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c Jan 2016
If the air was snow
and the trees black
with age

then your shoes were
cherries wound up
with strips of sky

If I notice your shoes
and say nothing but
mask the quiet tiny
feeling that I like them
(but not as much as you)

then is it remotely
possible that you, too,
are masking something
lovely and small (could
it be for me? or no)

If I said penny for your
thoughts (but would be
willing to pay much more)

then would you smile
and tell them to me
with ease (or keep
your lips locked and your
smile flat?)

If I wore my favorite
blue shirt (do you
remember me saying it
was my favorite?)

then would you notice it was
the color of the edges of
a winter sky or would you
realize it is the color of
my eyes (when I smile)
(which you are wonderfully
good at making me do)
c Mar 2015
Here is one of the truest things I have found in my few years of life: nothing is ever how you expect it to be.
You can imagine what your life will look like
a year in the future and you'll always get it wrong.
You can't even predict the way things are going to be tomorrow.
Buildings could fall, bombs could explode.
Heart attacks might happen too (in more ways than one).
In the blink of an eye you're sitting in a hospital room
waiting for somebody who isn't going to come out.
Or, tomorrow's events could be far more subtle.
Your life tends to start changing when you're not looking.
One day you wake up and you realize you have a dream,
a dream you've been hiding in your heart for a long time.
Or maybe you're happy and then one day before you know it
you're believing what other people say,
and you're wondering if you're important, if you're loved
and you think you don't belong
and those questions wind themselves around your heart
and loop in your head like a broken record
until you're eyes have gotten so adjusted to the shadows
that you've forgotten what it's like to breathe in the light.
But happy things can come without expecting them, too.
One day it's June and you're gripping the arm rest of your plane seat
looking at stars out the window when a month ago
you could never have imagined feeling something this beautiful.
And you land and everything changes.
Or maybe one day it's August, and your mom calls you outside
and there's a boy standing there and you don't know his name yet
and you definitely don't know how when you're sixteen
it is so easy to come up with beautiful ideas about the future
when the future in your head will in fact probably never happen.
But you know this already at sixteen,
and you'll believe it still when you're sixty:
there is nothing as dangerous as pretending not to care
and there is nothing so easy as wasting time
when time is just running and running and running out.
c Feb 2015
Do things you need to do and do things you want to do because life is short and you never know how much time there is left. could be eight seconds or eighty years. buy the ice cream, smile at the cashier. laugh when life is funny and cry when it isn’t. be brave. fill your heart up with wonderful things. and don’t hit snooze when your alarm wakes you up to another once-in-a-lifetime day.
  Jan 2015 c
Robin Marie
And my knees shake when you talk to me, pretending everything's fine.
Pretending that I don't stay up
until 3am
writing poems about you.
  Jan 2015 c
Tyler Durden
Falling in love with you
Is like opening the
First page of my favorite book
I just have this strange feeling when I think of her that I get when reading a great novel. I don't know.

— The End —