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You are the surfer
You are not the waves
You are seperate
You are not the sea


My music:
There are beating hearts of beauty
Inside the tin chests of these lonely old men
Waking up early to provide for sons
Who will never fully understand their love

Going downtown to combat feeling down
Rubbing shoulders to feel less lonely
Not knowing quiet how to deal
With the oppressive feelings they feel

Because life doesn't measure up to
Quite what they were told it would do
Complaining of their aching backs
But never contemplating their broken hearts
Your thoughts are never going to stop.
Take control of the contents of your thoughts.
Your thoughts are based on what you consume.
Be careful of the information you consume.
Change the situations that create bad energy for you.
Take control of your life,
Take control of your fitness, your diet, your finances,
Be honest,
Confront that problem that has been niggling at the back of your mind for months,
Look after yourself and
Surround yourself with intelligent, open-minded people who listen more than they speak.
You are what you eat.
They aren't going to appear in front of you   - or anyone else - fully formed, you must create the entire world around them, even (and especially) the very breath they take.



Here is my music:
I think we've convinced ourselves
That we're experiencing this world
Through these tiny screens
But we're not, we're not.


Like this? Listen to my music:
Be still, my racing mind
Aim to be benevolent and kind
And everything will work out in time.


Try my music:
Craig Ha Aug 26
I'm covered in scars
And all I crave is self-improvement
It's been December 31st for decades
And all I want is a new year

I wish that I could picture myself
Turning over a new leaf
But all I see in these visions
Is you walking away from me

How am I supposed to love you
When some days I struggle
To even like myself

Listen to the track:
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