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arin levy Jun 2019
if his eyes were the last thing i saw
before mine closed for the last time,
i would die happy simply knowing
that i saw the lovely ocean
one last time
just a quick short one because i haven't posted in a long while and wowow i'm full of so much love rn
arin levy Apr 2019
it all falls away
looking at arms and thighs
they're the wrong places to peek
prepared to spit out rehearsed lies
another round of hide and seek
they're surprised i do so well
this little game we play
rubies spill burning like hell
it all falls away
i'm the best at hiding
arin levy Apr 2019
this black hole
it rips out of my chest
screeching and tearing
i thought i locked it away
it's all too much again
its grip is deadly
lungs collapsing
starry eyes
tunnels tunnels tunnels
there's no escape
it will swallow me whole
no help is here
spinning, swirling
twisting, turning
lost in the abyss
arin levy Apr 2019
all my drafts have been cleared
i posted old poem after old poem
and now this is what i feared
with my thoughts, i am alone
i cannot articulate my words
and as much as i want to write more
the ideas fly away like birds
and i use old ideas like a *****
over and over
same topics
heartbreak, hunger, lost lover
nothing new, lines rehearsed

i fear the unknown
arin levy Apr 2019
i could scream to the moon and sun
how my heart beats out of my chest
how your smile has me come undone
you're on my mind so often, i can't rest
your smart mouth, determination, wit
you show you care by giving a lecture
and it's funny watching you throw a fit
although in love i'm an amateur
no matter what life may bring
i can promise you now
i wanna be there for everything
and that's a vow
went through my drafts, this was an old one that was decent
arin levy Apr 2019
my flesh screams at itself
bile rising in my throat
shaking fingers grasping silver
the walls are closing in
the swarm starts again
swirling twisting spinning
bloodshot eyes
claws tearing apart flesh
wishing to fold in on myself
how many times until i disappear
slowly carving my apology in the wall
apologizing for getting worse again
there's no excuse good enough
nothing can dismiss these ghouls
they pull a blanket of the night over me and have pinned it down
i cannot find my way out
it is too dark to have any hope
in this night i am filled with doubt
that i can ever escape
let my blood drops turn to roses
may they bloom at my grave
so if anyone visits this cemetery
they will know where to find me
signed the walking corpse of a boy
that buried his own body
why do i always go on tangents at 3am
arin levy Mar 2019
tired of trying
so sick of crying
it's become habit for me to be lying
about what's going on in my head
and how often i wish i was dead
every night i'm filled with dread
i constantly feel alone
but i don't wanna pick up the phone
scared of being a bother to any friend
so i face the worst on my own again
one day, i'll make this end
maybe in a fatal way
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