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Dan Adamski Oct 2018
If I died tomorrow, would you even care?
If I died tomorrow, would you notice I’m not there?

If I died tomorrow, would you even cry?
If I died tomorrow, would you wonder why?

If I died tomorrow, would it be your fault?
If I died tomorrow, would it give your world a jolt?

I might die tomorrow, the pain inside is strong.
I might die tomorrow, even though I know it’s wrong.

I might die tomorrow, at least I’ll feel less pain.
I might die tomorrow, this day can’t repeat again.

I might die tomorrow, it makes me feel so free.
I might die tomorrow, don’t dare come after me.
Dan Adamski Oct 2018
Am I really quite as stupid, as you seem to think?
You spew your lies and stories, with barely time to blink.

Still each time I listen, and try to put things right.
Each time you say your hurting, I feel my chest get tight.

You took advantage of my kindness, and left me feeling lost.
I wished to be a friend to you, but I cannot pay the cost.

I lay awake and worry, are you safe and well?
But now you won’t talk to me, so I have no way to tell.

I’m not sure if you realise, the pain you put me through.
But it is beyond cruel and evil, if in fact you do.

So maybe I am that stupid, as right here, I’ll always be.
I just wish you saw the damage, each time that you hurt me.
A poem about caring about someone who, not only doesn’t feel the same, but seemingly wants to hurt you.

— The End —