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Connor Zook Apr 2016
I think of love
All that it is
All that we are

I think love
Is the ability to live
Even without your significant other,
But never wanting that to happen.
Connor Zook Apr 2016
In the quiet morning hours
I think

People ask why I do not sleep
Not even a wink

I tell them simply
Because nights are best

No one's up
But those of us that know

That night time is quite time
And the greatest time to grow

It's a quiet time to think
To write

It a perfect setting
The changing moonlight

No one obstructs your path
For everyone's home, asleep at last

But night is when I come alive
To do my biddings
And live my life

I cannot function anytime else
Or if I do I'm someone else

It's just simply me
The way I operate
My day begins when the sun sinks

For it's the quiet morning hours
That I can think.
Connor Zook Apr 2016
Do you remember?

Those times,
When we'd wait for texts
For that screen to light up
For that energetic hope
That it was you

When we'd stay up late
Later than you had before
So you could keep talking to me
Excited to know each other

Or how about those walks
The back and forth
The calm night air
You at my side

When we'd nudge each other
Simply walking down halls
More me than you
But always worth a smile

Those late nights
When I'd whisper
"Don't fall asleep"
A smile cheek to cheek

When I'd hold you
Through the tears
And tell you it's alright
And that'd I'd be yours for years?

I remember them well
And I miss you so much
But I know you need this time,
So this last is to us.

I will be here when you get back
From your time away
When everything is better
And you feel OK.

For I couldn't imagine my life
Not a single day
Missing a piece of my heart
That piece I gave to you
On the first day.
Connor Zook Apr 2016
When you're not sure
of yourself

When you feel low

When you cannot smile
at all

When you wish
only to fall

Just look at me
and there you'll find
a smile so big
it transcends
all time

A smile I wish
you only knew
is a permanent fixture
when I'm with you

I love you truly
you mean so much
you light up my life
in a way these words will never touch.
Connor Zook Feb 2016
It's been awhile
but you couldn't tell from my smile
Connor Zook Dec 2015
I'm here, but where are you?

Lost in your thoughts
your minds askew
I thought I had your heart
but this was far from true

I missed our talks
you didn't know what to do

but I'm here, and I'm here for you.
Connor Zook Dec 2015
These pages are an escape
my escape

I fill each page with my heart
'til the end
from the start

My mind runs freely
my emotions wildly

I am not judged
I am not criticized
These words are the tears
that never left my eyes

When I write
it seems to become serious
any other time
it's just curious

I do not know
nor will I show

The deepest reaches of my heart
until someone comes along
who I cannot part.

These pages are an escape
my escape.
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