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Crimson Willow Mar 2015
My imaginary friend got kidnapped today,
My pet unicorn ran away,
The voices won’t talk to me in my brain,
Oh god I am going sane!
My straight jacket just came loose,
My left and right brain just made a truce,
There’s no poison in my rain,
Oh god I’m going sane!
The shadows aren’t chasing me,
The psych ward just set me free,
I can’t feel my tail not even when it’s in pain,
Oh god I’m going sane!
The doctor said I need no more pills,
My right hand lost it’s free wills,
Somethings finally right in my brain,
Oh god I’m going sane!
There are no worms in my nose,
Cartoon characters suddenly only exist in shows,
And theres no bomb on my toy train,
Oh god I’m going sane!
Big foot and the tooth fairy wont visit me anymore,
And school is a total bore,
Blood is red not rainbow in my vein,
Oh god I’m going sane!!!
Crimson Willow Mar 2015
A battle ravages,
Inside her head,
Words attack like savages,
Voices saying she should be dead,
And she tries to run,
But she can’t get away,
There “just having fun”,
But it’s her, who has to pay,
They’re like monsters under her bed,
That live online and at school,
The words that are said,
She feels like such a fool,
And she is screaming,
And crying,
And tears streaming,
She’s slowly dying.
Crimson Willow Mar 2015
You are the wounds on my chest.

The cavernous lines like an inscription etched right beneath my heart.

Each mutilation a blood-stained stanza

of the song,

you know you composed.
Crimson Willow Mar 2015
I am a apparition in a picture,
The soul in an automaton,
a machine with a heart,
a reminiscence that fantasized it was human.
Crimson Willow Mar 2015
If I cried again tonight,
Would you even try to fight,
The pain that's grown so strong,
Over the years dragging so long,
All I wanted was love,
but I guess that was just to much for "god above",
I just wanted someone to wipe my tears,
Someone to help me fight my fears,
But I realize now,
No matter what I think or how,
If I cut my wrist tonight,
If I finally gave up the fight,
Would you be there,
Could you even care,
And I realize it is a lot to ask,
But I guess I just hope you would be up to the task,
There is just too many tears falling,
And I can no longer hear anything calling,
I wonder if you can hear my heart breaking,
I swear I'm not faking,
But when it comes to you,
I guess I just wonder what you would do,
If I tie the rope real tight,
And I even turn out the light,
Would you shed a single tear,
Could you even remember for a full year,
Yea would you could you,
Its all I need to know is,
Would you could you,
If I finally say goodbye,
If I let go and die,
should you even care,

Or would the world be better without me there?
Crimson Willow Mar 2015
I look out the window,
And hope to see a remnant of you,
But the only thing there are the rain drops,
Oh oh so alone What to do?
Is my heart even beating anymore?
Tangled in the grey area between right and wrong,
Nothing left to my core,
The rain and wind are my only companions tonight,
Falling falling,
Are they even mine?
I think im dead,
The sun never will shine,
No emotion to the action anymore,
In and out of realities zone,
Maybe i should simply close the door,
The rain and wind are my only companions tonight,
Falling falling,
Just pretending im alright,
Just falling falling,
Alone except inside my head,
Just falling falling,
Im dead.

I have been falling for so long,
Falling falling,
"I'm okay" the words echo in my head,
Smiling automatically in monotone,
Falling falling,
Crimson Willow Mar 2015
I walk the broken road,
with my heart in my hands,
trying to lessen my load,
while following others demands,

My hopes still remain,
but my fear does as well,
like an iron chain,
my pain begins to swell,

slowly i turn,
to face the beast that trails,
I look into its eyes that burn,
and feel as it assails,

Its long claws,
try to pierce my very soul,
But i face it with my flaws,
but this begins to take a toll,

But I refuse to give way,
I stand proud and vein,
and slowly it backs away,
and looks at me with disdain,

I know I have won,
but the journey is not finished,
for this battle is just one,
in many only slightly diminished,

So I will never give way,
for this is a battle I did not choose,
I will fight it every day,

depression may just become my muse...
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