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dalida Oct 7
these thoughts no longer bother me at night
everything will be alright

i welcome the sounds of the wind
granting me a peace of mind
whispering in my ear
"you are not alone - I am here..."

it has been a long time since ive felt this way
insomniac, but not today...
dalida Oct 4
i remember i saw you
the day before you went to meet him
at his grave.

should i have asked how you were doing?

it happened on the second day of fall -
does the sound of the wind or
the thought of the leaves falling off the trees in your backyard
break your heart?

are you looking forward to the first day of spring
when the trees in your backyard
will grow new leaves?
dalida Sep 26
it happened on
the second day of fall.
you are a strong one,
my friend
i cannot imagine your tears.
you may not know it yet
but he is there
watching from above.

it is you i cried for
yesterday night.
dalida Sep 24
your tears are invisible
you bury your secrets
where did you go?

you know he’s not coming back
but do you know?
do you know that he became a bright star in the sky
staining it’s indigo color with his light?
and at nights like these
he will be there to guide you home.

can you see him now?
his hand gently brushing your hair
you hear the resonance in his voice
like a slow pacing melody that breaks your heart and lulls you to sleep.
goodnight, my friend
dalida Sep 21
It was a rainy day
When I met you
Do you remember?
I gave you my umbrella
And in return you gave me your smile
You soon walked away
Now I sit
Wistful thoughts fill my head
And I have yet to see you again
But in my dreams

— The End —