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Crazy Beautiful Mar 2015
It was like she had a soul that was too big for filled her to the brim until there was no more it flowed out through her eyes....
Crazy Beautiful Mar 2015
Lately, I've been craving the pain
the crave of what consumes me and drives me insane
looking over photographs in which you appear
and slowly notice my heart in fear
scared of your love for me, to disappear
How can a person so perfect pay attention to me
I've always been broken, why can’t you see.
if I drove roads or swam in seas
I would still have difficulties to sleep in ease
wrapped up in miserable thoughts inside these empty sheets
thinking of you and how my heart starts to beat
as if I never have been alive before,
I love you and day by day, I love you even more
my feelings increased
I got hard to be ceased
to a point where I think, life got better than any movie or fiction
I smile so hard, I get scared of dying from an overdose of satisfaction
your affection is what flies me away from this depression
you’re a beautiful soul and in your eyes, I find passion
but I get lost, as if it was a wide ocean,
filled with secrets and notions from other dimensions
And still at nights like this
I fall from thousand skies
I hear the angel’s cries
I crave the pain, I crave my bliss
I need your heart, to prove, my love fits
better than any other, my heart has been made to resist
any hate or love, I just need yours to persist.
At nights like this,
I crave what has never been mine
it all just happens before the sun starts to *shine
Crazy Beautiful Mar 2015
I can’t remember the last time I touched your face
But I can feel your cheekbones digging into my mind like the feeling of taking a shovel
hollowing out my own grave to lie in
When was the last time I was able to run my fingers through your hair?
Untangling hair is easy, but I haven’t yet found anything
to get out the knots in my stomach
If someone asked me what colour your eyes were, I couldn’t tell them
But I could explain just how it felt when they looked into mine
Like when you look into the sun and are blinded by its immense beauty, so blinded
you can’t see the inevitable damage it inflicts upon every pore
Except I haven’t yet found anything to protect myself from your stare
What if my skin burns before you can feel it again
And how will you feel if you’re too bright that I can’t look anymore?
You might begin to miss the fact that nobody can look at you the way I do
before you even realize I can
And I could tell them how you felt when mine looked into yours
despite the fact that you can’t
Because you don’t know what it’s like to feel something other than your own fear
But I’m not afraid of you anymore, I have no fear
I have some hope you can have, it’s been growing for quite some time
And I may have a little more strength left, although loving you feels like
running to a destination that doesn’t exist
I’m tired of being without you …
Crazy Beautiful Mar 2015
In a millions ways she twists and turns
Thinking of what should be
Instead of going with the flow..
The best is yet to come perhaps?
Only if she can make these special moments last
Oh and did I mention she is learning
To go with said flow?
Its truly her life long lesson
Thinking of ways to get around it all
Is it okay to be this way?
Drifting off the page?
You would really get a kick out this girl
She is a different kind of soul
Born in a world way before her time
Lost in a very strange rhyme
Like a record she can sing at times
Spaces out to the beauty of the sun, stars and moon
That’s just her thing
The stars can lead her home
She says
Taking in the sites of people walking by
She wonders if she will ever come across your face
To kiss the lips that aid you to speak such words
You know the kind of words that knocks you down
In a good way of course
Twisting turning
Never missing a beat
As long as she can keep going
A masterpiece is still in site
Gliding along the pathway to light
She stops and looks out at the waves in the sea
What a special site to see
Silly little grin
Silly girl
A lady beyond
Stops and thinks
Is this all okay?
Do you know what?
She wouldn't have it any other way!!!
The Noise, it drills through me as if I have become the subject of the vicious hammer.
Its piercing din never fades.

As silence looms, and the stillness of nothing hums
It soon begins again.
The sharpness suffocates me, smothers me, chokes me.

And then it’s too late. You chose her and your words destroy me.
  Sep 2014 Crazy Beautiful
Kayla Perez
I hope her love for you is your downfall.
I hope it changes something in you
that no one has ever made you feel before
but at the end
i hope she leaves you
so you can see how good you had it
when she was around
that the absence left in your heart makes you feel the pain
she felt every time you chose some one else
instead of *her
Crazy Beautiful Aug 2014
“All is love...All is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now.”
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