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Feb 2016 · 1.6k
Baris MacTavish Feb 2016
I was born with the wrong sign
In the wrong house
With the wrong ascendancy
I took the wrong road
That led to the wrong tendencies
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme
On the wrong day of the wrong week
I used the wrong method with the wrong technique

I just wanted to add this lyrics from the band "Depeche Mode". This song touches my feelings every time i listen.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Baris MacTavish Feb 2016
a wish or command
I've got a war to fight
thoughts bore me
death fills my mind
that disgusting place
I can't turn back
chasing a shadow in the dark
gloomy violin in a well
zombies, how you hypnotized
wounded hearts, next stop
words doesn't mean anything
Jan 2016 · 644
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
never tried, ever failed
as a baby squirrel
life is a bullet, i hate  
never hits my hearth
listen, it's calling me
maybe with a raincoat
under the gloomy bridge
where's my bones
my mind will cool down
i know it well, maybe not
this is just a dream
that bullet is mine
is my medal in my chest
heavens were all on fire
nowhere to go
Jan 2016 · 357
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
raining, gloomy streets
all alone in a thin road
storm wants my soul
not easy to forget
this glorious jail
why always in the dark
dead as a doornail
thus memories can ****
faithless, arrogant but virtuous
a lightning against me
you tell me Mephistopheles
Jan 2016 · 643
Kazakhistani Dalyarak
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
If you wanna be salak
You must have a buyuk yarak
If you wanna be orusbu
Bu bir kotu iliskinin konusu
I speak english not very well
Siktir et amQ bu askercell
Aslında Turkce siir bana yazmak kolay
And i use English sometimes
I wanna be a millioner
Bu hayallerde, ben asker
It's not poem it's our life
I just wanna drink a Turkish cay
My Kazakhistani friend wrote this. I can see the light of a poet inside of him :) You see that?
Jan 2016 · 500
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
beat me up
it's my pleasure
I may stand up,dust myself off

hate me
it sharpens my will
I entered the void, no more fear

attack me
I know, your woodenhead can't dance with my wit
but don't forget can't stitch a brain
Jan 2016 · 778
na zdrowie
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
believe or not
writing this words
****** like a
werewolf on the moon
even can't breath
the air you exhale
full of filth and ****
better for who
******* on the sun
i see a blackhole
calling me, no remorse
i need to drink
Jan 2016 · 162
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
i want to live but
death is blinking
Jan 2016 · 470
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
Looking for a secret in the cemeteries
Cause that i walk with corpses
Even began with sun and shine
Darkness is where my mind blows

The blind gleam couldn't find
Any liaison between life and death
Double seeing everything
Thoughts are adherent to emotions

Screams coming whence caverns
Forgot what i know so afraid
Horrendous and terrible
I wish a rainbow dragon

I am saying a prayer that i never heard
They are nailing my skull
Turning a deaf ear
I haven't gone crazy yet
Jan 2016 · 290
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
who would read that article

a ******* ****** maniac

yes you love the unicorns

do not exist cry for this now

just the ordinary planet earth

wish to see your shoes at my door

birds fall when they are dead

what a suicide to look in your eyes

oh milord want some tea

then i remembered your smile

every song sang for us

who can stand?
Jan 2016 · 563
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
the people who i fight for
gave the city just in first day..
Jan 2016 · 656
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
This morning walking by the sea
Seen a lady, eyes closed
Lonely, lowly, desperate
Soignée but very thoughtful
I got out of there
Afraid of she discerns me
Jan 2016 · 437
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
In your eyes
Have none of another dreams
Careful, not let to wipe memories
Which all belongs to me

Close your eyes if you wish
Just like thinking
No one see you
Before i shot in the head

Even my own eyes begrudging you
How should i let you
Hurt by someone else
Through the blue sky

In the valley of death
The roads that coming to you
Waiting for killers
With an innocent  youth
Jan 2016 · 156
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
the best thing without you
might be death
but i've never been
with you
Jan 2016 · 187
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
the real woman
never leaves behind

the real woman
never lies inside

the real woman
never hijacks her eyes

the real woman
never denies

the real woman
it was you..
Jan 2016 · 244
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
once, you were my lover  
missing you even near by me
you found another now
have all happiness
leave me in bother
in skein
life's all yours now

throught to hell
passenger of a train
here's the terminal
you will detrain now
i need to smoke

just another day
passing without you
crying something inside me
me without cure
cure without me
regret, pain, darkness
all mine
just have all happiness

i wish to make happen
that dream we share
any chance
to take my soul
in this train
begging you god
no more dreams

i need to smoke
is there anyone
carries lighter
in the hell
Jan 2016 · 178
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
everything i left behind
kills me every night
sun does not mean anything
to this blind lover of death
Jan 2016 · 241
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
i was lost in the shadows
convinced the colours of the world
thought forever i own you

my poison, my love, i die
my past, my future, **** me

nothing to say, your heart does
gone and clinged to an other one
my hearth can not take it anymore

my tear, my pain, i die
my calla, my doe, **** me

i am poor, i have done in all
never tried without you
how can it feel aftermath

my rain, my sun, i die
my love, my love,
just **** me..
Jan 2016 · 123
let me be
Baris MacTavish Jan 2016
the long dark
has taken me
can't complain
must pain for my sins
that i never know

— The End —