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Even though we've never met
My soul you've made anew,
With the words that you have written
From deep inside of you.

These words they paint a picture
So vivid in my mind,
Of love,hate, peace and war
To which I am entwined.

So to all the poets on this site
I salute you one and all,
For all the verses you will write
Just to pin upon this wall.

For all the colors of a rainbow
Every shade and every hue,
Pale before the wonder
That radiates from you.
The grief is still destroying me
From somewhere deep within,
It risers oh so slowly
And causes me to cringe.

I sometimes can not cope with it
As it tears my soul apart,
And I wonder if living is worth the pain
That lies within my heat.

But life is still worth living
So I'll push that pain aside,
And live life to it's fullest
With friends and family by my side.

For there's still so much for me to learn
So much still left to do,
So many things I've yet to see
That I'd love to share with you.
Valentine's cards
Delivered on snow

Sparkles and hearts and sparkled red hearts
Have been painted with  ink
                                              that actually glows
Delivery van slowly departs
Escorted  above by families of crows
My  very own Valentine's cards
Delivered on icy snow
My heart is broken in 2 parts
Because you're a no show

— The End —