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Jan 2017 · 467
Nature and all sorts

Weaknesses are so powerful,
They show the flaws of strength
Man in all his wisdom and evolution
Fails to comprehend simple nature

We have drawn from nature
Suckled upon its left breast
Toyed with the right one
We have seen but half its light


Dogs bark, Alsatian ones, Bull ones, Wolfhound ones , Greyhound ones and all sorts, black ones, grey ones, yellow ones, white ones, they all have at least one thing in common, they bark. Everyone sees them and calls them a dog, they love the variety, they may have preference but are mostly cared for equally.

Trees stand, some short, some tall, some fat, some thin, they sometimes dance to the rhythm of the wind, some have leaves, some don't , some shed, some don't , some have fruits , some don't , they are all trees, nobody despises a tree because of it's bark, different tree barks could make useful herbs and other useful materials. people love different trees, they even make good shades in scorching summer.

In the human sphere, we have all sorts, tall, short, fat , thin and in beautiful colors- with all other variegated features but what we see is what we do not have in common: culture, religion, color... difference. Where there is no difference, we fabricate it, we fabricate inferiority and superiority, we create deplorable history, lies, we create vain interests and fight unjustly to fulfill them.
Nature prides in uniting varieties into a coherent beauty.
Nov 2016 · 725
You can mimic the arc
If you are not colourful
You're not the rainbow
Si c'est pas le vrai, c'est que le faux
Sep 2016 · 403
wild wind
Untamed W I n D
    Br-ee-zing with no coherence
Disrupts my stance
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
UP memory-Lane
Old flames rekindle
A spark from a stray memory
Suddenly strikes consciousness
for blue eyes...
Aug 2015 · 669
My Hurt
I can't stop thinking about you still
Yet, i  know missing you is not the right thing to do
Not that i can help it, each time a thousand thoughts of you flock my consenting mind
But, my well nurtured hurt has become the antidote,
It sedates the uprising of memorable moments we once shared.

Now, each time I think of our happy moments,
Sadness thereby follows, and then, pain...
The dream you had was actually me writing this for you...
Jun 2015 · 1.1k
Killing a seed
The cloud is dark, It's a gloomy day
Perhaps this is the sign, the bleak sign i mourned for to absorb the breeding thought of killing my sprouting seed

Altering my future, an abuse of a forced choice
guided by my reason, responsive to the enslaving circumstances
I am enslaved to.

Or do i take this chance and swirl with the whirlpool in the troubled dark sea? Cast myself in it like Jonah?

My path is already marked, what i will do, what should i do? Silence my conscience and obey reason or follow passion and obey my energies? Or perhaps marry both?

After all, William Blake quotes: "Without Contraries is no Progression"

I will see in the end what will be, Que Sera Sera, and i will be sorry for the road not taken , diverged in this black wood.
Caught up in the shades of reality
Apr 2015 · 586
On behalf of the fly (10w)
Who would buzz over the fly*
               when it becomes carcass?
Mar 2015 · 3.3k
Sun (10w)
How can I burn when the son lives in me?
Pun intended
Mar 2015 · 4.1k
Virgo (10w)
Now that you've made me perfect, do you deserve me?
Jan 2015 · 469
Doubt-not (10w)
You never know
What greatness
Lies in a **mere seed
Jan 2015 · 993
You surely have traded with me
Some intense part of your soul
Your haunting memories impairs my senses
As i constantly drift into the dark past

I can feel your lurking darkness in my soul
Radiating gloomily
In the deep red stream that gives me life
Jan 2015 · 535
Holy Terror
Some sacred hoodlums
In the chains of religion
Disrupt the world's peace
Our freedom is constantly challenged by ignorance and mis-education. The world condemns violence, especially in the name of religion!
Jan 2015 · 767
I die daily inside
This claustrophobic wall of mine
Pressing hard against my pride
Set to crush me like a timed mine

Memories of you are eternal
Having formed a siege in my fertile base
I am now entrapped in my own self-denial
A spinning carousel at a delicate pace
constant remembrance of what we shared
I have come to realise that my imagination supersedes reality
It's less real when it's out of your head - reality is inferior to imagination
Dec 2014 · 2.5k
Looking away (10w)
If we do not overlook, everything said could be faulted
Sometimes or most times, we are prone to just letting things go or be..
She exhales her guilt
After cold tears of remorse
Her conscience is rinsed
Some random thought of rain...
Dec 2014 · 2.3k
Goodbyes are better said without being said,
Examine the dead, their goodbyes are classic!
Sudden, abrupt, brusque!  gives the chill,
Defines the very essence of abandon without making a promise not to return- the emptiness, uncertainty and recurring questions- all define the grandeur of good goodbyes...
For Ja, upon your announcement
Dec 2014 · 767
COLOURs of fear
I will not subject myself to a painting that suits your colonized eyes
So that when you suddenly bump into me in the general kitchen like you did today,
You would not hop and scream in high pitches like you have just seen the devil with his many horns

I was just admiring my long, artistic hairdo, until your reaction challenged my conviction
And when i asked you why you were so scared as if your ghost will vanish from you

You mumbled some gibberish
So with mixed feelings, I first laughed hysterically from your exaggerated reaction
But not without the vivid thought of the motive behind your fear
It  was crystal clear in my mind
I was humiliated by her unjustified fear
Dec 2014 · 7.8k
Dung trampled upon
Though soft, boneless and painless
Cripples a good leg
A great proverb for the wise ones
Dec 2014 · 782
The greatest event yet to come
Is when man will ascend
At the sound of a resounding  horn
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
Dec 2014 · 2.4k
Faith appeared to me in the future
Smiling, it said:
"if you had worried, it would have been for nothing"...
Many times, we have wasted our energies worrying, if we could peep into the future, we wouldn't have bothered a bit.
Dec 2014 · 6.5k
Time (10W)
Sometimes a good friend
An elusive enemy
Time, let's rather be friends than enemies
Nov 2014 · 731
The great loss
Our little love has turned into a pool of hatred
what we bred, what we nurtured, what we fed, the memories captured
All sunk in the whirlpool of dark depths

My weakness was the truth you demanded
Yours, a queer bitterness
And now there is only pain left to feel, left to savor, left to devour

I wonder if your love was true, if you ever deserved my true love
If i was too blind to see beyond the veil that paints you real

You let this pain eat you up and remove the pillars that made us stand tall. Now we are no more, we are dissolved, gone, soon to vanish, like we never existed, as we constantly cleanse the memories with grief so cold.
With this i mourn you Sladki.
Nov 2014 · 657
The Game
I didn't see your mysterious, where you hid it
So you came here to me with your theatrics
And played the most affectionate dramas
Indeed i fell, like a pack of cards, oblivious me- fell graciously

I have seen your mysterious, where it is hidden
So the next time you come with your enchanting acts
And roll my frail heart into a toy ball to be flung at your discretion
I'd assume your act, having mastered it, and play you too
Play you like you once played me
And indeed you'd fall, you'd fall like a pack of cards, to your own game, unpleasantly.
Be wary of those who come in the name of love, and when they get you, get them back!
My friend, to truly feel or love is a weakness
As it seems, nothing is real
Everything is an apparition of the original
I was stabbed just as you were
I sank in the illusion of a disguised fallacy

Now we should learn and show proof by also becoming actors
By recycling the cycle and keep it rotating
Let the naive take our place and keep believing
Because this illusion must be kept and not rooted out
It is necessary for balance

We, the ones who have experienced must also inflate its genuine existence and bask in the glory of knowing that its all a fallacy
It's all but a game.
The one who claims to love as well as me the lover are merely actors. We chatter love matters, kiss, touch- and yet, no iota of true feeling exists.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
About french-kissing bottles
Wandering spring ants
by the edge of my lip-print,
solving queer riddles
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Brotherhood of rocks
beneath slumbering pillars
chirping their mute song
Nov 2014 · 11.8k
Desire is constant
It feeds, it breeds
Beneath the tough surface
Paying rapt attention to traces of chance
Just have it if you want it....
Nov 2014 · 2.3k
When i kiss you
When I kiss you
I share with you the air I breathe
and then
I softly breathe you in me...
Nov 2014 · 565
Nature's swift hatch
This sprouting root of ours
Is planted amidst graceful waters of life and love
and as nature's swift hatch
that spurs to last forever
Nov 2014 · 562
My Heart
My heart is as a slippery surface
A dainty base
I wonder how you got stuck in it,
Nov 2014 · 382
I know you by heart
I know you by heart
Even when you seem a lost page
In a gigantic history text book
I have dog-eared you
Only to return...
Nov 2014 · 939
Our Ardent Love
The heart is where it lives
Sticky, stagnant and adamant
As unyielding lines on frail leaves
Our ardent love
Nov 2014 · 1.8k
She lies beautiful
Her eyes as the rays from moonlit
Her hyacinth hair as the cottons of heaven
Just as the white lily crystal lake
she lies beautiful
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
The Dead, Dying... Death
The visitor that appalls
Even when foreseen
Nov 2014 · 1.5k
A Pool of Lust
Your body bleeds beauty
Dripping grace and splendor
Oh how much i adore
your seemliness
Enclosed in your depths...

Your elegance shed softly
As weary leaves
Escaping weeping branches,
Scents of luring strewn fragments
Caresses my craving,
I have eaten from the crumbs of ardor
To the ones who have witnessed impeccable beauty
Nov 2014 · 406
The Lost Ones
Amidst their struggle still to gain
Their tears have sunk for the suddenly slain
Sprinkled drops of warm red rain
The edge that stirs up a vast deep pain
Though our fragile hearts break again
They lie in our thoughts like a mild wild flame
Even as they return the way they came
Our minds were the graves they've always lain
To all those who have lost loved ones especially those whose lives were suddenly cut short
Nov 2014 · 433
Heart & Love
When the heart strives to love
Then it grows weary in its try
For love comes to it naturally
Knowing its feeble feet

But when love seeks the heart
Her ***** surrenders to it
It stands still in its fervent beats
And embraces love with a natural feat

Therefore be calm, tender heart, be calm
Chase not the chaser with frail strides
But be still and resist its charm
Beckon to its pace with your rhythm so sweet
Love is better when it comes naturally

— The End —