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Crystian Marin May 2011
A crazy world that we are living in.
Still we walk around, indifferent.
Trying to spread change.
To make a difference.

A world so beautiful.
But ugly at the core.
Ugly because of our wants-
Our need for more.
We live with the notion that death waits behind closed doors.

A crazy world that we are living in.
Shaped by bold lies, and ran by puppeteers in tacky ties.
Still we walk around, indifferent.
Like we are content with these current conditions.
Thinking that being a mindless drone is sufficient.
But it's not true.
That ****'s fictitious.
Peace and Harmony should be on the top of our wish list.

Above fancy cars.
Above frosty chains.
Above a fan base who don't know you,
For you.
Above a leave it to them attitude.
This world is our mother.
We need to start showing gratitude.
Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Monsoons.
That's just Mother Earth giving us attitude.

A crazy world that we are living in.
We need to open our eyes and hearts and not pretend,
That our actions will not impact her in the end.
Because no one escapes death.

Focus on your health.
Don't worry about the wealth.
Stand in front of a mirror and take a good hard look at your self.
Stop spreading negativity,
And spread the help.
Our days our numbered.
We are just another notch in the worlds belt.

Oh, what a crazy world that we are living in.
Crystian Marin Jan 2011
I can hear them.

Standing outside my door.

Waiting for me to sleep.

Waiting for the moment to invade my dreams.

To fill my sub-conscious with images of pure terror.

They move ever so silently, without sound, without error.

3am and I lay awake.

The silence is broken with every breath I take.

The Nightmare Men are scratching at my door.

Waiting for their chance to torment me some more.

My eyes are so heavy now..

But within sleep lies the root of my insanity.

The nightmare realm is no place for me.

Still every night they make it my destination.

Giving me no reason.

No explanation.

They use my dreams as a lab for their twisted experiments.

And once they are through they toss me back to reality.

Back to mortality.

In this world they take my life and I'm dead.

In their world they **** me not once but over and over again.

Sadistic torture without end.

They are here for me..

The Nightmare Men.
Crystian Marin Jan 2011


Smoke escapes through my teeth and circles my head as my mind prepares for the trip that awaits.

A pair of dark sunglasses act as a safety blanket, setting my nerves at ease.

And an involuntary smile invades my face.

I tilt my head back on the headrest as if it were its rightful place.

Still I know that this feeling is nothing but fabricated happiness.

These ashes and this roach serve as evidence.

But I don't care.

The troubles of the world are set to pause.

The music is set to play.

Each note ripples through my ears, drowning out the sounds of the city.

This is my escape.
Crystian Marin Dec 2010
It's like my life is stuck in slow motion.

An iceberg floating in the ocean.

With no real sense of direction.

Cruisin' by without detection.

Without purpose.

A taxi is just a car when it's not in service.


Depending on how you view it.

Living is a privilege, depending on how you do it.

So what's it mean?

Being that my life is in yellow while the rest of the world seems to be in green?

Green as in go.

Yellow as in slow.

Eventually we all hit red though.

And everything comes to halt.

Suddenly life flashes before your eyes.

Memories storm our minds.

Then we think back, about those who we have left behind.

And vice-versa.

But its too late for any reconciliation.

Now death is the sole recipient for any form of anticipation.

So we are left to question..

Where is my next destination?

A paradise in the sky, or an eternity of damnation?

That's assuming there is life after death.

Honestly, I don't know if there is.

I don't know if I want to know.

What I know is that there is a red light down the road.

But then again..

I don't need a light to tell me when to stop, slow, or go.
Crystian Marin Dec 2010
I can see the pain in your eyes.

The hurt I caused.


Still I can't do a thing to fix it.

I stay motionless.

Waiting for you to make the next move.

Still we stand motionless.

Frozen in time.

Your eyes filled with tears now.

Each drop becomes a word spoken through my foolish lips moments before.

The echo from my selfish monologue becomes too great to ignore.

A screeching that invades my ear drums and beats them to no specific tune.

Finally your lips crack and your emotions explode and consume me, as a ship would be mid-monsoon.

She broke me.

And I broke you.


Now we are both in pieces.

Just as mine have, your nights will become sleepless.

Your days will be reduced to a meaningless drone.

Your heart will become as hard and cold as a stone.

All because of me.

I caused this...

Crystian Marin Dec 2010
You can find me hiding in plain sight.

A master of disguise shifting shapes at the blink of an eye.

Speaking nothing but beautiful lies.

Designed to fill your mind with ease.

Taking all that you know and breaking it down to microscopic shards too small to piece into anything that holds the slightest bit of significance.

It's not easy living life through the eyes of a sad, confused, lonely, angry, self distorting guy.

But still I try.

Try to fit into a place where I don't want to be.

I stare at my reflection and I know that it's not me that I see.

Just a character designed to people please.

Leaving me unhappy.
Crystian Marin Dec 2010
For a while you acted as the only substance that could fill this void in my chest.

You were all I needed to be whole.

To be complete.

You gave me purpose.

Gave me some value when I felt worthless.

It's safe to say you were my better half.

Yet you made me weak.

Made me open my eyes and finally see.

That alone I am nothing.

Just a boy with a void that needs to consume something.

A hunger so immense that resisting would only result in the implosion of the broken man I have become.

You are the only one that could satisfy the hunger I have, to become complete.

You are that missing piece.

I am a vault.

You are the key.

You're all I want.

You're all I need.

My heart is starved.

It needs to feed.

Needs you to continue to beat.

But you wont see me on my knees.

Beggin' you..?


You helped me find myself.

Helped me realize who I am.

That I am strong and in reality I don't need you to stand.

I can make it on my own.

I can do it all alone.

Losing you was possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to me.
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