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 Apr 2017 courtney
Mike Hauser
She draws the stars
Late into the night
Standing in an open field
Soaking in their light
The beauty that they cast
Helps her pen to glide
When she's finished drawing
Is when she takes to flight

She draws the stars
Colors them by numbers
Throws away all diagrams
Prefers the use of different colors
Gives them all the oddest names
One after another
The furthest ones away
Names them after her ex-lovers

She draws the stars
Then gives her drawings away
To those she meets on the street
She feels needs a brighter day
She gives away the ones she loves
The rest she likes to save
Pastes them on her walls
In the galaxy she's made
 Apr 2017 courtney
purple orchid
I wrote you a love note
It said too much of me,
I set it aflame.
 Apr 2017 courtney
           ­         and everything in between.

                    and secrets that don't come clean.

                    and smiles beaming keen.

                    Deep thoughts,
                    and the dark places we've been.

                    carel­ess hugs
                    and ready shoulders to lean.

                    Reckless stabs,
                    impulsive jabs
                    and caustic words we don't mean.

                    count­ing blessings
                    and hope we can glean.

        ­            and everything in between.
 Jan 2017 courtney
Mike Hauser
She has a new poet in mind
One she likes better than me
Fills up her time with mostly love rhymes
Satisfies her poetic needs

Leaving me stuck in mid-verse
Stumbling over all of my words
It used to be me that she'd only read
At what time did my rhyme take a turn for the worse

She has a new poet in mind
One that now fills up her time
Makes her feel special and no telling what else
Enticing her with the smoothest of lines

Never did I stand a chance
Left here with pen and paper in hand
He writes about rainbows and lord telling who knows
Where now she's his number one fan

She has a new poet in mind
Leaving this one behind
Could I have been napping when all of this happened
As I never saw the metaphorical signs
 Nov 2016 courtney
Mike Hauser
Straight from the heart of God
A servant to the masses
True to form the Truth in Love
His kingdom everlasting

Bringing into light on that cold Winters night
The Fathers plan set out to free us
Need only open your heart to do your part
Inviting in the love of Jesus

This age old battle already won
From where we stand to Kingdom come
With hope tied tight around  believers lives
Never to come undone

As you fan the flame of this Holy fire
Burning to the outer reaches
A love for all in who you now are
Giving all you have to Jesus

Drawing on His strength falling on your knees
The only way man can be saved
A helper sent to you in deed and truth
Leave it up to God to find the better way

As there is power in His Holy name
The name that's here to free us
From the heart of guilt to the face of shame
That name being Jesus
 Oct 2016 courtney
Mike Hauser
are you one of yesterday's broken
or at least bent out of shape
does tomorrow have you hoping
that today will go away

have you considered this a lesson
in spite of the troubles made
it doesn't take a detective
to see the blessings that it gave

turning you from the direction
of a full blown catastrophe
changing your whole life's perception
to that of a greater need

where today will be a treasure
tomorrow, something to look forward to
and yesterday can be finally laid to rest
along with the worries holding you
 Apr 2016 courtney
 Apr 2016 courtney
I missed him not in raindrops,
But in roaring tidal waves.
We were wild.

I missed him not in breezes,
But in dizzy hurricanes.
We were crazy.

I missed him not in a bouquet,
But in a maze of flower gardens.
We were lost.

I missed him not in a cloud,
But in the heavens above.
We were ethereal.

I missed him not in a rain puddle,
But in the lakes and seas.
We were deep.

I missed him not in the new world,
But in historical lands.
And up to this day, it's still the same,
We are classic.
To Karen: the first hansol poem I've ever written goes to you. Protect him, he's a classic keeper.
 Feb 2016 courtney
Joel Frye
the simple knowledge that
you are
will nourish
the stony soul
my heart
takes tenuous
 Feb 2016 courtney
Joel Frye
 Feb 2016 courtney
Joel Frye
Some people change their
colors and fall away; a
few are evergreen.
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