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Curt A Rivard Sr Oct 2015
Performing autopsy's and at free will,
as I look all around, I'm very satisfied with my new thrill.

Chosen for my talents because I'm cunning with the knife, till I find the cause of all this death, in my hands, I hold, my own life.

Separated from all that I know and all that I love, all I have now is, my pet raven who follows me from high up above.

Decomposing bodies of every size and every age, to ward off the stench of death, I pack my beak with savory spices and on my hip, a bag of sage.

From the mouths of the rats the curse is told, blessing me the plague doctor with all the power I behold.

Curt A. Rivard Sr.
Curt A Rivard Sr Apr 2015
Have you ever loved an animal so much that it made you cry?
You fight with all your might but still you lose no matter how hard you try.
Many a year spent together, you will be missed
And yes it will take some time before I am better.
I tell myself you went off to a better place
It was a beautiful day and God gave you grace.
Forty pounds of amethyst is now your headstone
I saw the love in your eyes for they told me
I’ll be OK and I’m not alone.


(Curt A. Rivard Sr.)
Curt A Rivard Sr Mar 2015
Set me as a seal upon thine heart, for you are mine
Never let me go, grip me tight like a vineyard vine.
I love that pretty rose that your garden did grow
Betwixt those long beautiful thighs of strength
Exposing that sea shell pink jewel, I do know.

Your garden is so unique, it’s a one of a kind
Such parts are so delicate, that the slightest touch
Produces tropical showers that fill my mind.

Flowing from your meadow, and dripping from
Those soft sensitive pink rose petals,
Golden rain drops that taste O’ so sweet.

Thy lips O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb:
Honey and milk are under my tongue:
Causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak,
Every time that they meet.

I love all of your natural beauty,
And I love every lock of your hair
Swaying from a beautiful face, worthy of my stare.

How fair and how pleasant art thou. O love, for delights!
Your calm green eyes in my trance suddenly gave me visions,
Of hypnotic pupil shamrock sights!

I love your seductive soft lips,
One kiss upon them, takes me on so many trips.
My precious 1, your body is a wonderland I cannot resist,
I need for this dream to come true
And if so, I will forever do, everything for you.

You are the Garden of Eden, brought back to life
My only thought now is, I must betroth to have you,
As my wife!

Behold, thou art fair, my love:
Behold, thou art fair; thou hast,

Shamrock Eyes!
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for wanting to know me.

I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for wanting to understand me.

I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for wanting to love me.

I just want to wake you up
and say I love you again
for chosing me.

But there you sleep
all quiet and beautiful
so I'll just sneak you a kiss goodnight
and show you just how much I do
in the mornings light.
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
The want to be Detective C. Auguste Dupin

got his theory all wrong

as to why that orangutang killed

Madame L'Espanaye and her daughter in the Rue Morgue.

They were killed because they were walked in on while having *** with a human by the jealous beast.

******* lowers humanity to nothing more than an animal, a beast which is unable to distinguish right from wrong, natural from unnatural, love from lust.

If you don't believe me then just ask King Kong.

As always welcome to the show!
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
My love, your love is a drug
that I will forever crave
I always will and even in my grave.
Searching for your angel's face,
my body is now craving for you
and even from behind these concrete walls.
Sleepless nights from tossing and turning
I'm suffering through all the withdrawals.
It's in times like these,
that you feel the addiction all the most
it hurts so much, that it makes you wish that you could just die and just give up the ghost.
Life is full of stumbling blocks, snares, obstacles and O' so many traps...
Please my love, I'll give my all to you
for your love is worth the greatest relapses.
Through all the trials and all the tribulations
we are still one I do see!
The Lord helped keep us together and for it a reason,
so now lets give thanks and work on our relationship recovery.
Six new moons have came and gone
since we held each other ever ever so close
Two more to go, I can't wait,
so I can then live on,
my choice of drug,
your love.
So now when I return to you
give me a love overdose.
Curt A Rivard Sr Jan 2015
It is
not how
it is how long with the same one who you love.
(22 years to date and still counting with the same one after being picked up hitchhiking on a way to another girls house oops..)
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