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Apr 2014 · 294
April 8
Few of us know early in life that Life itself is short and they channel their understanding to helping others, some gets to mid-age before they understand, while a lot lived their whole existence and never understood life is not made for them but to be used to help others every opportunity they have... Help someone achieve his/her plans today and it would surprise you how easy yours fall in line.
Apr 2014 · 287
April 5
At a point when we feel like nothing is working, nor anything feels right and there is a deep emptiness inside, that is a perfect time to keep still and wait for the right word from Divine.
Apr 2014 · 290
Wrong Reason
Hopes are raised high as we look up to Heavens for answers to our question just as an expectant father wait for the doctor to tell him his wife and child are in good shape... But disappointment sometimes is inevitable because we look up for the wrong reasons and have asked the wrong question; but irrespective, an answer is always given and its always the best because He has a perfect plan for us but we are somewhat left clueless due to our closed mind to our needs.
Just reminiscing about some wishes never coming true
Apr 2014 · 426
April 4
In life, we all have our fears of what tomorrow holds cos its always like a mirage, even when we have it all planned out, we still don't plan for some shock losses which are so inevitable. But whatever it is we set our mind to do and we have a defiant attitude towards, Life rewards us with success beyond what we sow. Stay loggerhead with ur challenges and its definite ur head will be raised high.
Apr 2014 · 233
April 3
I want to make impact in this generation and so do many of us, we all want to be the talk of the town, but not ready to walk the thorn of the town; we all want to stand on the podium of honour, but can not stand at the altar of sacrifice; we all want to our voices to be heard when we whisper, but we are never ready to trim our voices to words of wisdom; many want to be like Nelson Mandela (a man of rich and enviable history, many his name ring forever in my heart and those who cherish freedom for all) but we don't want to spend a second of our lives for others nor a night out at Robben Island where he spend a good hours of his life. These thoughts brought me a resolute about LIFE, for every Testimony is a TEST, for every Success is a FAILURE, for every Rise is a FALL, and for every being is his/her own trial and battle to fight, fight and battle you hard time and your wish will come true just in a bleak of an eye...
Apr 2014 · 295
April 2
Life is the best that can happen to every being, some wish they have the breathe but they lost it before dawn, and some are left in-between death and life... Am grateful for the gift of life because I can say a good morning to you today. Good morning my very own
Apr 2014 · 221
Waking up this morning is a chance to make the wrongs of yesterday right, to say the words we left unsaid yesterday, to show the love we conceal, to help those who needs us and affect as many lives as we can because we never know how long more we have to keep our breathe.
Feb 2014 · 385
When will I stop questioning?
I thought to myself “who am i?”
It would not hurt to know who I really am
Because that is the answer we all want

In search for my desired but right answer
I decided to do a little out of the ordinary
It was said to me “You are in charge!!!”
The grin on my face queried “In charge of what?”

Maybe in charge of the dry dust I came from
Or the dark room I spent my early days
Maybe the scotching hot sun I grew up
Or the full moon that rocks the dusky night

Am just a poor little kid
One that grew up eating the dirt of the dark soil
Now being deceived of what is not
Because I was told “Am in charge”

My query indeed was duly answer
Answer I presume to be out of context
Context seemingly impossible to achieve
Achieved by a creature of my caliber

I was told “Fishes don’t BECOME swimmers, they ARE swimmers”
“Birds don’t BECOME flyers, they ARE flyers”
“Cheetahs don’t BECOME runners, they ARE runners”
“Human shouldn’t BECOME leaders, they ARE leaders”

If fishes never become swimmers
How come they maneuver their way in the sea?
Moving in the ocean human fear so much
And they never hurt by it

Birds spends their early ages in the nest
Thrown someday out of the nest by their mother
Zoom!!! They go flapping their wings
Just like its being flying secretly in the nest

Cheetahs the fastest running animal
I wonder how muscular its vein feels
At birth does not go hunting
But it grows to be so agile in race

After a precious time thinking
I understood the word of the sage
“You are in charge”
Not of the dry dust, nor the dark room, nor the sun, nor the moon

But I am in charge of what I do
I am in charge of who I become
I am in charge of my existence
Because it is inbuilt
She means the world to me
Just like air is to the drowning man
I bend my rules for her as much as I can
Just because I want her to be happy

I hold her in the secret place of my thought
Just as secrets are save with the dead
Am a vulnerable man with no guide
Just because her happiness is important

How I wish she knows all this
Just as every child learn ABC
I will never pen this down to the public
Just because I hurt so bad for her ignorance

I love her but she care-less
Dec 2013 · 408
I miss Life
There is something about everyone of us, we live to shamble at a point in time maybe due to neglegence or careless thought in our head or the hustle and bustle of life or because we are just lost within ourselves.

I realise this though I have spent a lot of my time searching for what makes me human but for get what makes me super-human, searching for what makes me fall but not how to stand again, searching for what makes me crawl not what can make me fly.

Then I realise I miss myself, I miss writing, I miss thinking, I miss creativity, I miss quietness, I miss the still small voice.

I miss LIFE..... But am back to make it up.

— The End —