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 Feb 2018 Iqra Ali
Eric Fraley
What if dying isn't death

If when we leave this world…

The weight of it is simply off our chest

When we take that final breath

We live the most memorable of moments all over again

But this time…

We’re at our best

What if only the best of memories replay

All the sadness,

The shame,

The madness

The blame and the anguish…

What if they’re cast away

What if it's like waking up to not just another day

If only the happiness is the feeling that stays

What if…

Death is truly the end of all pain

If love is all we retain

What if…

The night sky…

And all the stars from above

Is all that remains


I’m wondering about those stars

They too some day die


What if we’re like stars…

We only shine bright when alive

Just a small light in a vast world that one day burns out…

What if the weight of the world’s what living life’s all about

All the people,

The places,

The sorrow and joyous filled faces…


Each of our books of life and their;

Some better,

Some worse but…

Still lively filled pages…

Are what leaves those we leave behind with heartbreak and…

Sorrow filled grievance…

What if our memory is truly all that's left when we pass into the unknown

An empty bed in a place we once called our home

A place where in our old age we had grown…

What if our lasting legacy is only the moments in which we shared an experience


The wisdom,

The kindness,

And the hard work filled progress…

Is all we leave behind

If we only leave what we project into those empty filled spaces

In our loved ones' hearts and loved ones' minds…

I wonder what I'll see when I'm staring up at the ceiling or sky…

Somewhere down the line…

Life hanging by a thread

Watching the story of my life as it flashes by...

Will there be regrets,

Goals never met,

Things never said,

Thoughts trapped in my head…


Will I be able to say

I did all that I could

Willing to die without needing to lie…

T o  m y s e l f

What if…

The money we made

The status we gained

The list of the people we blame

For the shame on our name…

If none of that ever really matters when our…

Book of life comes to an end…

What if

It was only ever about the mark on everyone's hearts we ingrained

If like stars we burn out but…

Just burn out much faster

The difference for us is…

No tomorrow can be guaranteed


This life…

Was the only book you could write

If tomorrow was your final chapter…

Can you say your book of life was the best it could be

Like only the greatest of books

When they end...

They leave the world with sadness and grief


Wonderment and pure disbelief

If your life was the best it could be

Can you close your eyes

Fall into that endless sleep

Feel your heart's final beat

Come to a close as you cease to breath

And go satisfied…

K n o w i n g   y o u r   b o o k   o f   l i f e ' s   w o r t h   t h e   r e a d
 Feb 2018 Iqra Ali
 Feb 2018 Iqra Ali
I asked myself
what is your biggest fear?
I heard myself reply
my biggest fear is
to be deeply known
but not loved deeply
 Feb 2018 Iqra Ali
Arthur Vaso
Where is the sunshine?
Can I wake with happy rainbow thoughts
Will you ever be in my arms
The one who reads poetry in my soul
Or shall I remain black with a heart morose

Id touch your fire
Id listen angels choir
Id hold you silently no matter how dire

You are my only light
You are my only hope
Sunshine though seems forever and away
If only I could hold you
In my arms and in my heart

Id touch your fire
Id listen angels choir
Id hold you silently no matter how dire

You make me happy
Yet you are so far from lands unseen
In my dreams
That twilight makes lovers fade away
Sunshine the illusion fate devours
Id touch your fire

Id touch your fire
Id listen angels choir
Id hold you silently no matter how dire
Was listening to this song
It inspired me for many reasons but I was recently banned from another poetry site for standing up to bullies, and for some reason, I thought of sunshine, why some chose to their behavior is beyond me.
 Feb 2018 Iqra Ali
Arthur Vaso
A Parody

Brigitte my love
Our Country suffers of many debts
The people are restless
Whatever shall we do love?

Ah Macron, we must think past the cookies
The solutions are complex, answers evasive
Let me speak with Marie Antoinette, she shall know!
Queen of Navarre, By god we shall be saved!

Marie, Marie Antoinette our people are restless
Our republic is in debt. these are crazy times!
Whatever shall we do?
I am fed up, allons-y

Ah fear not, if they have not bread!
Let them eat Nutella!
Lower the prices
Nutella for the masses!!!

Marie, are you sure? very very sure of such things?
Oui oui, on with it, my father was emperor of Rome
Nutella will calm the masses
Come here Nemo. taste, see even Nemo is tres happy now!

And so France lowered the prices of Nutella
Thus began the nouveau French Revolution
Riots in the streets, brawling in the magasins
The uprising has began, we want our Nutella for free

The masses rose
Nutella for all, Nutella for sans prix
We are all somewhat fou for Nutella you see!
And so the masses fought each other for Nutella's liberty

Nutella one and Nut Ella all!
I swear to your Brigette
We should have given them Macarons!!!
People remain civilized with cafe and cookies! n'est pas?

Emmanuel my love, fret not
The revolution shall be quelled
Qh I have the perfect person for this
He shall restore order to our dear republic

Prey tell Brigette? Who could do such a thing now
Riots everywhere, the masses fight each other daily?
The streets are not safe
There is a shortages of Nutella now, we are doomed cheri

Non non mon amour, I shall call Alizee
She shall sing us out of the terrible mess
She is the mistress of Doug McMillion
This man can save us all!!

Brigitte, who is this man you call Doug?
Why Emmanuel he is the president of Walmart
He has squashed many Black Fridays rebellions
He shall save us all!!!!!!

From these unruly unsavory Nutella shoppers!!!!!

Vive la France!
Vive Alizee
Mange ton macaroon mon cheri
C'est ton droit et ta liberté
The Characters in poem.

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron (is the current President of France and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra, in office since 14 May 2017.

Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his seniorwho was his teacher in La Providence High School in AmiensThey first met when he was a 15-year-old student and she was a 39-year-old teacher, but they only became a couple once he was 18.

Nemo is their dog that I am sure loves Nutella

Marie Antoinette born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna; 2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793) was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution. She was born an Archduchess of Austria, and was the penultimate child of Empress Maria Theresa and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.

— The End —