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Butterfly fly
dont forget you have wings
The worlds so full of such pretty things
Stop and smell the flowers
But dont forget
to get lost.
Being found can only happen
after because
The world spins that way
It goes round and round
But dont get too dizzy,
forget, and fall down

Butterfly fly with no destination
in mind
Enjoy the moment
And soar on this life
Meet new people And find curious things
Spark that sense of wonder
You always seem to bring

Butterfly fly
dont forget you have wings
The worlds so full of such pretty things
Stop and smell the flowers
But dont forget to get lost.
Being found can only happen
after because

 Home is where the heart is
But when the heart isnt home
You get so lost
in such a big world
I know.

But Butterfly Dont forget
You can always come home
....actually wrote this to a tune
Once across my wrist
Twice across my thigh
3 more plus--
Are you ready to die?

Sorry sweetheart,
No caffeine tonight.

Cold silent toes
Vacated mind
How much more insanity lies?
The pain is there
The spark lights and dims
You keep it, still.
Observation time friends.

You said you'd be there
I should have known--
A feather light lie
worth my weight in gold.
Little and white
A ghost by the side.

Your stare never ceases,
But your mouth never moves.
Suffocating silence
The candle blows
One last glance, disinterest true
Who'd have thought--
You'd walk right through?

Empty mugs.
Bliss is gone.

Tell me where I went wrong.
....where to turn?
Whispering wind
Howling fate
What next, a symphony to create.
A tap of my thumb.
A click of my tongue.
Yes, this is where my roots come from.

The grass flutters and bends to it's way.
The leaves rustle as the trees themselves, sway.
The thunder provides a warning.
The drops splash all about
But me, I'm underneath.
Just listening for a sound.
Rain come my way.  It seems I need you to think straight today.
Why does she hate me
So much?
What did i do?
You know, I cant be
Just like you.
(Not that id want to)
"Shut up about it"
"Thats not abuse"
"Oh, im sorry."
"You must be confused"

I dont matter to you.
Too bad.
I kinda wanted to.
No point.
I'm applying for a poetry college scholarship, through blue mountain arts, and I want to know which one you guys think I should submit. Of course punctuation and spelling will be reviewed and fixed where necessary, and possiblyyy the flow might get tweaked but not much.

If you would like to participate, make a comment on the poem that says "yes".
None of my classwork thought bubble entries though please.

thannks thanks thanks!!!
:3 im leaning towards coffee here, a letter i can never send, and unexpected comfort-- you can also just comment here or wherever-- (I make things difficult i know)
(same day as III)
I'm broken & hurt
disdain & depressed-
but I must say,
I just don't know
what to do next.

I;m selfish I know.
Too easy to gloat.
for lack of better words,
I'm that kid you shouldn't know.

I have never known family,
for I have never been it.
too scared to love-
my heart is nowhere in it.
The world would be much nicer,
if I was just not in it.
wasted flesh, lies, and broken resolve.
they must have been right-
to call me a dog.

I've fought it. I've tried.
all of those lies.
it's easy. I'm fine.
just don't look me in the eyes.

or better yet do
and point as you do.
nose now full size
they've known of all my lies.

no better than the last
I think I'll just go.
Cupcakes my only facet
that's the last of it.
and it seems I'm not the only one
with plans to just go.

it's ok- really.
another broken story.

but I still feel I'm not worth it-
to wake up in the morning.

I'm sick of feeling
like there's nothing left
for me.
and thus I waited to post all these, keep me safe and full of ease.
just one more night of sanity.
I fought it all alone,
and this is where it got me.
I'm sorry, but it seems
that the world
has forgot me.
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