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Dan Filcek Sep 23
You are enough
The feeling of your soul ...
It’s something you’ve felt for a long time
What defines attractiveness?
Fitting into some mould?
Or is it more complicated than that?
There is no set criteria
Feel you are desirable -
Literally see yourself as such.
Look in the mirror.
This relationship can be cyclical
This causality speaks to our feelings
We can easily overemphasize the physical
How can you address the situation?
These things can have an impact
Reframe attractiveness.
As much your own mood,
as it is based in reality.
Express what you’re going through
Really try to listen to each other.
Help you to try to figure out why.
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Dan Filcek Sep 22
You have to move forward.
The jolt that you face...
Trying to wrap your head.
Embrace the pain?
How far is this justified? beautifully failed miserably.
It is essential to surrender to self-love
walk like a boss
one day you have a revelation.
an unexpected desire
people still adhere to Freudian morality.
seize the chance
More than release
Now you know better
learn to love yourself
You are enough
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Dan Filcek Sep 20
It’s hard to lose.
Failure is scary.
Take a different approach:
If you want to succeed, you have to fail
Learn from our mistakes.
How many times can you fail?
Do you force yourself to keep chasing your dreams?
It's hard to quit,
Requires stamina, & determination,
Living with the consequences.
Failure is a bitter pill to swallow.
Quitting is a deadly poison,
the final nail in the coffin.
We respect those who continue,
Indifferent toward people who quit.
It is not always the worst choice.
Failure runs out  your resources.
Think about the amount of time you spend.
Please do something else.
Quitting is not an obstacle to growth.
The picture is blurry,
Life is a crap shoot.
Focus on joy,
Engage in self-care,  
A new goal is the best antidote.
You are not quitting:
You are replacing,
one for another.
Bury it, mourn it,
It deserves a proper burial,
but you have to move on.
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Dan Filcek Sep 18
It should be harder to lose her
I turn away
I am not there to
Help gather all her things
And bury her
I know she has
Her sister and her brothers but
I will not be there to kiss her
It should be harder to lose her
I turn away
It’s awful just to see
All her agony
And I just hope she knows
That if she says goodbye today
I love her but
I’m not sure if I will cry
It should be harder to lose her
Inspired by the Song "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance
Dan Filcek Sep 18
I did not enjoy the ride.
Unusual and strange
Almost anything is in the realm of possibility
But there is little or no supporting evidence
I started asking questions
Some reproach me
Say that I worship Satan
Carefully consider the source.
It is easy to sit down,
And say nothing
Many may choose to simply believe
I need more real, concrete evidence
This in no way negates the importance to others
But as the consequences get bigger,
The level of evidence should be higher.
Because of the highly emotional and often religious nature
There is greater potential for self-fulfilling prophecy.
All information is presented in perspective
Without emotion
I've been confused for a long time
Naming different things with the same name
The complexity of the problem
The massacre of the innocents
It boils down to one word: denial.
Encourage the community
Not in simple terms of good and bad.
We don't know who the good and the bad are
Not all good people are angels &
Evil could be someone we know and love.
Dispel these myths
Dan Filcek Sep 17
Date your kind.
The kind of person who likes
being set up on blind dates.
Really freaking frustrated
in the current state.
Swipe right
That sounds both exciting and
terrible at the same time.
The power to hook you up,
if you're in the mood to be cuffed.
Set up a profile
A match is made
Dating ***** but
sit back and enjoy the ride.
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Dan Filcek Sep 16
Do we have a chance?
If we commit to total monogamy
but differed in our history?
I am looking for a serious relationship.
I need feelings and commitment behind it all.
You had a lot of casual relationships in the past,
You appreciate all kinds
Do we have to choose a person?
What would be the most desirable?
Openness, skill, an adventurous spirit?
Maybe you don’t want to settle in or remain faithful.
The double standard is still with us.
An inaccurate stereotype
You can have your cake and eat it too.
You might not be most people's cup of tea,
You just gotta
Date your kind.
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