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 Aug 2017 Crimsyy
What do I do with all the words that I have left unsaid

The **** I want to say
But cant and wont

As if I was filling a bucket with teardrops

Keep telling myself
That one day Ill say it all
Its just that that day
Will not come


Writing is the only way I can
Let go of half of the burden
I set the words free
Even though
They never
Make it
To you

But somehow I feel
That they now
Are closer to you
And therefore
Am I
 Aug 2017 Crimsyy
 Aug 2017 Crimsyy
I am suppressed by my own thoughts,
And depressed by your actions,
You never practiced what you taught,
Only using small fractions.

I think too much,
And sleep too little,
I am cold to touch,
And my words are a riddle.

I drink black coffee,
And smoke like a chimney,
No one will stop me,
You'll never pin me.

There's a place in my mind,
It's dark and deprived,
I've buried it down inside,
It hates to see me alive.

I struggle to live without fear,
It's so cold it's severe.
Time isn't on my side,
I'll run,! hide.
And you won't find.
 Aug 2017 Crimsyy
shannea magina
an ambition, a dream
pumped up hearts and faith
we are not as different as them

in the rain, we shivered
when duty calls they say we are brave
but our hands shakes as we gripped the spear

is it the blood,
or is it death?
what of this fear we cannot take?

the droplets turned to angry music
we were terrified
of what?

too scared to lose a roof in the storm
anxiety creeps on our beds
we are sleepless again

our comfort is not ours to keep
because life is a battle
where no one really wins
 Jul 2017 Crimsyy
Jaslin Goh
The moment water trickles down your body

The moment you step out of the showers

The moment the smell of freshly brewed beverage hits

The moment amazing breakfast washes into your mouth

The moment you put on music and hum along
Enjoy your morning all! For an introvert like myself, I take breakfast seirously, it's me-time, where I am generally undisturbed. I love my typical mornings. I hope you do too :)
 Jun 2017 Crimsyy
nate k
day 7417
 Jun 2017 Crimsyy
nate k
oh l o v e,


b i t t e r

it is




                               ­   *y o u
10 w.
(c) nate k. 2014
 Jun 2017 Crimsyy
Lu Lu
"I wrote about you"
can be one of two things:
the most pleasing compliment
or the most unsavory insult,
but nevertheless, you still
invaded their thoughts.
people are muses.
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