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You should have never come around
You have my heart
Don't know how you did it, but
You're all that I have

Love can't grow in the dark, but
I know the truth will be revealed
I just can't help but love you
Whenever people argue with me
I always think I must be wrong
Most burning issues generate
More heat than light

I've been sleeping with the lights one, because
The cold darkness surrounds me
As the midnight releases an army of bright stars, and
I drown in dread
Pain is a game
We all have to pay

Now that it's over
It's time to move on
I can do bad
All by myself

Life goes on
This is merely an ending, but
Like a fool I forgave you
You keep on looking
Down the same ole path
I guess
The distance made you feel free
Keep your head down, and
Make it too me

You're the drug
That gets me through life
Your  eyes
Looked like a new beginning

You chose to be alone
You have a fickle heart, and
A bitterness
I'd like to say
We gave it a try
I can't help you fix yourself, but
At least I can say I've tried
It's time to say goodbye

It's hard to say what brings happiness
To see you is to sympathize

Should I give up
Or should I keep on chasing pavements

I'm sorry, but
I have to move on
With my own life
I feel like my heart is stuck in
Bumper to bumper traffic
You will never know that feeling

I can't face the truth
I'll do everything different

Go ahead, and steal my heart
Go ahead, and make me cry
You can have my heart, but
You cannot have my name

I'm full of
Sensitivity and intensity
I'm flawlessly broken
When will you notice?
There's  method to my madness
Please, set my midnight sorrow free
My heart is beating me to death everyday, and
I make up  memories
In my head
To fill the emptiness
You have left.

My mind
Runs away to you
With a thought
I want you to read

I've been here before,
Every feeling
Every word
I've imagined before

When will I see you again?
I often think
About where i've gone wrong
Well, it's what you learn after you
"Know it all"
That counts
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