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Samruddhi May 15
Before you take them away
Why don't you ever ask them
If there are any unfulfilled duties left
Why you never give them a chance
To redeem everything that is good balanced and heft

Before they leave for an eternal journey with you
Why don't you ask them
To keep enough for their to-be-fatherless kids
To not just keep running here and there but calmly sit
To love their wives before the final farewell bids

Is it too much to ask for?
Cause you see after you take them away
Families are broken and so torn
Next time
Before you take them away
Please for a while let them stay
Let them stay a little longer
Let them make their families a bit stronger
Why can death not come with a warning?
Samruddhi Nov 2018
Night has arrived but the stars have not
I'm holding a wish inside just waiting for one to get shot

Do not wish on these shooting stars as they beam
They might be somebody else's broken dream!

But they came right from the sky
Who's dreaming up there and letting it all fly?

Maybe someone who sits on the rainbow awaiting his turn
To get down to Earth and see the stars finally alit and burn!

Burning stars ain't new to them, they see the sun burn everyday
And so it surprises me, as to why they'd let their dreams sway

Until they turn into reality they simply wander
And this is to why we get to see all their thunder

This thunder is their trump card
To hide the real emotions, it's just a facade

For this is how they keep other stars at yard
And never oh never get involved in any vicious squad!

They rule the skies, awe us with their light
Why would they wish for land? Why would they abandon the night?

Night is what keeps them trapped for the eternal show
While on land they simply wish to come, dance and go!
Because someone said that the shooting stars were to wish upon!
Samruddhi Nov 2018
Midnight is on its way
Moon and stars by its side
Still I lay awake
My eyes open wide

Day has finally come
To shine bright like the sun
Still this mind wanders
And the thoughts make fun!

Thoughts have always been like this
Taking everything as a joke
Be a tad bit serious
And they give me a big poke

Mind finally overpowers these thoughts
Thoughts of accepting defeat and running away
And so the deed is finally done
As this time neither did the heart nor the mind sway!

They work in perfect snyc
Something I'm not used to
I'm literally amazed
At the magic of those two

Everything feels so very perfect
Only until this magic stays
Then again the world is upside down
As mind fails to keep thoughts at bay

They dive back in the pool of mischief
Try to fake an innocence
But everything they think after that
Is nothing more than nonsense

This is how they make a world of their own
With all their mischief, innocence and fun
And this way they try to keep you alive
For they stay right there for you until you're done
Let your thoughts wander.... They would guide you back home!
Samruddhi Oct 2018
Magic was all that she saw
Till some extent even she was in awe
Clouds shadowed her shiny moon
But the city lights beneath her bloomed
It was the night of no star
A high time to realize she had come far
Even after getting off her comfort zone
She knew she could never feel alone
For her heart had now learnt to let go
And this darkness simply helped her glow
Stop running after them who had run away from you!
Pause and look around for the ones who are trying hard to keep up with your pace!!
Live for the ones who make you feel alive and you don't have to just survive!! :) ❤️
Samruddhi Oct 2018
He had said tonight belongs to you
But a goodbye kiss was all I could give
For both of us had turned into someone new
With all amendments and changes for each of us to live
Feelings and love was now rarest of rare
For our heart now ached and eyes stayed filled with tears
Yet to stay the same we did dare
While surpassing all the bad memories and our fears!
Are we really able to encompass and accept all the changes happening with us and with our dear ones?
Maybe we fear too much about losing them!?
Samruddhi Oct 2018
Love me like I am your only addiction,
that always keeps you on the edge
Love me so real like that romantic fiction,
that looks so much like a ledge!!
Love me like I am your lovely yet unfinished dream,
that makes you work hard to make it real
Love me so soft that only for you my heart scream,
that finally lets this broken soul heal!!
Love me like I am your entire world,
that is running up and down in pace
Love me like I am to be kept furled,
that would ******* out of my hiding place!
Crave for the love that keeps you off the edge always.
Find a love that is an adventure everyday!
For to love is to live!
Samruddhi Oct 2018
Write about love, if you may!
I would be curious to know what you'd say
Write about birds and their long flight!
I am sure even you love to see that sight!
Write about your passion and dream
To which your heart shouts out and scream!
Write about all your sorrow
For I am right here to take them away as I borrow!
Write all about what takes you higher
Cause I know you aren't just a flame but the whole fire!!
When poet friend wants to write something for you and asks you what it should be about!!!?
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