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  Jun 2018 cptims
How many times can you rip my heart out before I can die?

Why do you insist on finding out?
cptims Apr 2018
in the night
I feel the overwhelming pain
the pain that I had once hid from light
resurface to haut me yet again
IN the night
I feel alone, tired, helpless
but i know it'll just pass over once again
IN THE night
I may find a little light
my savior from all this grief
thinking maybe one day
I won't be engulfed by the darkness
but until that night comes
i’m still trapped
i honestly don’t know what this is or why i wrote it. this has been sitting in my drafts for some time & i just feel like it’s collecting dust in there. hoping this will inspire me to make more poetry again.
  Dec 2017 cptims
CJ Tims
When I say I’m a hopeless dreamer,
I mean when I think of traveling the world,
I think of the 35 cents
Sitting on my counter:
I can travel to the couch and back.
When I say I’m a hopeless romantic,
I mean when I think of you and I,
I think of finding a *** of gold
At the end of a rainbow:
Not going to happen.
See, I’ve got dreams,
I think of romance.
But I’m also quite aware of reality,
And I’m aware of things that just aren’t possible.
cptims Nov 2017
sweet & sour
bright & dull
no matter what you do
or where you go
you'll always have a memory or two
just another random poem ****.
cptims Nov 2017
november rain
brings so much pain
now that you're gone
the birds will sing a song
as you're welcomed to the light
we'll weep into the night
although it'll be sappy
all that matters is that you're happy
love & miss you mamaw
  Nov 2017 cptims
Mentally selfish.
Emotionally broken.
Physically scared.
The devils token.

Slaughter of happiness.
****** of hearts.
Strictly demented.
Your torn apart.

Pain as satisfaction.
Madness is all’s strength.
A want to give up.
But you’ve left it to faith.
  Nov 2017 cptims
Whitney Grey
I told myself I would never do it
I promised to be good
They don’t care what I cannot do
Or what I should
They won’t notice
It will all be okay
Sometimes I wonder if I should even stay
There’s a little hope I’m hanging onto
But do they really care?
It’s not my fault that I’m here
But life isn’t fair
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