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dalida Jan 28
soon we will reunite
as grains of sand on a desert island
washed up at shore, glistening in the sun
surrounded by yellow beams of light and surging waves
dalida Nov 2020
Do you actually think
That as soon as the clock hits 12
The problems will go away?

That january's rain will wash away
All the bad memories created?

That the long sweater will cover up
All the scars you left behind?

That the gingerbread you baked will mend
The relationships you let fall apart?

That the cold rosy cheeks will not fail
To hide your dried tears and wet eyes?

You naive little girl
You never change
dalida Oct 2020
take my soul
put it in a bottle
place the bottle in the sea
watch the waves
until i disappear
and forget about me

dalida Oct 2020
Brittle bones and
your dry hands
Red injured lips
and ****** nails

Oh, how much time has passed
Since the last fall
But nothing changed,
Nothing at all
dalida May 2020
I'll see the land and the ocean

My future is bright
I'll be happy forever
I'll plunge into flight
I won't shed any feathers
dalida Nov 2019
oh, october
your days are shorter now
so golden brown and unpredicted

oh, october
my tears were hidden
under blinding fog
and pelting rain

oh, october
you could have been a better friend
to me

— The End —