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  Jan 2016 SB
Bianca Reyes
I became the crutch you leaned on
Supporting the weight of your pain
I put a cast on your heart
When it became too battered
I became your most sturdy stilt
To help you move on
Until you felt better
That's when you left me
Never did you ask if I sustained injuries
While I was nursing you back to health
SB Jan 2016
Hold me and never let me go
Hold me tight
God, I said.. this feels right
Don't let me go not tomorrow not tonight.
SB Jan 2016
What do we do now?
Break the silence please.
Could this get more emotional?
**** it together don't drop a tear
Don't let him sense your fear.
Cause they say fear makes you weak
But I'm so in love with you.
It hurts
I laugh the pain away sometimes
Do you even care how I feel?
Do you ever wonder if its real?
I cherish the fact that you're here, but I dwell on the fact that you can leave.
Take me with you wherever you may go.
Love me as hard as you can
Take me to a place that only we know
Erase my problems and I'll help you get rid of yours  
Together we we're something special
Together we we're forever.
  Jan 2016 SB
Autumn Shayse
I have been the girl*
who wanted love so badly,
she went out of her way to avoid it
I have been the girl
who thought she'd found it,
and ruined it somehow
I have been the girl
who was destroyed over empty promises
broken down by total ignorance
I have been the girl
with a cynics heart and
a crooked mind
I will be the girl
who goes through it all again
just to feel as good as I felt
in all the interim
I have never been the girl
to write on her happiness
to express delight
and so
I am the girl
unknown to herself.
  Jan 2016 SB
m i a
please stop holding me down
like gravity,
just let me go,
let me be free
dont you see that
i need to be me?
please anxiety
i am stuck in
your captivity
gee just
be free.
SB Jan 2016
I am truly broken,
I cannot lie
The thought gives me worst feeling
I can't even begin to explain
I knew time ago that you changed
but I never thought you'd be him.

The one I love dearly
Doesn't love me back
I don't care if it hurts
Cause you're all I want.

I am indeed broken,
I know I deserve more
You were my dream guy
The one that completed me
Will I ever get more from you?
Not even the slightest chance
SB Jan 2016
My heart is fragile so please don't break it
My tears are precious so don't make me waste them
I beg you
I want to never endure that pain again
I never wanted to be friends
For it was always much more than that
So much more.
If you only you felt how I feel
See things like how I have seen them before
Love me and never let me go
I love you, I said just before I let you go.
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