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dana hughes Nov 19
if i lie in the grass and stay there
will i be overrun with vines and bugs
will i rot away
will i become the earth?
dana hughes Nov 19
if i sit in the dark and stare into the nothingness
sometimes I can pretend I am not me
and the world is not as it is

when I look into the dark
does it look back?

i pretend I feel the world around me fall away
I am nowhere
I am everywhere
i am nothing
i am everything

I am not here anymore

when you look into me
will I look back?
dana hughes Nov 16
running down a hall no end in sight
doors line each side, all shut, all locked
they all look the same where am I going
where am I going
where can I go
what is there to do but pick a door and try to break it open

ill try until I give myself a concussion
at least then I don't have to be present for this
dana hughes Nov 11
I crouched by the flowers beside the dirt path
holding one gently as i breathed in its scent

I heard you call from further down
looking up, I feel the warmth of summer on my face

I stand and breathe
the air is fresh and warm
the only noise is the birds chirping along the treeline, and us, walking along arm in arm and discussing everything and nothing
dana hughes Sep 22
there is a fork in the road
i stop and glance down each path
just make a decision
vines crawl up my legs
just pick a path
moss grows on my back
just choose one
i turn to stone
don't die wondering.
dana hughes Sep 7
i envy wolves
i want to scream till my lungs give out
i want to scream till i pass out
i want to scream till i begin to sob
i swallow down my sadness
and i never let it out
i envy wolves
i want to howl like they do
i received some bad news today
dana hughes Aug 13
insects under my skin
they're there they're there they're there
you're there

redacted oh redacted
i dream about maggots eating your eyes

the only justice i will ever find is in my dreams
maybe that's why i sleep all the time
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