know that's what you need.
I'll stay here and wait patiently.
Because, no matter how long it takes, I'm willing to wait
To take another shot at something this great.
But if it never happens, that'd be ok too;
In the end, I got to know you.
And even though it's not enough, it'll have to be;
You're one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.
Sep 2017 · 218
Missing You
Daniel Gambill Sep 2017
You can't miss something until it's gone.
I guess you proved I'm not wrong.
But now I'm tired and I can't fall asleep;
The thought of you haunts me in my dreams.
I'm out of energy, but not out of fight;
I just wish I knew you were ok at night.
That's not something I worried about when you slept here in my arms.
Now I sleep alone and wonder where you are.
Do you think of me in random thoughts?
I think of you when I see the stars.
And the songs I play to pass the time
Bring to life memories in my mind.
Your kiss, your touch, your beautiful face,
They give me feelings I don't want to erase.
What I wouldn't give to have that again.
I hate the magic had to end.
Maybe someday when we have the time
I can maybe try to change your mind,
Or we'll find each other somewhere down the road
And take a better journey into the unknown.
Whatever happens, just know this one thing:
I'm glad I found you and my feelings will never change.
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
The Broken Wings of Angels
Daniel Gambill Sep 2015
The broken wings of angels,
They are so hard to see,
Especially when those angels are not seen by you or me.
From heaven they have fallen,
A blessing from above.
While giving up their home
God chose them out of love.
Their tongues silent in battle,
Quiet wars waged within.
Seeking out the lost and weary
To right their way again.
These angels never seeking
To be fixed to fly away.
Content to care for others,
On this earth they choose to stay.
But if their final breath be taken
When their time has come,
No mistake can be made;
On earth God’s work was done.
These broken winged angels take flight for one last time,
From the grave into heaven, where heaven’s bells will chime.
Although not comprehensible,
It is easy to see,
That God broke those angels’ wings
Just for you and me.
Sep 2015 · 1.3k
My Mind a Prison
Daniel Gambill Sep 2015
My mind a prison,
Chains of memories
Fettered to this body of chaos and miseries.
Trapped inside the four walls
Of fantasy, reality, faith and fear.
No hope seems to exist here.
My future burned out long ago.
There is nowhere that I can go.
Lost forever in the depths of despair.
Longing to gasp and breathe new air.
Escape an illusion;
Fate cast as my path.
To not walk it would be futile,
To exist only in the past.
My mind a prison,
A marriage so dark;
Together forever til death do us part.
Sep 2015 · 692
I Saw You in a Dream
Daniel Gambill Sep 2015
I saw you in a dream,
A cold familiar scene.
Like a vision from my youth,
Eyes opened to the truth.
Hand stretched out to touch you
Feeling nothing but the air.
Your eyes phantom haunting
Through strands of golden hair.
The motions of your body
Entranced my soul and mind.
With wings spread like angels
You took off into the sky.
Whether a nymph or fairy
I know I cannot say.
To fathom your existence
My heart’s longing every day.
Sep 2015 · 478
I've Lost My Soul
Daniel Gambill Sep 2015
The night doesn't come,
The day doesn't rise.
I've lost my soul
In the depths of your eyes.
Your beauty unmatched
By angels in flight.
Could this ever be wrong
If it keeps feeling this right?
My lips move to speak;
The words won't come out.
You move in closer,
My heart loses doubt.
This is the moment
I've only dreamed of:
When our two hearts meet
In our first kiss of love.
Sep 2015 · 643
A Lonely Man
Daniel Gambill Sep 2015
A lonely man;
A parents' son;
A brother to two;
A lover to none.
Life passes by like a whim of the mind.
A life he wishes he could find.
He lives in solace
His burden to bear:
Only to notice when no-one else cares.
He helps with no reward in mind.
He can't help but to be so kind.
A lonely man;
A parents' son;
A friend to many
When he has none.
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Laughing with the Sinners
Daniel Gambill Sep 2015
Laughing with the sinners;
Crying with the saints.
Everybody makes me out to be something I ain't.
Expectations imposed; lofty goals set in place.
No-one ever sees a frown on my face.
Too nice to say no, too self-conscience to answer why
I always have that blank look in my eyes.
Shake it off with a smile,
Make sure no-one's concerned.
Have to bear alone the burden which I've learned.
Easy to see, but hard to tell,
My world's in a hand-basket headed for hell.
Crying with the sinners;
Crying with the saints.
I guess we're all something we ain't.
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
My Own Worst Enemy
Daniel Gambill Sep 2015
Twist of the knife,
It hurts again.
Look down; the knife's in my hand.
Open my eyes and for the first time see
The scars and wounds all over me.
How did this happen?
I'm bleeding out.
Like the words of the dumb mine won't come out.
Screaming inside but no-one can hear.
In the sound of silence grows my fear.
Can I make it?
I've done it before.
Sew my wounds up as the tears hit the floor.
Hide my pain behind my lies.
Hope that I won't be betrayed by my eyes.
Windows to the soul, but who takes the time to see:
I keep getting hurt by my own worst enemy.

— The End —