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Cristal Aguilar Jun 2017
I love how you
... the way you
treat others
they way you
would like
to be treated.

I love being
left on "read"
and how you
"care" to know
how I am.

It's nice to be your
whenever you
need me, and
how plans are
never made.

I love how you
how broken
I really am,
and you pranced
on in
just to turn
your back.
I am writing this about a boy who came into my life to try to help and did more damage than good.
Cristal Aguilar Oct 2016
I drink my coffee
bitter taste in my mouth
I added chocolate creamer
but I knew, not enough
So I prepped myself to drink it
like the smile that wants
to frown
Cristal Aguilar Oct 2016
My mind
a galaxy
like a big bang
and expanding

My brain
a satellite
sending signals
for knowledge
to find

And with time
its ridiculous
to find
any of that
in a world
of idiocy.

So much
so much
to take in
so little
to find.
Cristal Aguilar Oct 2016
Bodies aging
while the mind
is two miles
far behind.
Trying to
get by
Cristal Aguilar Oct 2016
Always walking on a rope,
with the fear of falling.

Oh I've fallen, how it hurts.

This crystal heart
cannot withstand such tremendous pounding.
Racing, racing. Thumping, thumping.
Boom! An explosion of emotion burst out.
Who is there to care?
Cristal Aguilar Oct 2016
My dear love, in you andI there is more than just a boy and a girl
There are lovers who love more than they are loved,
and souls who see what is not visible.
I am loved, as are you,
and together we see that.
Cristal Aguilar Oct 2016
After a while
the ******* gets too much
and I'm not gonna take it

To get stepped on
like the sidewalk
by those you seek to help.

The devil dressed
in sheep's clothes.
Although I'd like
to stop the me
that's really me,
I cannot,
for that
is my purpose,
To be the one you seek.
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