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Cynthia Thompson Jun 2014
Goodbye goodbye
And by the way
Take all those stupid things you say
Goodbye so long
And don't forget
To choke to death on your regret

Bring your paper
And your glass
I hope the door will slam your ***
Take your brittle broken tears
I hope you're drinking them for years

Goodbye goodbye
Now drown your sorrow
And I won't want you back tomorrow
Take your fire and your ice
You burned me once I froze you twice.
Cynthia Thompson Jun 2014
Words unformed stuck in her throat
Dry as a first communion host
She tried to push them past her lips
They slid back down
In a fevered putrid torrent

All the things she could not say
Trapped inside her mottled mouth
Beneath her swelling tongue
An angry cloud of hornets
Again again again they stung

All the words unspoken
An abscess ripe with pus
Throbbing in her throat
Every breath a battle
An emotional death rattle.
Cynthia Thompson Jun 2014
Kiss me with your serpent's tongue
Wash that poison down my throat
On a wave of thick saliva
Until I'm spitting your lies
Back out into you face
Then ask how I can be so cold
Like it's not the backwash
From your frozen soul

**** me with your perfect smile
Across your face
With icy hands around my throat
Choke off everything I am
My headlight eyes
Wide with surprise
High beams flicker out.
Cynthia Thompson Jun 2014
People who die
Aren't always mottled flesh
Rigor mortis
And full of formaldehyde

The dead are not all in the ground
Fermenting and bloated
Stinking and gaseous
Slipping black skin like greasy banana peels

The departed are not all in Heaven
Rattled skeletons left behind
Long and short bones laid out straight
Plastic eyelids covers long popped aside

They are the ones with dead cold eyes
Empty hearts and clenching hands
Emotions extinguished like matchsticks
Left out in the rain

They are out of tears
They are out of love
They are out of time
They might as well be buried bones.
Cynthia Thompson Jun 2014
You know, it breaks my heart, my friend
To see you so defeated
It makes me wish I always could
Be everything you needed
When angry words are thrown at you
I want to hold them back
And when your world is dark and cold
Bring color to the black

If I could lay a banquet out
Especially for you
I'd use the finest china
And purest crystal too
I'd fill you up with all the things
You need to feed your soul
Because to me you're beautiful
And happy, well and whole

If I could fill your life with joy
I'd do it every day
Because I know without a doubt
You'd save me the same way
Hold out your hand
I'll give you mine
We can't be perfect
But we'll be fine.
Cynthia Thompson Jun 2014
Your mouth
Reminds me of a pus spewing wound
Building poison pressure bursts to the surface
Erupting a hot flood of thick green infection
Splattering over everyone you touch
Like volcanic bile.

Your words
Are an ill smelling fungus
A sick compilation
Of every hateful thought
Infesting your heart
Like a sac of wormy toadstools

Your life
Is a blame game
A who to maim game
Projecting fault
Verbal assault
Destruction the goal
Of your cold blackened soul
Cynthia Thompson Jun 2014
I love your chunky chunky limbs
And your graspy little fingers
The way your eyes are clear and wide
Taking everything inside

Two of you
So different so beautiful
Miracles of love and life
All the good things in the world
Inside your laughing pudgy bellies

Two sets of everything
Perfect pleasure
To hear those throaty gusty laughs
And gaze upon those gummy smiles
Double trouble double joys Monkey boys.
For Blake Lucas and Branson Lee
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