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Daniel Coleman Mar 2013
We think with our brains.
We bleed with our hearts.
We have names for those who use them,
and names for those who don't.
The truth we most oft neglect
is that we all have both.
Daniel Coleman Mar 2012
Perusing a concrete jungle
Luminescence hangs from vines in the trees.
Strife rears her horrid head
Making a scene amidst the thoroughfare.
Last words never came so easy,
Now they flow like moths to a flame.
A bitter sweet cacophony fills the air;
It derives in the heart, and
Echoes throughout the mind.
Dissonance abounds the pursuit of vain glory.
Angst it seems has found a new bottled friend
To misplace his faith in.

Pride’s timely advance to the rear
Couldn’t be timed better.
Stoops offer little comfort
Compared to the nest that cradles hatchlings.
A vagrant’s attempt to console loneliness
Falls like music on deaf ears.
Sleep that rarely comes easy
Now seems possible without porcelain prayers.
Resolve attempts a reawakening
On the concrete jungle’s stairs
Only to collapse beneath the weight
Of nature’s tipping point.
Remorse is destined to wait,
At least until first light breaks
The incandescent glow of
The concrete jungle’s neon lights.
Daniel Coleman Feb 2012
We could pretend nothing's changed,
But I can't force believe that lie.
The truth was always leaving,
I just couldn't say 'Goodbye.'
As summer came and winter passed
So too now our meetings, alas.
Perhaps better days have seen my eyes,
But with the truth so vivid, clear,
I'd hardly say my best.
So now my dear,
I bid you adieu. Adieu.
Alas, the truth was always leaving
And now I've said 'Goodbye.'
I wish to you the best of everything:
For golden years and bluer skies.
As for me my beloved friend
At last, I say 'Goodbye.'
I could never shake the lines "I know the truth is leaving, but to you I can't say bye" when I another poem of mine titled 'Dollars.' That was a line that I held on to, and have been kicking it around in my head for some time hoping to bring to it something that it deserves. Needless to say they both share the same source of inspiration, so this is a personal goodbye for me.
Daniel Coleman Oct 2011
Tired of being tired
Of fighting this fight.
The lost soul's guiding light
Means another sleepless night.
Never found a genie in a bottle,
But there's an answer if you dare:
Late night shut eye after porcelain prayers.
The Sandman's sleep plans
Do nothing without sleeping sands.
So here we go:
Cup down, bottle up
It's time to test liquid luck.
First light into the next,
This story ends with rest.
Daniel Coleman Aug 2011
We all pray to the same God,
Whether you are right
And I am wrong.
It makes perfect sense to me.
I hope you open up your eyes,
Because faith is all you need.
So listen to the words:
You make it better
Or you make it worse.
It's all in how you do,
Not in being one.
Being best means nothing
If the rest can fall.
No, you're not Atlas
But you can help save them all.
Daniel Coleman Jul 2011
Not a day goes by
When i dont watch
Time drift away

Not a hour passes
Without myriad melodies
Playing in my head

Not a minute is waisted
Without the thought
That intangles my mind

Not a second mosies away
Without a light
That gives me hope
This is from a series of poems that I wrote in 2003.
Daniel Coleman Jul 2011
Look into the looking glass child,
Tell me what you see,
Look into the looking glass child.
Tell me what you see.

Your just a faded image of me child,
Just like the me i used to be.
Don't make the same mistakes as me child,
Don't turn out like me.
This is from a series of poems that I wrote in 2003.
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