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Cress Rosario Sep 2018
In Your eyes, I am beautiful
My face shines Your light
My smile paints Your kindness

In Your mind, I am worthy
My fractured life is fixed
My broken heart is healed

In Your heart, I am loved
My works no longer counted
All I am now is about You, my God.
Cress Rosario Sep 2018
When mornings are dark
Let Your light shine down on me
Show me the way
Lead the path I'm taking

When days are cold
Let Your warmth cover me
Comfort me,
Embrace my tired broken heart

When life feels dull
Let Your bright sun glow
Smile on me
Fill my empty soul
Cress Rosario Sep 2018
Maybe it’s just a little room, small and narrow
But inside the four rough walls, a heart grows
Each corner filled with images and colors
From a little girl who just love to draw

As the sunlight peaks from a little window,
Warm breeze from outside softly blows
She hums a tune and dance around
From the music of peace, she had dearly found

Close those tired little eyes
Calm the storms inside
Mute all the loud noises
Rest your exhausted little head
Cress Rosario Aug 2018
Every day you wake up
Same strange and heavy feeling
In the midst of the crowd
You see yourself floating

You extend your hands
But there is nothing you can reach
You stand on your feet
But the ground is nowhere to be seen

You find yourself hiding
Because your heart is hurting
Look up, my dear and see He’s just waiting
To give a love you have been missing

Always there to reach your hands
And give your heart a rest
Always there to help you stand
And lighten up your way

Every day you wake up
Same strange and heavy feeling
But as soon as you look up
You see His love shining
Cress Rosario Aug 2018
You light the way when I walk in dark alleys
You direct my path until there’s nothing left to fear
You built me up with all my shattered dreams
You are there to listen when I think no one can hear.

You are the strength when my heart is weak
You are my rest when I’m tired and sick
You’re by my side when I think no one will stay
You hold me still when I felt like walking away

You are my home when I don’t think I belong
You gave a love I desired for so long
You are the tune that turned my life into a song
You alone o’ Lord, I will praise forevermore.
Cress Rosario Jan 2017
You would find her underneath the oldest tree
Paints on her hands; dreams in her head
Stroking stories she never told
Painting a world of her own

You would find her lost in the deepest part of her heart
Swaying under the sun in an open field
As the sunlight showers down her face,
Her heart drifts her away and away.
Cress Rosario Dec 2016
She loves to sing when no one can hear
She sings, “Hello!” to the sunshine
She lights up the stars of night sky

She sings when garden blooms
She hums when sorrow looms
She sings her pain away
She sings her love today
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