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kiera 17h
I never knew it would hurt so much
To say I’ll be there tomorrow
When I know
That’s a promise I might not be able to keep
kiera Aug 4
maybe it’s all just
been going too fast
im not ready for this
but it’s time to jump

they don’t know that
i put up a wall
to hide now I’m really alone
and now it’s too late

im having some doubts
doubts that i can’t tell anyone about
cower in recklessness I am
the future-

kiera Jul 29
swirls of velvet gold make
pretty blue butterflies
flutter through the *****
i own
but it's not the familiar

maybe just a raised eyebrow
a thought-
are these irises of lovely lavender or are they
merely a forest?
would my reflection show a more interesting color
if i was blue?

falling leaves of love
friends with hateful flowers
all right now there's too many deer
i'm the only fox
maybe i could just run and hide
but wait- i'm hungry!

come cover me world
it's raining!
snap! fear resides
now i hold the lightning
i cant strike you but
this tree looks rather

can you turn these peach blossoms into pride
i hold a cage of confusion
because they haven't bloomed
yet so
it's this lonesome
in this coral reef of a school.
kiera Jul 24
past bedtime
but wide awake
a peaceful bliss it seems
could fall asleep
at a gesture
or exercise all the same

all this energy
glows golden
in my core
a smile behind my face
hugs and kisses
such success
most that I don’t even own

but here I am
happy for you!
at peace with my own
there’s a grateful
without competition

and I know
i have fallen in love with myself
in the satisfaction that
I’ve made a life for myself
and even if
I’m not happy tomorrow
it’ll all be okay in the end

I am strong
and finally smiling
this joyous poem
is finally here
i hope that this feeling may last forever
my eyelids can finally close

see this feeling
isn’t just happiness
it’s euphoria
and all of its hope
it’s 11:30 pm and I think I finally found happiness. not in any boy or girl or figure, I think, for the first time in years- I found happiness within myself.
kiera Jul 11
so the sun rose again-
colors of coffee and laughter
cheery smiles led
then met with petite disagree
chatter turned
piercing the air in rage
you and him
so separate but together
and desperate for the triumph
over one another
wrestling, falling, breaking
it was
someone else calling to stop
trying to solve this-
chaos and more
i wished to help
guys- i'm still present!
ran through the door
barefoot on the road
there were new breaths every second
i couldn't control it
screams still rang in my head
the house was shaking
ran again

now read it backward.
maybe you can make up for these mistakes
and solve this for yourself
kiera Jun 13
in one life,
I'm living my heart through my cage of ribs
bearing a torch
leading my people
my knees will be bruised and
splattered with paint
and every morning I'll lock my doors with
those pointy keys that never fit
my love will come with my favorite vegan food
they'll caress every part of my heart through the night
and I will be that old lady with twinkle-light eyes

but sometimes,
it seems I live another present
in some lives
I've fallen on those creaky wood floors
and drop a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag
and this life that I had
was only made of that salty water
my eyes created
that life that I had wasn't real or known
****** was suspected before the bottle was found
blood was the currents in the rivers of my problems
where the troll had a toll I couldn't afford

and one day a yawn took me by surprise
so I harbored a breath and made sacrifice
I took away the monster under my bed
I had tried to disguise
but i wanted to be that old lady with twinkle light eyes
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