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cryingforhelp Oct 2019
Into a deep abyss I sink
Struggling to cope
Consuming alcohol, I need to drink
I dream to float
cryingforhelp Sep 2019
A loud cry pervades the room
The undisclosed will be revealed
Taken from the womb to heal
New beginnings we feel

It’s a girl
cryingforhelp Aug 2019
day by day
night by night
I pray to the skies
my life is not a lie
to feel happier
is in none of the stars
yet alone beyond that
for that, the unknown,
is similar to my life
day by day
night by night
I ponder on the realities
that are daunting
they may be frightening
but to not know
is worse
cryingforhelp May 2019
In another world
all is seen
in this one
we’re in the dark

where the unrested roam
the ones who can, don’t
losing sleep in fear
whatever is in the dark is near

their eyes can see
they’re watching me
what is reality?

in another world
they watch us curl
like a little girl
the thought
makes my heard whirl  

I fear what lurks in the dark
whatever it is can see me
whatever it is, it’s hidden
in another world, that for the living
is forbidden
cryingforhelp May 2019
Despair maintains
To linger through daily life
Tears roll down
Life is
Yet I am miserable
Will I escape the reality
That has become true
Or am I soon due?
cryingforhelp Mar 2019
I **** the blunt
I never cough
Can’t feel the smoke
Consumed in my thoughts
cryingforhelp Feb 2019
I lie to you like you lie to me
Only each you is someone new
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