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Dec 2018 · 176
Forests and Trees
Damon Sherry Dec 2018
Forests and trees
And the shiny morning dew
Brings a quiver to my knees
As if It brings back a dream I once knew
Blooming flowers
And wilting trees
Morning Spring Showers
And sleeping bees
Rippling waters
And a gentle stream
Falling snow glimmering with glow
And downpouring rain that gives the world a clean coat
So to nature I say
With your beauty and grace
You have made my day
And brought a tear down my face
Dec 2018 · 132
Goodnight and Goodbye
Damon Sherry Dec 2018
Cracked relationships
To Cracked skin
Cut friendships
To cut wrists
Broken Families
To broken necks
To feeling
To crying
To writing
To hanging
No one noticed
No one cared
They never saw me struggling
They never saw me cry
They never saw me bleed
Now I hang from a fallen chair
Now my sight goes black
Like the night that took my life
The knife that knew me most
Is beside my bed
The noose that hugs me most hugs me now
In my ultimate escape
My broken family now shattered
My cut friendships now split
My cracked relationship now drowned in sorrow
I'm no longer breathing
I'm no longer thinking
I'm no longer feeling
I'm no longer writing
I just hang their dying
The days I was called names
The days I was judged
Fade away
My anxiety
My paranoia
My depression
My Anorexia
Are all cured by a one time medicine
As I hang I think
Look dad I can finally fly
I'm finally free
No longer will gravity affect me
So goodbye
Good day
And goodnight
Dec 2018 · 108
The Standards Of Society
Damon Sherry Dec 2018
It’s funny to think
That people change in a blink
One second it’s this amazing light
The next second it’s a crow that’s taken flight
The moon changes phases every night
Like everyday it needs to change to stay relevant
Society does the same thing
We force ourselves to be relevant to not be forgotten
To not be isolated
To not be “weird”
Today's society find depression relatable
Someone's downfall is a funny thing
But no one thinks of it
Why does something so negative be relatable
Why are all the kids depressed
Why is the media focusing on the bad
Why is everything negative
Why does society tell kids they're not good enough
If their not skinny enough
If their not fat enough
If their not funny
If their too boring
If their not pretty enough
If their too pretty
In the eyes of society were all not good enough
But let’s think for a second
What is good enough.
Dec 2018 · 87
Racing Thoughts
Damon Sherry Dec 2018
I'm not okay
I'm not alright
My mind is filling with negative permanent thoughts
The kinds of thoughts that will drive a man insane
The kinds of thoughts the could scar a body
Scar a mind
And scar the people around them
The kinds of thoughts that take lives from people
The kinds of thoughts that make people want to hurt themselves
I say i'm fine but I don't mean it
I say i’m okay but that's a lie
I say It’s gonna be okay but I lie to myself
I lie to myself to create a shield from myself
To shield my mind from the harsh reality that im not okay
To shield my heart from another break down
To shield my body from another attack from myself
These racing thoughts are driving me mad
But don't worry I'm fine
I'll be okay
Don't worry about me
Everything is gonna be alright
I promise
Oh by the way
I lied.
Mar 2018 · 232
Life: The War
Damon Sherry Mar 2018
Life is a war
Your not allowed to soar
Rushing into battle
Killing all the cattle
And its suicide for those who pass it by
And just sit there and cry
The gunfire is alarming
As the bombs are bombarding
Your mind, your smile, your laugh
Its all thrown in the trash
Your losing
And your body is bruising
Your dying
And you hear the city crying
You tried your best
But to life you were a pest
An ant in a giants world
Its like a sharp curl
Your temporary
I'm temporary
Were replaced
And forgotten
They collect our tags
And burn our flags
Life kills our hope
With a circle tied rope
The war is over
And only few have lived
And conquered
But the rest are dead
Laying on their final bed
And the night comes to an end
Jan 2018 · 148
The Storms Eye
Damon Sherry Jan 2018
I'm in the storms eye
I feel like I can fly
The rain feels like hail
And I never want to bail
The thunder is shaking my heart
As love and hate part
The lighting has such light
As you are a beautiful sight
The wind has a mighty blow
But I refuse to go
The storming is calming down
And now theirs no reason to frown
I'm still here with you
And theirs nothing I'd rather do
Then be here for you
As I see you pull through.
Jan 2018 · 168
I Told You
Damon Sherry Jan 2018
I told you I loved you
But you cast it aside
Your in a relationship
That I keep trying to deny
It's all my fault
I can't stop crying
It's all my fault
To think
You'd love someone like me
What a fool I was
I'm empty
I'm depressed
All I do is shove all my problems onto you
Not even knowing what you sound like
Yet I can't get over you
So this is goodbye
My dear....friend....
Jan 2018 · 131
The Moth And The Spider
Damon Sherry Jan 2018
You know that I'm drowning
In a river of lies
Pretending I'm fine
But I can't find the courage to face my fears
But all I see is tears
Running of my face like an ever lasting river of sadness
I see you from afar
But you go past like a speeding car
Never taking your time to even look at me
You have better things to do
You have more important things than me
I'm a moth in your web waiting to die
Like the spider you feed off my pain
I cry in pain and you don't care
You just stare
And its loving you that I can't bare
I can never fly
I can never feel free
I can never move
I just sit there in fear
Fear that youll come back
To feed off my pain
You don't care about how I feel
You just want to get close to me
To destroy me from the inside
You watch me bleed and scream
But you caused all the pain
You couldn't let me free
Yet I lay in your web
Waiting for my day to come
Waiting to finally be free
Waiting to fly with my now wilted wings
But I'm no longer bleeding
I'm not longer screaming
And I'm no longer breathing
I'm dead
But that's okay
You'll still live on
Waiting to catch your next moth
One that will last longer
So goodbye spider
May we meet again...
Sep 2017 · 248
Damon Sherry Sep 2017
Drowning in the water
Losing my breath
Losing my vision
Losing my mind
Seeing the dark
Knowing im going to die
I accept it
Love didnt keep me alive
But hate is what ended it
Apr 2017 · 246
We Call You Hope
Damon Sherry Apr 2017
Strength is  not my ability to fight
it is my ability to keep standing tall
Strength keeps me going but its not long before I fall
I may fall back to you but when I reach you I stand tall
Seeing your eyes makes me feel like I am flying through the sky...but then I fall back to you again and again until your gone...Then I must stand tall for myself and keep picking myself up because your not here forever and I need you forever...your name I will never forget and your joy and willingness to help anyone makes us all have faith.....We call you Hope and Hope will be known forever. Hope will live on in our hearts, mind and body. Never give up, always try and remember hope is right next to you when you need to hold on and get back up....
Apr 2017 · 766
My True Beauty
Damon Sherry Apr 2017
My Muscle Does Not Determine My True Strength
My Appearance Does Not Determine My True Beauty
My Mind Does Not Determine My Personality
My Heart Does Not Determine My Care
My Body Does Not Determine My Figure
My Family Does Not Determine Who I Am
My Friends Do Not Determine My Attitude
My Flag Does Not Determine My True Colors
My Standards Do Not Determine My Morals
And My Life Does Not Determine Yours I Am My Own Kind Of Person And I Am Proud To Be Who I Am, I Am Beautiful And Amazingly Unique In My Own Way....Don't Let People Take That Away From You...
Apr 2017 · 197
If Only You Knew...
Damon Sherry Apr 2017
The Days Grow Shorter And The Nights Grow More Weary
As The Days Pass My Love For You Is Dire
And As You Walk Passed Me I Feel As If I Fell Into An Abyss Of Love
And If You Knew My Feelings Would You Get More Weary Of Me,
If Only You Knew I Was Here For Your Warm Embrace And You Mine
If Only You Knew That I Was Dying For You
If Only You Knew I Am Waiting For You
If Only You Knew I Feel Safe With You
If Only You Knew.....I Love You....
Feb 2017 · 275
Days Are Getting Colder
Damon Sherry Feb 2017
Days Are Getting Colder
The Days Are Getting Colder
My Feelings Are Dying out
My Pain Is The First Step Of My Sorrow
My Despair Brings The Happiness To Others
As The Days Get Colder So Does My Heart In The Frozen Snow Of Winter
The Days Are Cold And My Fingers Get More Numb With No End In Sight
My Body Going Numb And Freezing Over Into The Nothing People Always Wanted From Me
The Days Get Colder And So Are You

— The End —