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boy Jun 2020
1,000 calories

the sickness comes bearing gifts. we smile. we laugh. we're told not to worry about the problems growing within, only the problem of lying correctly.

800 calories

the kidnapper promises us a never ending paradise. we're intrigued and let us be taken away. forgetting our past and erasing our future.
the fairies lie and say that the kidnapper is a fraud. the kidnapper taught us self control. we plug our ears and listen to the lullaby in place of the fairies.

500 calories

the sky falls apart. only a green screen, was it? natures beauty is rotting. we're surprised but savior has taught us that the only beauty we must worry about is our own. we plug our ears and listen to the lullaby with eyes closed.

300 calories

the lullaby grows moldy. savior taught us that ugly has no value. since the song is no longer beautiful, it has no more worth to us. we find that everything around us has rot. savior is the only beauty left in this promised land. we plug our ears, close our eyes, and promise never to give in to the disgusting power of this world. we'll be by saviors side forever.

15 calories

the savior knows deep inside that we would like to leave. but truth is, we've grown fond of the pain fed to our stomach. we love our savior and the lessons we've learned. it would be unfair to leave when the utopia we've known all these years has decayed. we trust that the pain will be bearable if it means we can hold the beauty in our palms again one day. we must stay a little longer.

i haven't written in years.
boy Jun 2020
Someday I'll learn to value me
for every little thing I do.

Someday I'll feel like I'm good enough.
I'll say the words and they'll be true.

Someday I'll notice all my good
and love every part of me.

Someday the voices in my head
will stop punishing me endlessly.

Until that day, I cry and cry
and wipe my tears away

with the prayer that I'll be enough.
someday, oh, someday.
found this in my drafts from a few years ago. not sure who wrote it.

— The End —