Cristy Sesma May 2017

Wait until you are ready for the kind of love you are not afraid to lose
The love that will bring laughter to your brain
And will keep away the tears from your heart

Cristy Sesma May 2017

People tend to think we are too sensitive
Too dramatic maybe sometimes a liability
Too much of everything
Vulnerable so we have to grow an ice barrier to carry our hearts
Just because you touch it and you feel the ice cold off it you get scared
You call us cold heart bitches
Dont you see? Ice breaks so easily
Its all a false attempt of not getting hurt

Cristy Sesma Apr 2017

My heart feels cold
Heavy like a rock
tied to my feet
Slowly dragging me
to the end of your strings

I feel my words drowning me
I dont know if you listen to my songs
Underestimating the rythm
My heart beats by its own
I know you cant listen

You found your own
Maybe im not ready
Maybe you were not
Can I be a better version of myself?
For you, It seems like I couldn't

Every time you touched my skin
I gave you myself
You could not see it
Everytime I spoke to you
I gave you my mind

Sex was not my game
Your touch blew me away
Smelling you my favorite part
Of that day

You were a closed book
No blank pages for me
The more I wanted to be a part
The more you pushed me away
Dolling next to you

Cristy Sesma Apr 2017

I ask around about me
What people see
That way I perceive
A game of hide and seek

I see their soul
The words they chose
To talk about my sin
Betray their own skin

Sex is a man weakness  
Seems like my magnet
Maybe I need some kindess
You only play with my sadness

Weak or strong
Nothing or all
Who do you see?
You dont even know

Im not the answer you seek
Not in the world you live in

Cristy Sesma Jan 2017

Blank pages
The way everything begins
Is fiction mocking reality? Or is it the other way around?
Who fucking cares
Everybody is looking for themselves
I look in the mirror and I see I'm there
Understand the trick
Is not about finding
It is about creating
We, the people are the masters of imagination
Lack the truth and realization
Hoping someone else comes and gives us answers
Underestimating our peace of mind
Freedom is in our blood
Our heart pumping, our veins running
Cells made of stardust
In this nonsense
I want to make my own revolution
I dont need a god I only need to love
Free living, running, and dancing
Understanding I am this world
And this world is I
We dont co-exist we are simply one.

Cristy Sesma Jan 2017

Freedom from my mind
This is why I write for
Fancy words are for the academic
Rhymes are for the educated ear
Or the musician
Poems are for the romantics and the sentimentalist
Words and a paper
Are meant for the caged bird
Dreams of flying
I portray in my words
This is the way I survive
Emotions, feelings
Crying and laughter
Play on the background of my notes

Cristy Sesma Jan 2017

Crystal bones
breaks with a single touch
Thick muscle heart
Smile full of life
Or full of lies
It doesnt matter
Whatever you want
You will oblige
Your wish is her command
Everybody falls in love with the broken girl
Empty holes fills your needs
Not knowing who she is
Make her yours to be
Always looking for a home
Not knowing she is whole
Her weakness, your strength
That hole is your fucking doll
She tries hard to please
make everybody freel at ease
Mistaking it for love
she doesn't find her place
everything falls

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