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cryingforhelp Sep 2019
A loud cry pervades the room
The undisclosed will be revealed
Taken from the womb to heal
New beginnings we feel

It’s a girl
cryingforhelp Mar 2019
I **** the blunt
I never cough
Can’t feel the smoke
Consumed in my thoughts
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
I lie to you like you lie to me
Only each you is someone new
cryingforhelp Dec 2019
I want so bad to be with you
You say you want the same
But every time we’re together
You cause me so much pain

I want so bad for things to work
Despite what people say
I love you more than ever
But all you cause is hate
cryingforhelp Dec 2019
Too tired to get out of bed
The bathroom is too far
Let me lay
Let me day dream
Let me sleep
Concentration at lowest bar
Untouched pile of work
Looser fit in my jeans
Thoughts consume my head
Get me out of this scene
cryingforhelp Dec 2019
Frightened by my own actions
Why am I this way?
I sleep with you
I sleep with him
To keep the worries away
And while I know
The feeling won’t last
I beg for it to stay
Because I’d rather be
With you
Or with him
Than in my own dismay
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m late to this thread
I was getting some head
cryingforhelp Oct 2019
Into a deep abyss I sink
Struggling to cope
Consuming alcohol, I need to drink
I dream to float
I ponder on the fictional love
that splatters on the television
as my tears spill because I will never
experience that love
I am not in a movie
Oh, I used to love you
to lay in your arms
how you held me so tight
soon fell apart
how leaves fall from a tree
love needs to restart
leaves are stepped on and they crumble
the way they disintegrate, is like my heart
cryingforhelp Jan 2019
Everything stays inside
The people don’t need to see the darkness
What is the point of showing it when no one will be able to brighten it?
There will never be a door
Or a window for light to come in
The darkness will always defeat the little light there is
I have to stay true to myself and pick myself up
Because my darkness will never
Meet the sunlight
No matter where it’s from.
cryingforhelp Aug 2019
day by day
night by night
I pray to the skies
my life is not a lie
to feel happier
is in none of the stars
yet alone beyond that
for that, the unknown,
is similar to my life
day by day
night by night
I ponder on the realities
that are daunting
they may be frightening
but to not know
is worse
cryingforhelp Jan 14
Dust falls slowly
I blow it away
As I lay staring at the wall

I need you to hold me closely
I wish you would stay
I hope you will call
And tell me everything’s gonna be ok
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
You kissed me so tenderly
You held my face
Your lips so soft
Your saliva leaving a trace

On my lips that trembled
As a result of emotion
My heart beat fast
My hands began to sweat

When I opened my eyes
Yours were not closed
You kissed me so tenderly
In such a pose
cryingforhelp May 2019
Despair maintains
To linger through daily life
Tears roll down
Life is
Yet I am miserable
Will I escape the reality
That has become true
Or am I soon due?
cryingforhelp Dec 2019
New loss is about
Abandoned in the cold
Culpable for lack of independence
I anticipated to fold

Lying here without you
Seems to help me mold
Into a deep serenity
Of when my youth was told
cryingforhelp Jan 2019
I wear a fake smile
I want to rest for a while
I’m always so tired
Should I start getting wired?
I don’t want to get fired
From life
One day I want to be a wife
I want to live my life
I want to end this fight
That goes on in my mind
I want to feel normal
how do I begin
I feel so lost
Someone please tell me the cost
I can’t escape my thoughts
They’re bringing me down
inside I frown
I feel trapped
I want to be zapped
Into a better life, right now
I want to end it with a knife
And escape my thoughts
I want to end all my cries
I’m so tired of trying
I’m so tired of lying
I feel like dying
cryingforhelp Jan 14
It’s over
I can no longer be a poser
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
No words left
how to feel
what to do
I am everything normal
the thoughts in my head
the empty feeling in my stomach
consume who I am
cryingforhelp Dec 2019
To dance the night away
is my new favorite thing
the flashing lights, the whisky in my breath  
and the man attempting to dance
all excite me
I escape into the night
and I forget the truth
I never want to leave
You will find me at the club, now every single week
cryingforhelp May 2019
In another world
all is seen
in this one
we’re in the dark

where the unrested roam
the ones who can, don’t
losing sleep in fear
whatever is in the dark is near

their eyes can see
they’re watching me
what is reality?

in another world
they watch us curl
like a little girl
the thought
makes my heard whirl  

I fear what lurks in the dark
whatever it is can see me
whatever it is, it’s hidden
in another world, that for the living
is forbidden
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
I sit and I cut
Where you can’t see
I love the burn
Please help me
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
I lay in the dark
Face is numb, tears still manage
Soon is a new day
cryingforhelp Dec 2019
Jump into the lake
The voices say
He’s waiting for you, Grim
He says:
Jump, you can’t swim
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
Once on high grounds
not caring about a thing
now, I crave to be found
and care too much about everything

Once young and blind
now, I want to shine
but, I'm lost in my thoughts
I'm trying to escape
I can hear them calling
so I keep falling
As the midnight snows
my desire to be
another's grows
to be as beautiful
as a rose
seems to be my new pose
I'll sit here waiting
for my love, at last, to show
that true love is not just something that I suppose
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
It’s Friday night
My friends are at a club
Yet here I am
cryingforhelp Jan 2019
What is life?
There really is no hype
At the end
We all die
And all others do
Is cry

— The End —