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Crave Guts Aug 2014
no feelings left to find
no lovers left alive
reciting movie titles
insecurity burns away the last motivation left for it
burns and swells to burst up and give new life
poor butterfly misunderstood ...

a girl seems scared
her world crumbles down without a notice
why no notice?
cause nothing crumbled, she´s over exaggerating the news
she cries out to get only help she doesn´t want
alone in her room she waits for it to happen
but there won´t be anything except her cruel end in 70 years or so
no militia storming her house
no ebola infected blood coughing attacker, who needs help more than any other but no help will come for him or her
only acceptance only regret may some frustration
become insane let imaginary rain drop on your head
smell the most beautiful buds, taste the rainbow ....
******* commercials

— The End —