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Coral Florian Apr 22
our hearts weep for this inhumane society that we live in
you say you care but we hear you cheering for evil and hate
you say you are a stand for righteousness but we see your arrogance

our hearts weep for the injustice to our communities
you say you care for our families but you throw rocks at us
you say you love our children but you trash their future

our hearts weep
i close the door and leave my shoes behind
the air smells of your perfume and his cologne
the sounds of laughter & music reverberate through the hall
you call out for me

to be home, as we are
stopped in my drive with her eyes of intensity.
knew nothing that surrounded her, but felt what bleed out of her stare.

impossible! thought my surrendered mind.
i pushed away while dreaming of her touch, her breath, her heart beat.
... all in my head.

emotions i want to consider could prevail amongst the dead beaten heart.
my expectations have been surpassed ... or have i been deceived?

... time goes by. the mind grows further then i can imagine. let it grow!

upon her first breath, her first look, her first nervous twitch. the stare at the wall to tell me she's interested but does not want to let
me feel it ...

her wave transcends above my breathing point.
leaving me helpless and gasping for air.

she speaks only of love, and the unmanageable that has been lost in the deepest, darkest, crevasse of my absent mind.
the aphotic.

..strangling words that leave her lips, touch my ears only to tickle after every letter that parts her immortal lips.
can't hold my breath any longer. must come up for air after tasting the entrance to her heart.

liTTle does she know ... she has just put a spell on me.

Will I hide again? and wait to let her mouth on mine?

time is everlasting. take charge now.
the now will take me to the never-ending blue seas.
she glares through the skies
beaming light
dancing rays.
heads floating gracefully,
feet airborne
hair waving in slow flow.
smiles magnetized to her beauty
tears crawl out from under
in awe of her captivating glow.
trusting her healing spirit
Coral Florian Jan 2015
the day the earth stood still
   to listen to her first cry
the angels rejoiced
   to hear her voice
      and sang her a lullaby.

the day the birds began to sing
  for the joy that she would bring
the skies turned blue
   the sun shone bright
    for the souls she would unite.
Coral Florian Jan 2010
She works hard to supply them with the essentials:

bread, water ... but where is the ...?

... her dreary eyes glance up in shame to see what he has to offer.

He tosses her a hand full of coins, and they bounce on the floor.

He speeds off with his top down in his ****** leather seats.

Child in hand, she rummages through the floor to collect

She's been beaten today.

You cross her path, her head hung low, her child's eyes Shine bright.

She Feels You coming, but can't manage to find the strength to lift.

"what do i have for her?  i have nothing to offer? my pockets are empty."

Your ears begin to burn, arms begin to reach ...

Her head snaps to look you in the Eye.

She thanks You, jumps on her feet, and begins to walk.

Watch her walk into the sunlight and carry hope again.
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