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kiera 1d
you've never held that anger like I have
slipping through my palms like gushing waterfalls
twisting, turning, thrashing with power
I could mold it into ****
fire burning on this hurricane I hold
I can make **** for you idiots
throw a fist and you'll fall through that red water
but touch my hand-

I'll lose this shield I hide behind
and you might see these tears inside
because behind the window where my rainbow ends
is a *** of pain to drink away
with the tears of my ceiling painted sky
look, when Santa came through the hole in your wall
i wished for rainy days instead of partly cloudy
a rainbow or something- but sadly, i only got sunny
dry, no tears or anyone's ears.

you see, my dear now listen close
soon we'll all just die alone
these heartbeats here think we beat for something
we communicate through grunting noises of fake positivity
as if the sunny days are better than the thunderstorms.
surging electricity, bright, dangerous, I know you expected this.

oh you better hurry
come inside before the sun rises
we don't play in greenhouse gases anymore
but in the darkness you see
we know we'll die
and we can't watch each other cry
so listen here, before I go
I had emotions in my heart so strong
but soon you'll take them from my hold.

I'm sorry,
it's been hailing lately
and this is my song, I'm looking for the rainbow still
yes, this is just the weather's will.
  Apr 28 kiera
oh my belle, my beautiful belle
you mourn in front of the mirror
each night you feel queerer
so you bury yourself, clutching the trigger

oh my belle, my pretty little belle
beauty you deny yourself
you’re afraid for the world to attest
so you shut your eyes to the rest

oh my belle, my lovely dove belle
you died when you put that mask
why did you do that to yourself
do you hate your skin that much?

oh my belle, my poor sad belle
you were once my sunshine
lighting up my world with your smile
you don’t even have to try

oh my belle, my beautiful dead belle
i’ll never forget the way the light left your eyes
and my only consolation is i’ll never hear your cries
oh my precious belle, flickers and fades and dies
elegy for belle
kiera Apr 9
another breath
followed by another
gasping for air
not getting enough
but simultaneously too much
while suffocating
another thought
followed by another
too many to hear
yet we're here listening
another tear
followed by another
losing brain cells
and clenching teeth
as the world floats away
from our hands
as we lose control
and hope to just fall
but it doesn't
another breath
followed by another
hoping one might be the last
of another anxiety attack
kiera Apr 6
perfect things aren’t
not a blemish in sight
or dents all invisible
maybe perfect things are just
more simple similarly showing
pimples and braces
unkempt blades of grass
rust slightly eroding and scarring
showing signs of life
in the most imperfect houses
where perfect hides
kiera Apr 4
funny how
the slam of a door
can cause a meltdown
tears and hands shaking
like the frame where the door used to be
  Apr 2 kiera
Is there even a point?
We're just an atom compared to a million worlds..
If I go..
Will anyone bother to care?
My energy will still be there..
kiera Mar 28
it doesn’t make a difference to cry
not tonight, not any other time we fight
it really doesn’t matter how hard we try
what degrees it took us
or the mental capacity of more than a fuss
none of this matters, you know
not the homework you did or how you made friends from a foe

these concepts, these rules
are human made tactics to work as fuel
for fear in order to keep the lower classmen in captivity
we’re alone and no one will remember us
you will live such a life but die in the dust
and you could die in the human made killing machines-like cars
or be tired, sad, and just jump really far

either way what I’ve learned
from a thirty minute video to get me concerned
you can make a life that you want
or live in fear of things that haunt
judgement won’t care, and nothing is fair
but once you turn the light off, it doesn’t come back on
once you say goodbye, you become gone
and the light is off forever
time is meaningless and forgotten and there’s no one to save us now, God I think we did something wrong here, somehow
just got struck by creativity after watching a very eye opening time lapse of the universe eventually dying. kind of funny how big our problems seem when really we’re  just living a joke.
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