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Intrépide Jul 2018
I can write a thousand poems about your smiles,

                  ...but I can’t
                               make you mine.
Intrépide Jan 2018
my mind
it’s done,
we’re over.

my heart
still beat,
it seeks

—for you
Intrépide Dec 2017
there’s a
stuck inside
my chest
it throbs in pain
every ****
time when
someone says
your name

Intrépide May 2017
I might've shoved you off
but lately you're the only one
I'm thinking of
this morning I could barely
get out of bed
after last night's
cry I've shed

so I pinky swear to you
to not ever mess with you

I am a bee that stung you
little do you know, I've died inside too

nights became longer
songs became sadder
you became colder
and I've became sober
after "we" became over.
Intrépide Feb 2017
I did not mean to fall
for you but it's
your words
that made
me do
I didn't just
gave in that easily
just because you were
so nice and sweet every
time we speak.
Intrépide Jan 2017
you came to me,
and told a poem
you've wrote for me

i didn't like it
for it lacked
some kind of wit
that i was finding

another fellow came to me
and wrote the same kind of

i loved it, not because
it's lovely
but because his looks
were charming

i brushed you off
not knowing why
for maybe i was being

i got too busy looking
at facades and later
then be filled with awes
when i should be looking
at the innermost that i
could live to be engrossed

to see you now
writing poems, which are good
to read utmost
but those words that are written
aren't for me no more
Intrépide Jan 2017
a noble man is set forth on a quest
to rescue a damsel in distress
who aches to leave all her pasts
and detach herself from woeful blasts

a gloomy day it is
for the man has not yet come,
who seeks to catch a fleeting glimpse
of the damsel's broken, crimped
and beaten heart

she's unlikely aware of what might come
it's why she sat upright and slummed
for the noble man is yet to come,
to mend and fix her broken parts

a big smile she wore
upon his' entrance to the door
she smiled at him, and curtsied deep
for she has felt some kind of relief
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