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 Jul 2015 Dagogo Hart Dagogo
So I guess
I found you by accident
and forgot you
on purpose
and that's about it then. Toodles.
Wipe the crumbs from kitchen counter,
sweep the dust from the wooden floors.
do not mourn puddles
of spilled milk.

Look in the mirror, recognize
that there is light, and there is clarity.
See the small child still inside;
You have both loved the same people,
you have both longed for the same home,
how could you deny her?

Butter toast, flip the egg on the stove.
Thank yourself for not yet giving up
despite the hard days.
Every single time I think of you
it is never directly of you.

It always is the red potatoes
sprinkled with rosemary.

It is lit cigarettes on fire escapes.

it is record players,
and scrabble matches.

It is the look on the cab driver's face
as I forced you in his cab
when you got too drunk
on the fourth of july.

It is the ride back home,
over the Brooklyn Bridge.

It is Fireworks exploding
into chandeliers of light,
in the distance,
as you're passed out,
and I'm crying
because I miss my mother.

In hindsight, this too
was beautiful.
To A.J.L., this may not sound like a love poem but it is.
I don’t know much about war,
and I know even less about love.
Though, I do know enough, to know
that love shouldn’t feel like a war.

Yet somehow I have always felt
like a soldiers behind the battle lines
drawn in the sand by Gods
who don’t know my name.

The other day someone asked me
“How come you don’t love yourself.”
To which I replied “How can you love
the greatest enemy you have ever known?”

Maybe people like me weren’t meant for this.
I learnt the best way to protect yourself
from  broken hearts is to let yours go, and
I have let that piece of me go a long time ago.

I don’t know much about war,
and I know even less about love.
Though I know that some games
shouldn’t be played, the cost is too high.
Not sure how to tell this story so I wrote a poem.
you said you were leaving

i was overwhelmed by this happiness

you were finally out of my life

i could finally be free

so you packed your things, you went to your car and loaded it


you turned to me

pulled out a handgun

and shot me in the chest

my skin tore and presented a large gaping hole

and from it poured bright red disappointment

my ribs cracked and out rolled my heart onto the concrete of my patio

you laughed a hearty laugh with wicked undertones

you shoved your gun into your pocket

watched me choke, watched me scream at the top of my lungs, struggle for air, struggle for anything

then towered me, bent down swiftly and picked up the bleeding thing

you smirked at me, "only taking what's mine"

i never saw you again
 Mar 2015 Dagogo Hart Dagogo
do you ever just hurt for no reason? Not the type of hurting you get from falling on your knee. I'm talking about when your heart feels like ​it sank through your stomach and is falling out your bottom end. The type of pain you feel when you lose someone you love.. the type of pain you get when you realize that you and him will never work out, or when you never had him in the first place but your heart aches for him. Yeah it does hurt. You crave their touch, and want nothing more than to just talk to them for a few minutes. When you talk to them you feel like the rest of the world doesn't matter because they are just that important to you. You could not talk to them or see them in days, weeks, or even months and they could still be on your mind each and every single day. It's quite an empty feeling and nobody likes to feel it, however everyone seems to feel it at some point.
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