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Medical tourism;

Ethnic cleansing,

Unease of doing business,
Multiple taxation,
Weak currency,

The shamelessness in high places,
The sycophancy along those corridors of power,
The visible aloofness to pressing needs among the masses,
The sheer policy of deliberate regional disempowerment;

Everything points to worse times,
Only the dead need not worry,
For the living, deafening chimes,
A worrying state of statelessness.
The man returns to the troubles he left behind - did he think that they would have miraculously disappeared?
Nigerians chase their president back from 'deserved rest' in the United Kingdom.
Mar 18 · 91
Nobody knows, will ever know,
Can only imagine,
The curves that life did throw,
And the response engine;

Live a day, or two,
In my emotions,
And try also, do,
Sleep with the commotions;

Then come close,
To even begin to believe,
That you share a dose,
Of the times that I live.
Nothing makes sense.
Mar 14 · 84
In bed, darkness, no power,
Bingeing on Supernatural,
Terrible pain around the lower lumbar,
Broke, not a single dime in my PayPal;

As my daughter lay sleeping beside me,
My son in the other room with his mother,
I suddenly am aware of the things I fail to see,
That truly I am blessed beyond any mundane bother;

But then again the morning brings its own worries,
My ageing mother afflicted by pain of her sister's loss,
Barely enough to save up for vacation stories,
And a country that does not care about us.
I am forty-one today.
Mar 12 · 78
Everyone is hungry,
But no one is angry,
Choosing to embrace this life of suffering,
And all the time smiling.
Nigerians awoke to another fuel price hike from N16x.** to N21x.**. The  umpteenth time since 2015. While workers are yet to receive the misery wage of N30,000.00, they have to grapple with accelerating inflation that will ******* personal economies.
On this day, it was a Sunday,
Just like any other day,
A lazy afternoon after morning service,
Day turned into night without notice;

I lost a dear friend that night,
With whom I earlier shared Christmas delight,
Cut down by a mad driver,
And never to bee seen again, never;

Many more would taste eternal transition,
The still dark murk welcoming them into oblivion,
Such was the terror of exploding ordinance,
The earth shook, hearts stopped, silencing all new year plans.
On January 27, 2002, the Nigerian Army Cantonment in Ikeja went off in exploding ordinance as their armoury caught fire.

Many Nigerians died, one of whom was my good friend in church. Run over by a speeding car.

It was a day filled with terrifying explosions and mindless running helter skelter.

Until today, the truth about what truly  happened is interred with those unlucky to have met gruesome demise when ashes rained from the skies and day turned into a disastrous night.
Jan 16 · 121
BY 2023.
Beyond the gates of that year,
Consider the heavens played a part,
Be you lucky to have crossed,
A crossing quite significant into a new start;

Because not many will be there,
Not a few succumbed to our fears,
Of the sheer wickedness of the past,
Eight horrible years of blood and tears;

Whether it be a fortune,
Only time will indeed unfold,
For there's actually something here,
A better story waiting to be told.
To every Nigerian reading this in 2023 sometime after February and then in May, congratulations on being alive to see what may be a rebirth. It is my earnest prayer that Nigerians all stood for something and didn't fall for anything these demons from the pit of Gehenna sold to you, again, in advancement of their terrible agenda to perpetuate the cycle of injustice and misfortune.
Dec 2020 · 122
FORWARD, 2021.
Dada Olowo Eyo Dec 2020
And as we leave behind,
The past year in memoriam,
Dearly beloved, keep in mind,
There is no reason for alarm;

The times shall be kinder to you and yours,
In the most unexpected of places,
Ye, none of your labours,
Shall turn to ashes;

The new decade shall count up,
Unto moments of joy and laughter,
Yahweh's mercies shall not stop,
And his protection shall burn brighter;

Welcome, stride into twenty-twenty-one,
Keep hope well alive and kicking,
Despair? No, entertain none,
The heavens have got you, and don't stop believing.
2020 has taken so much from us it's only fair that 2021 give back in kinder measures.

Happy Better Year, 2021 to you all.
Nov 2020 · 141
Dada Olowo Eyo Nov 2020
The people have been plundered,
And their wealth wickedly squandered,
But the people have not the heart,
Even, to demand a little, for a start.
Nigerians are the most docile creatures on planet earth, they take everything from a hard life to a hard death.
Oct 2020 · 174
Dada Olowo Eyo Oct 2020
Should fear be,
The cornerstone of,
Religious persuasion,
And global confusion?
Oct 2020 · 158
Dada Olowo Eyo Oct 2020
This one is around,
Just for the bread and butter,
The other kisses the ground,
And is more than a mother.
Sep 2020 · 164
Dada Olowo Eyo Sep 2020
But you always did ******* away,
Now you want to ride shotgun,
Your fairness is not in your colour,
This I see as you lay, beautifully, beside me.
Sep 2020 · 137
BORROW. (1.)
Dada Olowo Eyo Sep 2020
Some sense, maybe?
But to enslave generations?
Certainly should be in the options,
Old fool acting like a **** baby.
People borrow to explore the possibilities of turning their business ideas into empires of world renown. But here we are, after writing many generations into poverty, they come out to lamely defend the indefensible with poorly thought out stupidity.
Sep 2020 · 139
FIRE! (2.)
Dada Olowo Eyo Sep 2020
A spontaneous internal combustion,
Causing immediate unexplained confusion,
In all this hazy commotion,
You'd think it wasn't a contraption.
Sep 2020 · 135
FIRE! (1.)
Dada Olowo Eyo Sep 2020
Hellish, lapping tongues,
Locking up every in its path,
The instrument of devil's wrath,
And creator of things awesome.
Aug 2020 · 132
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
Destiny, she failed to smile,
As you sold me a wrenching lie,
Falling for your sweetened guile,
Absent between accursed thigh.
Aug 2020 · 115
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
The hands moulded by fate,
But turned too late,
For destiny bear you no plan,
To flourish in my glorious clan.
Aug 2020 · 102
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
To emerge victorious,
In the face of unrelenting adversity,
One need only constantly,
Continue to conquer self.
Aug 2020 · 93
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
I would rather,
I stayed upright,
Than erupt in temptation,
Of momentary pleasure.
Aug 2020 · 93
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
The wilderness beckons,
As I journey to be tempted,
By the curves of endless delightes,
Yet, only your love, keeps me grounded.
Aug 2020 · 97
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
What influence has the created,
Over their creator?
If you were hired,
Then you can be fired.
Aug 2020 · 82
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
If goodly people were,
To turn to evil work,
Then nothing ought to stand,
In the way of evil lending to good.
Aug 2020 · 68
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
Knowing that people expect,
You to fail should but only,
Spur you to earn pleasing respect,
And shock then into eternal shame, truly.
Aug 2020 · 93
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
Yes, you took away our gem,
In such manner, quote gruesome,
With us, this star was awesome,
But you cut short the life's term;

No, you didn't act alone,
Couldn't have been a coincidence,
The accident was as pretence,
To cover up what they had done.
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
A teaspoon of doubt,
And a tablespoon of suspicion,
A generous amount of affection,
And a truckload of loyalty.
Aug 2020 · 74
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
Can't wait to be born,
Can't wait to crawl,
Can't wait to brawl,
Can't wait to return.
When young, we hurry to get older. When older, we miss the younger days.
Aug 2020 · 96
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
Government, led by animals,
Government, of animals,
Government, for animals,
Government, sadly unfit for animals.

Nigerians attempt to wake up their sleeping consciences, this day August 5, 2020.
Aug 2020 · 71
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
When baby chews feet,
In all its flexibility,
Then I marvel at my inability,
To replicate this simple feat.
Aug 2020 · 70
Dada Olowo Eyo Aug 2020
Lend your power,
Only, to those things,
That expressly matter,
To you, and to other beings.
Jul 2020 · 63
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
We think hate, rather,
Than love, toward,
The fellow human, who,
Should not think otherwise.
Jul 2020 · 67
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
We're locked down, by order,
The body, none the wiser,
Will crave nourishment,
Of all sorts, moment by moment.
Jul 2020 · 58
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
We don't want to be mistakes,
But oft life happens,
When the unplanned becomes us,
The no option than to live.
Jul 2020 · 49
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
Rainy, beautiful day,
And everything can go wrong,
Like a well crafted song,
Belted awfully in very way.
Jul 2020 · 93
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
Taken, without hope of return,
Unlike the day we are born,
A day to weep and mourn,
Dearly beloved on eternal sojourn.
Iya Jogbo bi Oro aka Emmanuella Pobeni Adepoju delighted me as an undergraduate and jobless graduate then in Lagos between 2002 and 2011. On 102.3fm Radio Continental now Maxfm. Her demise is unwelcome and touched me quite terribly because such talent and great personality shouldn't be the ones to exit he stage too early.

Rest on, beloved.
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
A crowd of hypocrites,
Sitting behind hard or soft keyboards,
Came down ******* the superstar,
They threw all sorts of damaging words;

The state brought it's full weight,
Went in for the guilty verdict,
Made a show of the proceeding,
Slapped a fine and community service;

But another went afoul the same law,
Breached protocols meant to save lives,
Disregarded all safety rules,
Even flouted a presidential directive;

They simply turned a blind eye,
Choosing to prosecute a fry,
And letting off the lion and his pride,
Helped on by the folly of flippant masses.
A popular Nigerian actress has been fined, she and her famous husband, N100,000 and community service for hosting a party amidst Coronavirus COVID-19 14-day Presidential stay-at-home order.

Once the video of their reveling surfaced online, the whole of Nigeria went into an **** expressing vitriol.
Jul 2020 · 68
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
Lazy Thursday afternoon,
Room for cuddle and spoon,
Everywhere darkly cold,
Now, into the very warm fold.
Jul 2020 · 55
BLACK. (1.)
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
When I stand in the shadows,
Of the ancient ruins of,
The grand old pyramids of Egypt,
In the same colours of their makers;

I wonder at the magnificence,
Of my ancestors in all their glory,
As they wrote their legacies,
From everlasting unto the very end.
Jul 2020 · 69
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
It's a race, but what kind?
A selfish one, no?
An economic one, yes?
But why bother?

Because playing out,
Hidden in plain sight,
Or the other way around,
Is corporate pharma warfare;

A renowned template,
For catalysing new prosperity,
Jumpstarting comatose economies,
For the advancement of works greed;

So, here we are,
The bear and the lion,
Their cubs enabling their egos,
Other animals their lab rats.
In the race toward a vaccine for Covid19 the West continues to accuse the Eastern Europe of cyber espionage, criminal attempt to hack their vaccine files. This is coming just as Russia announced breakthrough in human trials.

Who are they fooling?
Jul 2020 · 153
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
The little ants by the edges,
Or the tiny microscopic ticks,
The scurrying roaches along the cracks,
Or the annoying rodents lurking the shadows?
Jul 2020 · 60
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
Moulded in brown,
Built of ebony,
Wired with sinew,
Derived from coal.
Jul 2020 · 58
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
Born in this land,
Suffer in this land,
Die in this land,
Worst tragedy of all kind.
Nigeria. Shame.
Jul 2020 · 65
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
A ******* estate of,
Might is right where,
Gentleness is weakness and,
Violence takes it all.
Jul 2020 · 64
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
Taking their rightful,
Place on the wrong,
Side of historical,
And perceived curses.
Jul 2020 · 57
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
On either side of,
The crimson divide,
Sat two hearts that,
Beat out untruths.
Pretending all is forgiven is the highest form of deceit.
Jul 2020 · 54
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
The month came,
To me, of the same,
Need to feel good,
Again, 'cos I am no wood.
At the red table, many things become scarlet.
Jul 2020 · 57
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
In life such desire manifests,
Upon ones creativity one invests,
Upon ones intelligence one banks,
Upon ones wisdom is placed resilience;

Upon the strength of ages,
Past, future and present,
Upon the combined forces,
Of goodwill and positivity;

A man may come,
Into his own,
Or lose it all upon,
Some flimsy whimsy negativity.
Jul 2020 · 60
NAIRA. (2.)
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
Unfit women deliver,
Babies to be sold,
Into any fold,
Just for some paper.
Jul 2020 · 61
NAIRA. (1.)
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
As worthless as it becomes,
Increasingly is hard to get,
The struggles of stable incomes,
Stacked against the failed goals set.
Jul 2020 · 55
Dada Olowo Eyo Jul 2020
They act one way,
But reveal another,
They say good today,
But really do not bother;

Thiers is a milky mirror,
Reflecting good intentions,
Whereas behind the door,
Lay unimaginable tribulations;

Once out of the womb,
The state clothes poverty,
People pay their way to the tomb,
Accompanied by all sorts of uncertainty;

Thus empty husks await,
Liberation at the borders,
Stuck here, tolerating what fate,
Over there, better opportunity reorders.
The Nigeria state enables extortion, regression, repression, depression, oppression, disillusion, suppression and overall backwardness.

The vast majority of people in Nigeria wish they were not born there, many claim they love the country but are actually stuck there in hypocrisy.

If offered an opportunity, many will denounce citizenship and announce loyalty to the better climes even if he'll offered any of such.
Jun 2020 · 58
CUTOFF. (1.)
Dada Olowo Eyo Jun 2020
The future is in jeopardy,
As the present erodes all merit,
For the past disappears with alacrity,
In the face of continued discredit;

All know that advances of tomorrow,
Are built on foundations of today,
As yesterday gave us innovations to borrow,
And instructions to put on continuous replay.
The Education sector of the Nigeria state is in danger of advancing mediocrity as they gave set the lowest standards for the workforce of the future.

The unified exams that select prospects into tertiary schools that grades students in four subjects each one hundred marks, now require just twenty-five per cent as pass make for those wishing to get into the college's of education! While others require a mere forty and thirty per cent to gain entry into university and polytechnics respectively.

Anyone with a modicum of commonsense will know that this is a deliberate act to further plunge Nigeria into abysmal economic situations among comity of nations that set higher standards for their future workforce.

At this rate it will be a wonder if there will be a viable country in the next century and if there were, then will be a puppet in the hands of greater powers.
Jun 2020 · 79
Dada Olowo Eyo Jun 2020
Such crass hypocrisy,
Coming from high society,
Blaming nomenclature,
For their inane nature;

Calling a pig,
A bad dig,
Just to roast it,
And save your own meat;

The movement has responded,
Just as the street would have wanted,
A total boycott of your brand,
To garnish your garri with enough sand.
A flight owner in Nigeria recently wrote a letter of apology when queried for flying a popstar and reality show star to the country's capital for a drive-in concert that saw people violate the presidential taskforce on COVID-19 directives against crowding.

In their own wisdom, the business owner labelled the passengers that used his heat USELESS PEOPLE and that got the MARLIANS riled up, calling for a total boycott of their airline services.

The hypocrisy in that country called Nigeria is second to none anywhere in the world.
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