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Poetry Oct 2018
Waiting for a blow that never comes
It was right
It was the right choice
Poetry Sep 2018
The decision was final
But it wasn't mine.

An empty ****
An empty tomb

Not sure if it was their death
or mine?
Poetry Aug 2018
Don't become stuck
Years will pass
before you realize
it's the present you've been missing
Poetry Aug 2018
tug of war
at each end of my mind
one saying stay
one saying fight

each time stay wins
I'm paralyzed

each time fight wins
I'm antagonized

but when I'm stuck
in the center

I'd rather just
cut the rope altogether

~ ~
Poetry Aug 2018
keep telling me how to
see how long until
the house you built
to the f*cking ground
house is symbolic for self worth
Poetry Aug 2018
Love can breathe life
Bring life
Be life

If you can love yourself enough
To believe love
Poetry Aug 2018
It's not the full moon
its the people
turn us into
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