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complexify Oct 2017
i sincerely
do not think that
i would ever
the reason why my chest
is heavy
and the air is
so hard to inhale
without you here

and i sincerely hate
the fact that i love the way
how this could be
so comfortable
knowing that i am
in love
and in pain
i miss you babygirl.
complexify Oct 2017
i don't love you with
butterflies in my stomach

i have dragons spitting fire in my chest

i don't love you with electricity startling me from your touch

i have knives stabbing me, or nails piercing me and such.

i don't love you with burning myself in that fire in your eyes

i scorched myself from the days i missed you and their rays of sunsets until their sunrises

i don't love you the way everyone else do

i love you the way i wanted to.
still about you.
complexify Oct 2017
never thought i'd be yours
and you'd be mine.
but here we are
****, you're so fine.

is this reality or fantasy?

because i am here
but i am quite flying
i'm shrouded with fear
but for you i'm fighting.

is this fantasy or reality

because i am here
quite dead but still breathing
quite alive but still dying
without you me heart is screaming
and with you i can't stop smiling.
for you, it was always you anyway, Athena Sofiya.
complexify Oct 2017
i never knew i needed your kiss until i tasted your lips

i never knew i needed your touch until i touched your hips

i never knew i was alive until i felt the fire burning in your eyes

i never knew how cold i was until i felt your warmth

and lastly

i never knew i was yours until i heard your whisper in my ears.
i love you and i always will.
complexify Oct 2017
i keep repeating
the same chant
in my mind

please stay, please don't go away
i know i pushed you away
but that's me lying to myself

i keep repeating

please fight
even if i am not worth your might

but i watched you walk away from me
leaving behind nothing
but memories and everything.
complexify Sep 2017
artistically, i am the fragments of the glass you smashed on that cold concrete.

emotionally, you drown me in that black seas of darkness.

technically, all you did was you left me with memories.

but honestly?

i am broken beyond repair.
complexify May 2017
nothing can describe
this feeling of dread in my chest.

not even the cold wind
or the icy storm coming my way.

nothing can deny
this feeling of despair
in my chest
in my legs
in my whole existence.

nothing may torture me
but my own self.
i made a telegram channel. for rants.
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